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Danny Smith, Joe B. Miller & Tyler Deibert take wins at Highland Speedway!

The First Leg of Illinois Sprint Week and Night Two of the Madison County Fair

HIGHLAND IL (7-25-12) As part of Illinois Sprint week and part of the Madison County Fair, the Midwest Open Wheel Association (MOWA) invaded the hallowed walls of the Highland Speedway. This is the first time in over twenty years winged sprint cars raced at Highland and the showing was exciting. Race fans endured the hottest day of this sweltering heat and saw action on the track even hotter on the track. 24 winged sprints were on hand and the MOWA Officials put on a quality show with driver introductions, The MOWA girls, and give a ways for the kids and fans

MOWA Sprints

The MOWA Sprints started the nights racing with their heat races Heat 1 went to the number 14 driven by Jimmy Bridgeman, Heat two winner was Chris Urish in the 77U, and the winner of heat three was Danny Smith in the number 4. MOWA runs an 8 car dash with heat winners and drivers who earn their way in using the passing point system. Chris Urish was the dash winner followed by Smith and Jerrod Hall in the 12H.The B-Main winner was Logan Fancon in the 52F.

The feature pitted Urish and Smith on the front row, row two was Hull and Jim Moughan Jr in the 1M. The first five laps were plagued with caution as the drivers learned their way around the paper clip 1/4 mile speedway. Lap five found Urish on point followed by Smith, Moughan, and Hull. For the next four laps Smith was eyeing up the 77U and on lap 10 he made a slide job pass and took the lead. Lap twelve found the leaders in lap traffic and the slicing and dicing that sprint car drivers are famous for had the on their feet.

Caution on lap 18 for debris re racked the field with Smith still the leader, followed now by the 12 of Hull, Urish in the 77U, and Brett Triplett in the 22 who started the feature in the 15th spot. Racing just got under way and within three laps caution waved for an incident in turns one. The leaders staid the same at the restart while no one had anything for Smith, Triplett made his presence known by staying on the bottom and advancing one more spot to earn him a podium finish. Hull finished second and your 2011 Illinois Sprint Week Champion Danny Smith was the winner.

For more information about the MOWA Series visit their web site at http://midwestopenwheel.com/

Sport Mods
Tyler Diebert has been knocking on the door for a victory in the newly formed Sport Mod Division and tonight he took home the trophy. Following Diebert to the finish were Marty Smith Jr, Rob Lee, Jeremy Thole and Rick Johnson.

The 600cc Outlaw Micro’s were also on the card and Joe Miller took home the $700 check, Derek LeMaster, Jake Neuman, Lucas Pejakovich, and Luke Hanning rounded out the top five.

Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 14T Jimmy Bridgeman
2 6B Andy Baugh
3 47 Brett Samonds
4 65 Jorden Goldesberry
5 52F Logan Fancon
6 2 Alex Pettus
7 5 Caleb Wankel
8 44 Corey Bruns DNS

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 77U Chris Urish
2 12H Jerrod Hull
3 35 Jeremy Hurley
4 88 Terry Babb
5 71M Paul May
6 22T Bret Tripplett
7 99W Korey Weyant
8 10S Jeremy Standridge

Heat 3
Finish Car No Driver
1 4 Danny Smith
2 1M Jim Moughan
3 84 Ben Wagoner
4 42 A J Bruns
5 22 Robbie Standridge
6 99 Jimmy Davis
7 17M Joey Moughan
8 9 Paul Nienhiser

Finish Car No Driver
1 52F Logan Fancon
2 99W Korey Weyant
3 17M Joey Moughan
4 5 Caleb Wankel
5 10S Jeremy Standridge
6 2 Alex Pettus
7 99 Jimmy Davis
8 9 Paul Nienhiser DNS

Finish Car No Driver
1 77U Chris Urish
2 4 Danny Smith
3 12H Jerrod Hull
4 1M Jim Moughan
5 84 Ben Wagoner
6 14T Jimmy Bridgeman
7 47 Brett Samonds
8 65 Jorden Goldesberry

Finish Car No Driver
1 4 Danny Smith
2 12H Jerrod Hull
3 22T Bret Tripplett
4 77U Chris Urish
5 17M Joey Moughan
6 65 Jorden Goldesberry
7 71M Paul May
8 5 Caleb Wankel
9 14T Jimmy Bridgeman
10 6B Andy Baugh
11 47 Brett Samonds
12 1M Jim Moughan
13 84 Ben Wagoner
14 42 A J Bruns
15 22 Robbie Standridge
16 99W Korey Weyant
17 35 Jeremy Hurley
18 88 Terry Babb
19 52F Logan Fancon
20 10S Jeremy Standridge

Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 12C Carlee Gress
2 10 Derek LeMaster
3 3N Jake Neuman
4 65E Chad Elliott
5 4 Bailey Goldesberry

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 51B Joe Miller
2 33M Ryan Mueller
3 45 Lucas Pejakovich
4 58H Luke Hanning

Finish Car No Driver
1 51B Joe Miller
2 10 Derek LeMaster
3 3N Jake Neuman
4 45 Lucas Pejakovich
5 58H Luke Hanning
6 33M Ryan Mueller
7 65E Chad Elliott
8 4 Bailey Goldesberry
9 12C Carlee Gress

Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 55 Marty Smith, Jr
2 14 Jeremy Thoele
3 92J Rick Johnson
4 18 Jerry Thompson
5 1G Len Garson

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 88 Rob Lee
2 63 Brett Eilerman
3 84 Tyler Deibert
4 35 Mark Stolle
5 21 Dan DuBree

Finish Car No Driver
1 84 Tyler Deibert
2 55 Marty Smith, Jr
3 88 Rob Lee
4 14 Jeremy Thoele
5 92J Rick Johnson
6 63 Brett Eilerman
7 21 Dan DuBree
8 1G Len Garson
9 35 Mark Stolle
10 18 Jerry Thompson

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