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Highland Speedway Results 9/15/12

Champions Crowned In Four Highland Divisions

HIGHLAND IL ( Sept 14, 2012) – It was Photo Billy night presented by Casey’s General Stores and night one of crowning the 2012 divisional Champions at the Highland Speedway. Champions were crowned in four of the seven divisions competing at the Speedway.

Becker Jewelers Late Models

2011 Track Champion Chad Zobrist led all 25 laps of the main event this past Saturday night. Most of the race he had Matt Weidner in the 6X hanging on to the rear spoiler of Zobrist number 78. Both drivers were running the high side around the Speedway. What they didn’t notice was Rick Salter in the 1S working the bottom. Salter started mid pack and stayed consistent on the bottom of the track. The laps ran out on Salter as he made his way around Weidner but ran short of catching Zobrist at the stripe, settling for second place, Weidner was third, Ryan Little was fourth and Mike Schulte rounded out the top five. Season Championships for the Becker Jewelers Late Models takes place next week.

Steve Schmitt Modifieds

Brian Bielong may have won another battle in the Steve Schmitt Modifieds but it was Chad Sellers winning the war. Bielong led the 20 lap main event from flag to flag but the race to win the war was between Sellers and Aaron Kleine. Kleine entered the night with a 7 point lead over Sellers. Kleine driving his familiar number 13 ran second to Bielong for the first part of the race. Sellers starting fourth not only had to work around the 84 of Tyler Diebert to get a shot at the Championship, but needed a car between him and Kleine at the finish. While Bielong set a very fast pace Sellers kept the pressure on Kleine by working the high side of the Speedway. As the race wore on Kleine’s racer faded allowing both Sellers and Diebert to pass. At the finish it was Bielong followed by your 2012 Steve Schmitt Modified Champion Chad Sellers by a slim margin of only 2 points, Diebert, Kleine and Justin Ketrow completing the top five.

Miller Lite Pro Late Models

Jordan Bauer in the 9* picked up the win in the Miller Lite Pro Late Models and long time veteran Bobby Martintoni won another track Championship. It is his first at the Highland Speedway in a Pro Late Model. 2
Following Bauer to the stripe was Mark Oller, Dick Taylor, Rick Salter and Bobby Dauderman.

Sport Mods

Rob Lee continued his dominance in the Sport Mod division by taking home the trophy. Marty Smith Jr, Mike “Wahoo” Jones, Tyler Diebert and Rick Johnson were the top five.

Factory Stocks
The best race of the night had to be the Factory Stocks. Eric Harris led nearly every lap of the main event. Shaun Horstmann started eighth in the night cap. At the drop of the green flag he immediately went to the high side of the track, while the front runners all stayed low. It seemed that every time he would pass a few cars a caution would come out and the scoring had to revert to the last completed lap. Advancing himself and trying to go to the front was a monumental task, as cautions seemed to flying every couple of laps. But Horstmann driving his number 54 was determined to make the high side work using the burm and occasionally bouncing his car off the walls. He slowly gained ground on the leader. The last 4 laps stayed green and coming out of turn 4 for the checker flag he squeezed between the leader Harris and the outside wall and past him by just a few inches. As mentioned Harris led all but the last six inches wound up in second, your 2012 Factory Stock Champion Austin Isaak was third, Jake Hewitt placed fourth and Justin Leichsenring completed the top five.

Sport Compacts

Bobby Funderburk took home the honors in the Sport Compact Division, Christian Lee, Kenny Elliott, Willy Myers, and Robbie Bindrim was the top five.

Kidz Modz

Cole Sellers, the 2012 Kidz Modz Track champion, was the feature event winner, Kayle Gibson, Zane Ulmer, Joey Gibson, Tyler Kuhn, Ryan Hamilton completed the field.

Track Champions

Congratulations to the 2012 Highland Speedway Track champions crowned this past Saturday night. Chad Sellers in the Steve Schmitt Modifieds, Bobby Martintoni in the Miller Lite Pro Late Models, Austin Isaak in the Factory stocks and Cole Sellers in the KidzModz.

A special congratulations goes out to Father and Son Chad and Cole Sellers, it was the first time in the 50 plus years at the Highland Speedway that a father and son won Championships in the same year.

Track Champions will be crowned this coming week in the Becker Jewelers Late Models, Sport Mods and Sport Compacts. All six regular Highland Speedway divisions will be racing.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Come out and help us celebrate Highland’s 175th Jubilee featuring the Gateway Vintage Cars, Kidz Mods, & Quarter Midgets!! Along with rides in with the Vintage Cars and in the Ride Car! We will be opening up the pits and welcoming everyone to come down and meet the drivers and check out the cars up close and personal!!! General Admission & Pit Passes are only $5.00, kids 10 and under are free with a paid adult admission. All children entering the pits must be supervised by an adult! Anyone entering the infield and riding in a ride car must sign insurance waivers, anyone under the age of 18 must have parents and/or guardians present to sign minor waivers and release forms.

For more information about the Highland Speedway and the Madison County Fair Association visit their respective web sites: HighlandSpeedway.com, and MadCoFair.com. Also visit their respective Face Book pages.

