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Randy Martin, Jake Blackhurst and Kris Jackson Claim Victories at Lucas Oil Speedway


Jake Blackhurst - Paul Gray Photo

Jake Blackhurst - Paul Gray Photo

Wheatland, MO (May 5th, 2012) – The Impact Signs, Awnings and Wraps Open Wheel Showdown at Lucas Oil Speedway is in the books. The first Saturday in recent weeks with no threat of rain, proved to be an excellent match for the first Open Wheel show of 2012. A talented field of drivers and a large crowd, made for a perfect night of racing. 16 year old Jake Blackhurst from Mapleton, Illinois, claimed his first ever POWRi Midget Nationals win. California, Missouri veteran, Randy Martin drove his 360 Sprint to Victory Lane for his first win at Lucas Oil Speedway, in the ASCS Warrior Region A Main Event. Kris Jackson from Lebanon, Missouri, returned to Victory Lane in the DJ’s RV B-Modifieds, grabbing $500 for the Win.

In the first feature of the night, 16 year old, Jake Blackhurst of Mapleton, Illinois, drove to his first victory in the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series in runaway fashion Saturday at Lucas Oil Speedway. Blackhurst passed Tyler Thomas of Collinsville, Oklahoma, on the outside exiting Turn Two on the 11th lap for the lead and had it firmly in his grasp in the 30-lap feature to the checkered flag. He finished 2.8 seconds-a straightaway on the fast three-eighths mile track–in front of Chris Bell of Norman, Oklahoma. “It’s probably the most memorable race I’ve ever had,” Blackhurst said. Blackhurst’s breakthrough win came in his 22nd POWRi Midget event. He was the POWRi Rookie of the Year and the National Midget Rookie of the Year in 2011, his first season racing a Midget on dirt. Blackhurst finished a then-career best fifth Friday night in POWRi’s feature at Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, Mo., and was sixth in the previous feature at Jacksonville (Illinois), Speedway on April 27. Story courtesy of Tim Tuttle, POWRi Racing Media Director.

Randy Martin - Paul Gray Photo

Randy Martin - Paul Gray Photo

A multiple title winner under the Winged Outlaw Warrior banner before the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior took the reigns in 2011, California, Missouri’s Randy Martin took a close win over Elwood, Kansas native Jay Russell. Martin likely redefined close, running out of fuel on the final circuit of the 25 lap Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region main event. A photo finish at the finish line with Russell charging by, Martin bested Russell by a scant 0.023 seconds for his first ASCS Warrior Region victory of the 2012 season aboard the Roush/Yates powered Diamond Pet Foods no. 14 J&J. Martin inherited the lead, fighting off a spirited assault from defending Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region champion Brad Loyet until the latter spun to a lap 16 stop. A second Loyet spin would set up the classic green-white-checkered finish for the field. Six event stoppages took an apparent toll on Martin’s setup, but the cagy veteran was able to glide across the finish line with the slightest of margins. Story courtesy of Cody Morris ASCS Warrior Region PR.

