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Hobbs Holds Off Jackson At Midway In Modified Feature

Lebanon MidwayDewayne Hobbs took advantage of his front row starting spot and held off Lebanon’s Kris Jackson in the closing laps to grab his second feature win of the season in the Modified feature event Saturday night at the Midway Speedway.

Lebanon’s Michael Jones and Hobbs of Halfway brought the starting field to the green with Jones leading the opening lap. On lap 2 Hobbs went to the lead as Jones and Ryan Edde followed. Hobbs was setting a ast pace as point leader Ted Ballinger was a solid fourth. From the rear of the field last weeks winner Kris Jackson was working his way to the front and by lap 3 had moved into the top 5. With Hobbs leading and Jones having a nice run tonight in second, the race for third was tight as Ballinger moved into third place by lap 7 as Edde,Jackson and Jeremy Manes were battling. By lap 10, Jackson had moved into third spot and was gaining on the lead duo while former track champion Jason Otto was moving forward as Manes began to slow with a slow leaking tire.Jackson shot to the runner-up spot after battling with Jones and set hs sights on the leader Hobbs. A late race caution set-up a last lap shootout, but Hobbs was able to withstand Jackson’s charge in taking the win as Jackson, Jones with his best run of the season,Edde and point leader Ballinger completed the top 5 finishers.

Current Factory Stock point leader Tim Petty came roaring from his 5th starting spot to overtake leader Dylan Keepper on lap 8 in grabbing his 4th feature win of the season. Keepper a former track champion at Midway grabbed the opening lead with Bob Gustin following closely. A very tight pack kept things interesting as Brandon Waters moved into third place. On lap 6, Gustin and Shawn Whitman bringing out the yellow. On the restart, Petty shot to second place and then waiting before taking the to pspot from Keepper. The race was far from over as Keepper came back to take the lead from Petty on lap 13 and looked like he was going to get his first win of the season. Petty leaid back and then made his final run at the win by overtaking Keepper on the final lap. Following Petty were Kepper, Waters, Gustin and Whitman.

The Pure Stocks had plenty of tight racing action with a strong field of cars on hand. Lady driver Stacye Francis took the opening lead as Tyler Schoen followed. Last weeks winner Caleb Starnes retired on lap 1 with problems. Up front Francis and Schoen were back and forth as Bo Alextates,point leadr Mat Young and Rob White were slicing through.On lap 5, Schoen grabbed the lead from Stacye Francis as White who stared tonight back in row 6 moved into third place.Schoen kept the car smooth as White and Francis went wheel to wheel as White moved into second place on lap 11 and started to chase down Schoen.Schoen who won the opening spring Fling special event was able to keep up front and take his second points feature of the season as White,Francis,Young and Monk Barker completed the top 5 runners as 11 of the scheduled 13 starters finished on the lead lap.

Midwest Modified point leader Sam Petty of Niangua followed his brother’s Tim victory as Petty took the lead on lap 3 from Travis Hill and brought home his 11th points win of the season. After some fast action, a couple of Mid race cautions caused things to suffle around as good runs by Troy Yong and Jamie Petty ended early. Sam Petty would lead the remaining laps in taking the in as Travis Hill, Chris Cheever, Billy Pearce and newcomer Nate Thomas completed the top 5.

Strret Stock point leader Mark Simon of Buffalo took the lead from Lady driver Karla Lampe on lap 4 to record his 9th win of the season and third straight. Lampe grabbed the opening lead with two-time winner Melvin Smith following. Simon had started the feature in the 5th starting spot waited and then began his move forward. Picking off first Brandon Henderson, them Smith, Simon took his Station Wagon machine right behind Lampe and moved around.Smith moved into the runner-up spot by lap 6 as he starte to give chase later in the feature.Simon would kick it gear taking the win with Smith, early leader Lampe, defending champion Joe Francis and Henderson completing the top 5 runners.

Midway Speedway will be hosting a special type of event on Saturday July 21st and Sunday July 22nd as for the first time ever the MCWRA Chuck Wagon Racing And More Events are being held. This event features over 40 plus teams competing in not only Chuck Wagon Racing events but also Hose Racing , Mule Racing and events for the Kids. Teams will allow you to relieve the old Western type Days and Events. Saturday’s events start at 7PM while Sunday’s Events start at 1PM. The teams compete against not only each other,but also against the clock as each day is a different type of show with awards being given on Sunday. Ticket prices are only $15 for Adults with kids prices 8-15 only $5 and under 7 Free. Your Ticket allows you to go anywhere on the Grounds to view. For more information contact Jack Jones at 417-594-0594 or go to WWW.LebanonMidwaySpeedway.Com


B Modified Feature-1-DeWayne Hobbs 2-Kris Jackson 3-Michael Jones 4-Ryan Edde 5-Ted Ballinger 6-Jason Otto 7-Brian Myers 8-Terry Williams 9-Bill Schaar 10-Greg Strong 11-Tony Fincher 12-Jeremy Manes 13-Tim Balinger 14-Tony Moore

Heat 1-1-Jones 2-Edde 3-Moore 4-Ted Ballinger 5-Schaar 6-Jackson DNS-Tim Ballinger

Heat 2-1-Hobbs 2-Otto 3-Manes 4-Strong 5-Myers 6-Fincher 7-Williams

Factory Stock Feature-1-Tim Petty 2-Dylan Keepper 3-Brandon Waters 4-Bob Gustin 5-Shawn Whitman 6-Frank Escamilla DNS-Mike Murzynski

Heat-1-Petty 2-Gustin 3-Whitman 4-Keepper 5-Escamilla 6-Waters 7-Murzynski

Pure Stocks Feature-1-Tyler Schoen 2-Rob White 3-Stacye Francis 4-Matt Young 5-Monk Barker 6-Bo Alexstates 7-Mike Walker 8-Christopher Sawyer 9-Scott Lampe 10-Lance Graham 11-Russell Ireland 12-Jim Alexstates 13-Caleb Starnes

Heat 1-1-Barker 2-B Alexstates 3-Sawyer 4-Walker 5-Young 6-Lampe

Heat 2-1-Schoen 2-White 3-J Alexstates 4-Starnes 5-Francis 6-Graham 7-Ireland

Midwest Modified Feature-1-Sam Petty 2-Travis Hill 3-Chris Cheever 4-Billy Pearce 5-Nate Thomas 6-Jamie Petty 7-Keith Cheever 8-Les Hayes 9-Troy Young

Heat 1-1-K Cheever 2-C Cheever 3-Hayes 4-Young

Heat 2-1-S Petty 2-Hill 3-Pearce 4-J Petty 5-Thomas

Street Stock Feature-1-Mark Simon 2-Melvin Smith 3-Karla Lampe 4-Joe Francis 5-Brandon Henderson 6-David McDonald

Heat-1-Simon 2-Smith 3-Francis 4-Lampe 5-Henderson 6-McDonald

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