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Peoria SpeedwayJaggers, Chasteen, Jr., Siegel, Barnes, Jr, and Butterfield take wins

(Peoria, IL) It was a night of firsts at Peoria Speedway as 2 long-time competitors picked up their first wins.

In the UMP Late Model division, Wyanet driver Jason Jaggers captured his first victory at the track after 4 years of trying. “We’ve gotten tired of chasing the Lances and Bennett around this place so it’s awesome to get a win here”, said Jaggers in victory lane. “This is only the 4th night out in this Rocket and it was flawless.”

Jaggers jumped to the lead from his pole position and won flag-to-flag as the action was furious behind him. Steve Lance, Jr, and Mike Mullvain raced side-by-side for several laps in a battle for 2nd until Lance secured the position with 6 laps to go. Jaggers got caught up in lapped traffic, allowing Lance to close up. Lance tried the high and low grooves in an attempt to catch Jaggers, but could never make the pass as Jaggers hugged the bottom of the track. “I got slowed up by lapped traffic a few times, but I never did see Steve, but I figured one of those guys was back there”, said Jaggers. Lance ended up 2nd, followed by Mullvain, Jay Sparks and Todd Bennett. Sparks set a new track record in qualifying with a time of 12.214.

Mike Chasteen, Jr. won his first-ever UMP Modified feature in a caution-filled race which ended up with only 7 cars running at the end. Mark Johnson led from the start of the race, but mechanical difficulties slowed the car on the backstretch. As Johnson tried to his slowing car out of harms way, a 4-car pileup occurred on lap 5. Chasteen out-gunned Tommy Duncan on the restart, and won  be nearly a straightaway. Duncan finished 2nd, with Floyd Jordan, Jr., Chris Morefield and Eric Bruce rounding out the top 5.

An elated Chasteen got a hug from his dad, 30 year racing veteran Mike Chasteen in victory lane. “This feels great to finally get a win”, said Chasteen, Jr. “We made a few changes to the car for the feature and it all worked out great. This is a huge weight off my shoulders to get that first win.”

The Limited Late Model feature feature featured a flip on the front stretch by Rob Bauman, Sr., but Jack Siegel dominated the field for the win. “The car was a little off, but we will take it”, said Siegel. “We thought the track would dry off and it never did so that messed us up a bit.”

Chuck Barnes won the Pro Street feature, holding off a charging John Farris for the win. “I want to thank my new engine builder Chris Osborn for his efforts. The car was good and the track was awesome tonight”, said Barnes.

The Hornet division featured a war between 2 veterans of the division as Kenny Butterfield held off Jeremy Kingsley after the duo raced side-by-side for the last half of the race.  Butterfield pinched Kingsley to the bottom of the track in turns 3 and 4 as they raced to the checkered flag for the win. “Jeremy and I have raced for a long time, so I knew if I cut him off a little there on the last lap he would race me clean. My car was pushing, I knew had to take his line away there at the end”, Butterfield said in victory lane.

Action resumes next Saturday night at Peoria Speedway with a full UMP racing program.



1. 32J- Jason Jaggers, Wyanet

2. 25-Steve Lance, Jr,, Cuba

3. 4-Mike Mullvain, Bartonville

4. 7-Jay Sparks, Metamora

5. T2-Todd Bennett, Peoria

6. 11-Steve Dimmick, Joliet

7. 65-Gerry Reeder, Jr., Bartonville

8. 75-Billy Drake, Bloomington

9. 40-Charley Hess, Bartonville

10. 38C- John Gardner, Peoria

11. 48-Tim Lance, Brimfield

12. 74-Russ Adams, Princeville

13. 93-Kevin Paul,Colchester

14. 57- Matt McAdams, Lewistown

15. 4G- Bob Gardner, Peoria

16. 83-Jim Carmody, Peoria

17. 16-Shane Allen, East Peoria

18. 99-Brian Crebo, Hanna City

19. 10-Scott Schmitt, Tonica (DNS)

20. 73S-Scott Schoener, Peoria (DNS)

FAST TIME: Sparks 12.214 (new track record)

HEAT 1: 1. Sparks 2. Dimmick 3. Reeder, Jr. 4. Carmody 5. Paul 6. Schmitt 7. Allen

