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Scott Weber takes PCRA win at Fayette County Speedway!

PCRABROWNSTOWN, Ill. (April 27) — Scott Weber of Festus, Mo., held off Mark Oller of Highland, Ill., for a victory in Friday’s Scott Credit Union Pro Crate Racers of America event at Fayette County Speedway. Weber earned $1,000 for the victory on the Mark Voigt-promoted Crate Late Model Tour.

Oller settled for second with Bobby Dauderman of Alhambra, Ill., in third. Billy Knebel Jr. of Pocohantas, Ill., and Clay Baumann of Highland rounded out the top five on the smooth track that was slick top to bottom.

Notes: Heat race winner Kolby Vandenbergh of Ashland, Ill., scratched from the third starting spot when he noticed a loose wheel before the green flag. … Scott Weber won a slide-job battle with Rick Salter early in the second heat on his way to winning the prelim. … Next up for PCRA is a May 11 event at Paducah (Ky.) International Raceway.

Voigt Racing Inc. Heat #1
1.15 Kolby Vandenbergh 2. 77 Clay Baumann 3. 67 Mark Oller 4. 112 Tim Ratajczyk 5. 4 Jason Suhre 6. 15S Jordan Suhre 7.14 Braden Johnson

Rocket Chassis Heat #2
1. (8) Scott Weber 2. 18 Bobby Dauderman 3. USA1 Rick Salter 4. 56 Jeff Walston 5. 24 Dick Taylor 6. 45 Kyle McMahon 7. 9D7 Brian Heizer

Hoosier Tire Heat #3
1. 52 Billy Knebel Jr 2. 33H Roben Huffman 3. 20 John Cory 4. 96 Matt Koch 5. 83 Drew Marshall 6. 99S Matthew Chasteen

Scott Credit Union Feature
1. (8) Scott Weber 2. 67 Mark Oller 3. 18 Bobby Dauderman 4. 52 Billy Knebel Jr. 5. 77 Clay Baumann 6. 33H Roben Huffman 7. 112 Tim Ratajczyk 8. USA1 Rick Salter 9. 20 John Cory 10. 56 Jeff Walston 11. 24 Dick Taylor 12.15S Jordan Suhre 13. 4 Jason Suhre 14. 83 Drew Marshall 15. 96 Matt Koch 16. 45 Kyle McMahon 17. 14Braden Johnson 18. 99S Matthew Chasteen. 19. 9D7 Brian Heizer 20. 15 Kolby Vandenberg

We would like to thank Fayette County Speedway, Charlie Depew and staff. Scott Credit Union, Bell Helmet, Bilstien, Wilwood, Wick Racing Fuel / VP racing fuel, Peterson aluminum, Race Lift Inc, Vogit Racing Inc, Allstar Proformance, Hoosier Tire, Rocket Chassis, MPM Industries Hooker Harness, Hinchmann, Hyperco, Real Wheels.

Story by Todd Turner Dirt on Dirt

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