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Scott James takes Corn Belt Clash victory at Cedar Lake Speedway!

Cedar Lake SpeedwayNEW RICHMOND, WI (August 2) – A USA Nationals opening night record of 57 cars entered the $5,000-to-win Corn Belt Clash Series event at Cedar Lake and as the final checkered fell, it was the ‘Silver Shark’ Scott James who took home the win, and more importantly, a provisional starting spot in Saturday’s $50,000-to-win USA Nationals.

At the drop of the green flag, it was pole sitter Darrell Lanigan who shot out to the early lead, but after a single lap, the events only caution flew for a slowing AJ Diemel. On the restart, Lannigan shot back out into the lead, followed closely by Scott James and Tim Isenberg. As the top three began to separate themselves from the field, it was B-Feature winners Brandon Sheppard and Scott Bloomquist who began to make noise as they charged from deep in the field. Sheppard broke into the top-10 in the first 15 laps with Bloomquist not far behind.

As ‘The Bluegrass Bandit’ Lanigan worked heavy traffic, James was able to close the distance and pull even with him several times and on lap 30, James used a strong move on the top-side to take the lead. Five laps later, as the #0 car of Scott Bloomquist broke into the top-5, it was the #1 Rocket House car of Brandon Sheppard who slowed and turned into the infield.

With 10 to go, a hard charging Don O’Neal made himself known as he drove past Bloomquist into the top-5 in the Mouring Motorsports #1 entry. As the laps ticked down, Lanigan bobbled in turn two allowing Kindl LLC Business Solutions Quick Six winner Brian Shirley to blast into the runner-up position as the leaders took the white flag. As they leaders passed under the flying white, Scott Bloomquist slowed, dropping him from contention as James roared down the back stretch of historic Cedar Lake Speedway. James was able to pull ahead and capture his first career Corn Belt Clash Series victory followed by Brian Shirley and Darrell Lanigan. Kent Robinson and Don O’Neal rounded out the top-5 with current CBC point leader Chris Simpson coming home sixth followed by Frank Heckenast Jr,, Tim Isenberg, Dennis Erb and Jimmy Mars, who rounded out the top-10.

The Corn Belt Clash Series roars back into action next Friday night, August 10th at the Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Minnesota and the following night makes the trek to the Jackson County Speedway in Maquoketa, Iowa for the sixth annual Dusty Kay Memorial.

Heat 1: (1) Paul Parker, (2) Tim Isenberg, (3) Chad Simpson, (4) Jimmy Mars, (5) Vic Coffey, (6) Mike Fryer, (7) Chris Simpson, (8) Chad Williamson, (9) Pat Doar, (10) Jason Rauen, (11) Don Shaw. Scratched: Billy Moyer.

Heat 2: (1) Scott James, (2) Chub Frank, (3) Shane Clanton, (4) Frank Heckenast Jr., (5) Rick Eckert, (6) Don O’Neal, (7) Brian Birkhofer, (8) Terry Casey, (9) Brady Smith, (10) Lance Matthees, (11) Duane Treadwell, (12) Pete Parker.

Heat 3: (1) Kent Robinson, (2) Brian Shirley, (3) Mike Spatola, (4) Bobby Pierce, (5) Tim McCreadie, (6) Tim Fuller, (7) Rodney Melvin, (8) Charlie McKenna, (9) Dustin Virkus, (10) Bub McCool, (11) Andrew McKay.

Heat 4: (1) Darrell Lanigan, (2) Mike Marlar, (3) Walker Arthur, (4) Nick Anvelink, (5) Clint Smith, (6) Morgan Bagley, (7) Brett Swedberg, (8) Mark Burgtorf, (9) Caley Emerson, (10) Dustin Hapka, (11) Shannon Babb.

Heat 5: (1) A.J. Diemel, (2) Ross Camponovo, (3) Jack Sullivan, (4) Tyler Reddick, (5) Dennis Erb Jr., (6) Scott Bloomquist, (7) Brandon Sheppard, (8) Jason Feger, (9) Jake Redetzke, (10) Tim Buhler, (11) Billy Moyer Jr.

Dash: (1) Brian Shirley, (2) Tim Isenberg, (3) Scott James, (4) Darrell Lanigan, (5) Kent Robinson. Scratched: Mike Marlar.

Semi 1 (top two transfer): (1) Brandon Sheppard, (2) Don O’Neal, (3) Tim Fuller, (4) Tyler Reddick, (5) Nick Anvelink, (6) Jake Redetzke, (7) Mark Burgtorf, (8) Brett Swedberg, (9) Duane Treadwell, (10) Chad Williamson (complete finish unavailable).

Semi 2 (top two transfer): (1) Scott Bloomquist, (2) Jimmy Mars, (3) Rick Eckert, (4) Brian Birkhofer, (5) Bobby Pierce, (6) Jason Feger, (7) Brady Smith, (8) Shannon Babb, (9) Lance Matthees, (10) Caley Emerson.

1. Scott James
2. Brian Shirley
3. Darrell Lanigan
4. Kent Robinson
5. Don O’Neal
6. Chad Simpson
7. Frank Heckenast Jr.
8. Tim Isenberg
9. Dennis Erb Jr.
10. Jimmy Mars
11. Mike Spatola
12. Jack Sullivan
13. Scott Bloomquist
14. Tim McCreadie
15. Paul Parker
16. Ross Camponovo
17. Shane Clanton
18. Brandon Sheppard
19. Chub Frank
20. Mike Marlar
21. Walker Arthur
22. Vic Coffey
23. Chris Simpson
24. Clint Smith
25. A.J. Diemel

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