HEAT 2: 1. Lance, Jr. 2. Mullvain 3. Hess 4. McAdams 5. Adams 6. Drake 7. Crebo

HEAT 3: 1. Jaggers 2. Lance 3. Bennett 4. J. Gardner 5. B. Gardner


1. 40JR- Mike Chasteen, Jr., East Peoria

2. 32-Tommy Duncan, Peoria

3. 1JR- Floyd Jordan, Jr., Pekin

4. C4-Chris Morefield, Edwards

5. 23-Erik Bruce, Norwood

6. 98-Shawn Vaughn, Loami

7. 11-Zane Oedewaldt (Hanna City)

8. 89-Noah Faw, Hanna City

9. 56-Joe Cook, Spring Bay

10. 26J-Mark Johnson, Glasford

11. 77-Ray Bollinger, Kewanee

12. 7K-Kenny Egan, Peoria

13. M1-Dale Munson, Fairview

14. 555- Chad Goff, Galesburg

15. 8-Gary Scharp, Peoria

16. 26D-Derrick Doerr, Peoria

17. 289-Doug Sauder, Deer Creek

18. Z1-Zac Oedewaldt, Hanna City

19. 59-Johnny Parlier, Peoria

20. 12-Tim Bohm, Pontiac

21. 7-Cody Spirling, Peoria


HEAT 1: 1. Duncan 2. Chasteen, Jr 3. Doerr 4. Morefield 5. Bohm 6. Parlier

HEAT 2: 1. Jordan, Jr.  2. Vaughn 3. Bollinger 4. Goff 5. Munson 6. Sauder 7. Cook

HEAT 3: 1. Johnson  2. Bruce 3. Scharp 4. Zac Oedewaldt  5.  Zane Oedewaldt 6. Faw 7. Egan


1. A2-Jack Siegel, Peoria

2. 00-Jason Weyeneth, Peoria

3. 30JR-Robbie Bauman Jr., Fairview

4. 0-Zac Kuehl, Pekin

5. 22-Bobby Cowell Sr., East Peoria

6. 01-Jim Sellner, Peoria Heights

7. F4-Chris Feger, Marquette Heights

8. 7-Rick Erwin, Peoria

9.  28M-Matt Mills, East Peoria

10. 93-Amanda Ellis, Washington

11. 16-Shane Allen, East Peoria

12. 30-Rob Bauman. Sr., Fairview

13. 99-Brian Crebo, Hanna City

14. 45-Dwayne Walters, Metamora, DNS

15. 73s-Scott Schoener, Peoria (DNS)

HEAT 1: 1. Allen 2. Siegel. 3. Kuehl 4. Sellner 5. Erwin 6. Bauman 7. Schoener 8. Mills

HEAT 2: 1. Bauman, Jr.  2. Crebo 3. Weyeneth 4. Cowell 5. Feger 6. Walters 7. Ellis

PRO STREET (10 cars)

1. B22- Chuck Barnes, Jr., Peoria

2. 90-John Farris, Peoria

3. 4h- Paula Harrison, Peoria

4. 20-Bob Simpson, Bartonville

5. 30-Jason Weyeneth, Peoria

6. 26-Craig Chione, Morton

7. 1-Robert Cottom, Victoria

8. 75M- Darrell Matthews, Jr., Roanoke

9. 68-Wally Zander, Groveland

10. 6s-Squoria Rivers, Peoria

HEAT: 1. Farris 2. Barnes, Jr. 3. Chione 4. Cottom 5. Matthews, Jr.

HEAT 2: 1. Zander 2. Harrison 3. Weyeneth 4. Simpson 5. Rivers

UMP HORNETS (16 cars)

1. 24-Kenny Butterfield, Kingston Mines

2. K2-Jeremy Kingsley, Peoria

3. B5-Tyler Benson, Creve Coeur

4. 18w-Tommy Wisher, Peoria

5. 39-Brent Terry, Peoria

6. C7-Mike Cusack, Jr., Edwards

7. 77-Zac Bollinger, Kewanee

8. 13-Matt Musgrave, Peoria

9.  A4-Michael Wells, Peoria

10. 57-Fred Lodgson, Peoria

11. 9H-Brendon Haus, Peoria

12. 136-Rodney Kerfoot, Creve Couer

13. 65B-Don Britton, Creve Coeur

14. 52-Todd Breitbarth, Washington (DNS)

15. 88B-Billy Snider, Elmwood (DNS)

16. M68-Keith Seigel, Brimfield (DQ)

HEAT 1: Kingsley  2. Seigel  3. Breithbarth  4. Bollinger  5. Cusack  6. Wells 7. Lodgson 8. Haus

HEAT 2: 1. Wisher 2. Butterfield 3. Benson 4. Kerfoot 5. Terry 6. Britton 7. Musgrave 8. Snider



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