Kris Jackson in Victory Lane

Kris Jackson in Victory Lane

DJ’s RV B-Modifieds rolled out for the last feature event of the night. A Special $500 to Win was up for grabs. Jeff Miller from Hermitage, Missouri, won the first heat race and started on the pole for the feature. Dustin Campbell from Nevada, Missouri also grabbed a heat win and started in second. Miller and Campbell came out strong from the start and began a tight battle up front. Kris Jackson from Lebanon, Missouri started the $500 to Win feature event in third. Jackson had already recorded two wins and a runner up finish in the opening weeks of racing at Lucas Oil Speedway. Jackson kept up with the leaders early. Campbell was able to take the lead from Miller, as Jackson continued to close the gap. Eventually, Jackson would work his way to pass Miller and chase down Campbell. An exciting battle for the lead ensued, Campbell was able to hold off Jackson for a few laps. The two swapped positions a couple of times before Jackson took the checkers for win number seven in his 2012 race season. While Miller, Campbell and Jackson were working out front, Shawn Strong from Billings, Missouri, started in the 16th spot after a rough heat race, made his way through the field for a solid 4th place finish. Belton, Missouri driver, Brad Smith started 12th and ended the night with a top five finish. Class sponsor DJ’s RV Sales and Services, drew a starting spot number just before the feature to pay an additional $100. The number 2 was drawn, in Victory Lane Dustin Campbell was presented the crisp $100 bill from Dwight Brown. Thank you to DJ’s RV for continually providing incentives for B-Mod drivers at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Saturday, May 12th the 3rd Annual Lucas Oil Speedway Business Expo plus the Coyote 107.9 Night at the Races, will kick off at 4 PM. The Business Expo will feature many local businesses showcasing their goods and services. Just $5 for Adults, Seniors and Youth to enter the Expo and Coyote 107.9 Night. Kids age 5 and under are always FREE. Come check out what businesses in the area have to offer, enter to win FREE prizes, give-a-ways, special drawings, raffles and other FREE goodies will be given away. The ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Models, Pitts Homes A-Modifieds, Carson’s Corner Napa Factory Stocks and the DJ’s RV B-Modifieds will be back in action for a full night of on track action. The Carson’s Corner Napa Factory Stocks will be running for a special $500 to Win thanks to the Triangle Quick Shop. If your business has not signed up to participate in this event contact Ashley Berry at (417) 282-5984 or Ashley@LucasOilSpeedway.com, space is limited, call today to get a space. Don’t forget gates open an hour early for the 3rd Annual Business Expo at 4 PM. All tickets just $5, kids age 5 and under are FREE.

The 20th Annual Dart Show-Me 100 is just three weeks away. Call now to reserve your seat for the spectacular event, (417)282-5984. Ample dry camping throughout the gorgeous 40 acre campground at Lucas Oil Speedway is available, FREE. A packed weekend of events is planned including, Helicopter Rides from KC Copters, Show-Me Beach Swimming, Open Lake Lucas Water Activities, Giant Kids Inflatables, Cornhole and Washers Tournaments in the Campground, Miss Show-Me 100 Contest and the best Dirt Late Model racing in the country!

Click the link to check out the most current 2012 Lucas Oil Speedway Schedule.

For complete event information, point standings, results and the latest Lucas Oil Speedway news visit: www.LucasOilSpeedway.com.

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Results 5/5/2012
1. Jake Blackhurst, 2. Chris Bell, 3. Scott Hatton, 4. Brett Anderson, 5. Austin Brown, 6. Garrett Aitken, 7. Andrew Felker, 8 Colton Cottle, 9. Tyler Courtney, 10. Tyler Robbins, 11. Andy Malpocker, 12. Daniel Robinson, 13. Chett Gehrke, 14. Eric Todd, 15. Darren Kingston, 16. Pat Schudy, 17. Jake Neuman, 18. Tyler Thomas, 19. Matt Sherrell, 20. Andrew Deal, 21. Tim Siner, 22. Gavin Galbraith.

ASCS Warrior Region Results 5/5/2012
A-Feature: 1. 14-Randy Martin[4]; 2. 76-Jay Russell[1]; 3. 86X-Josh Fisher[18]; 4. 21-Brian Brown[15]; 5. 86-Kyle Bellm[16]; 6. 23-Seth Bergman[11]; 7. 51-Mike Peters[17]; 8. 5h-Logan Forler[3]; 9. 28-Jonathan Cornell[2]; 10. 01-Mike Trent[19]; 11. 33-Austin Alumbaugh[7]; 12. 11w-Wyatt Burks[9]; 13. 81au-Gavin Punch[13]; 14. 05-Brad Loyet[8]; 15. 9m-Chad Ely[6]; 16. 38-Cody Baker[14]; 17. 4J-Jon Corbin[10]; 18. 5M-Miranda Arnold[20]; 19. 2A-Randy Hibbs[5]; 20. 75-Tyler Blank[12] Lap Leaders: Johnathon Cornell 1-7, Randy Martin 8-25
B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 21-Brian Brown[3]; 2. 51-Mike Peters[1]; 3. 01-Mike Trent[10]; 4. 5-Matt Close[5]; 5. 29-Brandon Hahn[4]; 6. 04-Brad Graham[11]; 7. 2-Dustin Morgan[7]; 8. 9-Gary Wright[2]; 9. 6-Haley Arnold[12]; 10. 49-Tyler Elliott[9]; DNS 65-Trevor (T.J.) Muths; DNS 3z-Zach Davis

