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Kids Bike Races Along With Midway Racing Saturday Night

Lebanon MidwayDirt track racing action continues Saturday Night at the Midway Speedway in Lebanon with the points battles going strong.

Along with the racing action kids 12 and under will get a chance to compete in the bike races during the intermission break.This allows the kids a chance to get out and compete on the track against others.

Racing action will feature Factory Stocks, B Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds,Pure Stocks and Street Stocks as drivers compete in the 2012 points battles.

Current leaders include Tim Petty in Factory Stocks, Ted Ballinger in B Modifieds,Rob White in Pure Stocks,Sam Petty in Midwest Modifieds and Mark Simon in Street Stocks.

Of the current point leaders only Petty has ever won a Midway Championship,

Racing action is slated to start at 7:30 while the Grandstand gates open at 5 and hot laps begins around 6:40.

For more information visit WWW.LebanonMidwaySpeedway.Com or call Jack Jones at 417-594-0594.


Point Standings

Factory Stocks-1-Tim Petty 836 2-Brandon Waters-777 3-Bob Gustin-652 4-Brian Schutt-505 5-Mark Simon-479 6-Frank Escamilla-464 7-Shawn Whitman-455 8-Dylan Keepper-447 9-Trevor Ellingson-388 10-Mike Murzynski-378

B Modifieds-1-Ted Ballinger-859 2-DeWayne Hobbs-806 3-Bill Schaar-753 4-Brian Myers-710 5-Tim Ballinger-659 6-Tony Moore-572 7-Michael Jones-552 8-Greg Strong-439 9-Cody Nivens-386 10-Jason Otto-345

Pure Stocks-1-Rob White-896 2-Matt Young-699 3-Jim Alexstates-697 4-Caleb Starnes-565 5-Monk Barker-540 6-Tyler Schoen-537 7-Christopher Sawyer-479 8-Bo Alexstates-477 9-Stacye Francis-469 10-Larry Flaugher-309

Midwest Modifieds-1-Sam Pety-933 2-Travis Hill-827 3-Jamie Petty-732 4-Billy Pearce-704 5-Bennie Joiner-425 6-Chris Cheever-394 7-Keith Cheever-281 8-Les Hayes-254 9-Mark Davis-250 10-Earl Muilenburg-230

Street Stocks-1-Mark Simon-852 2-Brandn Henderson-813 3-Joe Francis-763 4-Karla Lampe-647 5-Matt Darnell-365 6-Melvin Smith-306 7-Kevin Forshey-225 8-Richard Adams-216 9-Chad Schlidt-200 10-Adam Lowrance-154

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