B Feature 2 (10 Laps): 1. 86-Kyle Bellm[1]; 2. 86X-Josh Fisher[3]; 3. 5M-Miranda Arnold[6]; 4. 22-Dustin Barks[2]; 5. 4-Evan Martin[5]; 6. 1A-Adam Jones[7]; 7. 23F-Matt Fox[8]; 8. 47-Matt Simpson[4]; 9. 0-Jeff Osborn[9]; 10. 93-Taylor Walton[10]; 11. 72-Curtis Boyer[11]; DNS 77-Chris Morgan

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 05-Brad Loyet; 2. 81au-Gavin Punch; 3. 22-Dustin Barks; 4. 23-Seth Bergman; 5. 5-Matt Close; 6. 5M-Miranda Arnold; 7. 1A-Adam Jones; 8. 72-Curtis Boyer

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 33-Austin Alumbaugh; 2. 38-Cody Baker; 3. 9m-Chad Ely; 4. 86X-Josh Fisher; 5. 47-Matt Simpson; 6. 23F-Matt Fox; 7. 01-Mike Trent; 8. 04-Brad Graham

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 28-Jonathan Cornell; 2. 51-Mike Peters; 3. 86-Kyle Bellm; 4. 9-Gary Wright; 5. 21-Brian Brown; 6. 2-Dustin Morgan; 7. 49-Tyler Elliott; 8. 6-Haley Arnold

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 14-Randy Martin; 2. 2A-Randy Hibbs; 3. 76-Jay Russell; 4. 29-Brandon Hahn; 5. 4-Evan Martin; 6. 0-Jeff Osborn; DNS 77-Chris Morgan

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 11w-Wyatt Burks; 2. 4J-Jon Corbin; 3. 5h-Logan Forler; 4. 75-Tyler Blank; 5. 3z-Zach Davis; 6. 65-Trevor (T.J.) Muths; 7. 93-Taylor Walton

DJ’s RV B-Modified Results 5/5/2012
A-Feature:1. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 2. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 3. Jeff Miller (Hermitage, MO), 4. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 5. Brad Smith (Belton, MO), 6. Zach Zeugin (Fair Play, MO), 7. Scott Chism (Bolivar, MO), 8. John Haslock Jr. (Stockton, MO), 9. Tracy Manning (Wheatland, MO), 10. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO), 11. Chuck Becker (Bolivar, MO), 12. Stacy Hall (Bolivar, MO), 13. Colt Pruente (Verona, MO), 14. Jacob Ebert (Oak Grove, MO), 15. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO), 16. Terry Williams (Springfield, MO)

Heat 1:1. Jeff Miller (Hermitage, MO), 2. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 3. Scott Chism (Bolivar, MO), 4. Chuck Becker (Bolivar, MO), 5. Terry Williams (Springfield, MO), 6. Tracy Manning (Wheatland, MO), 7. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO), 8. Stacy Hall (Bolivar, MO)

Heat 2:1. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 2. Colt Pruente (Verona, MO), 3. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO), 4. Zach Zeugin (Fair Play, MO), 5. Jacob Ebert (Oak Grove, MO), 6. Brad Smith (Belton, MO), 7. John Haslock Jr. (Stockton, MO), 8. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO)

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