UMP Late Models
Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 6X Matt Weidner
2 31 Brent Helmkamp
3 11K Shannon Kuhn
4 28B John Beck
5 T4 Adam Tischhauser
6 12T Dave Thornton

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 78 Chad Zobrist
2 25 Frankie Martin
3 27S Mike Schulte
4 14U Bruce Unterbrink
5 1S Rick Salter
6 87 Jason Zobrist

Heat 3
Finish Car No Driver
1 22 Dan Jacober
2 38L Ryan Little
3 21 Kerry Gaultney
4 49 Steve Leach
5 52 Tim Koch
6 2M Scott Mueller
7 32 Vince Grondzki

Finish Car No Driver
1 78 Chad Zobrist
2 6X Matt Weidner
3 25 Frankie Martin
4 38L Ryan Little
5 22 Dan Jacober
6 31 Brent Helmkamp

Finish Car No Driver
1 78 Chad Zobrist
2 1S Rick Salter
3 6X Matt Weidner
4 38L Ryan Little
5 27S Mike Schulte
6 28B John Beck
7 87 Jason Zobrist
8 11K Shannon Kuhn
9 49 Steve Leach
10 12T Dave Thornton
11 25 Frankie Martin
12 31 Brent Helmkamp
13 52 Tim Koch
14 22 Dan Jacober
15 14U Bruce Unterbrink
16 2M Scott Mueller
17 T4 Adam Tischhauser
18 32 Vince Grondzki
19 21 Kerry Gaultney DNS

UMP Modifieds
Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 13 Aaron Kleine
2 70 Brian Bielong
3 84 Tyler Deibert
4 6 Justin Ketrow
5 19 Jimmy Cummins
6 55V Brad Venhaus
7 101 Jeff Buss

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 99K Dustin Knerrer
2 11 Chad Sellers
3 71 Lynn Tidwell
4 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
5 40 Steven Ellison
6 316 Stephen Plog

Finish Car No Driver
1 70 Brian Bielong
2 13 Aaron Kleine
3 84 Tyler Deibert
4 11 Chad Sellers
5 99K Dustin Knerrer
6 71 Lynn Tidwell

Finish Car No Driver
1 70 Brian Bielong
2 11 Chad Sellers
3 84 Tyler Deibert
4 13 Aaron Kleine
5 6 Justin Ketrow
6 99K Dustin Knerrer
7 40 Steven Ellison
8 19 Jimmy Cummins
9 24J Jacob Steinkoenig
10 55V Brad Venhaus
11 101 Jeff Buss
12 316 Stephen Plog
13 71 Lynn Tidwell

UMP Pro Late Models
Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 48 Bobby Martintoni
2 24 Dick Taylor
3 11 Shannon Kuhn
4 USA1 Rick Salter
5 52 Billy Knebel, Jr
6 96 Matt Koch
7 9T Travis Horner

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 9* Jordan Bauer
2 67 Mark Oller
3 18 Bobby Dauderman
4 6E Ray Emling
5 20 John Cory
6 4 Jason Suhre
7 15 Paul Cooper

Finish Car No Driver
1 9* Jordan Bauer
2 67 Mark Oller
3 24 Dick Taylor
4 USA1 Rick Salter
5 18 Bobby Dauderman
6 6E Ray Emling
7 48 Bobby Martintoni
8 20 John Cory
9 52 Billy Knebel, Jr
10 11 Shannon Kuhn
11 96 Matt Koch
12 4 Jason Suhre
13 9T Travis Horner
14 15 Paul Cooper

UMP SportMods
Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 17 Mike Jones
2 11L Curt Loddeke
3 92J Rick Johnson
4 63 Brett Eilerman
5 21 Dan DuBree
6 66 Tim Gaertner

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 18 Jerry Thompson
2 1G Len Garson
3 23 Ryan Timmons
4 18G Donnie Rine
5 11H David Boger
6 56B Jim Lafferty, Jr

Heat 3
Finish Car No Driver
1 88 Rob Lee
2 14 Jeremy Thoele
3 55 Marty Smith, Jr
4 84 Tyler Deibert
5 41 Matt Boggs
6 35 Mark Stolle

Finish Car No Driver
1 88 Rob Lee
2 55 Marty Smith, Jr
3 17 Mike Jones
4 84 Tyler Deibert
5 92J Rick Johnson
6 11L Curt Loddeke
7 56B Jim Lafferty, Jr
8 18 Jerry Thompson
9 14 Jeremy Thoele
10 23 Ryan Timmons
11 1G Len Garson
12 21 Dan DuBree
13 18G Donnie Rine
14 11H David Boger
15 35 Mark Stolle
16 63 Brett Eilerman
17 41 Matt Boggs
18 66 Tim Gaertner DNS

UMP Factory Stocks
Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 36 Eric Harris
2 6I Austin Isaak
3 32T Jacob Tompkins
4 54 Shaun Horstmann
5 M16 Jeremy Embrich
6 30* Wade Carson
7 441 Cody Ventimiglia DNS

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 53 Justin Leichsenring
2 8T T J Eilers
3 29H Cale Hartnagel
4 9X Trevor Isaak
5 6 Jake Hewitt
6 0 Ryan Emig
7 7B Dale Bohnenstiehl

Finish Car No Driver
1 54 Shaun Horstmann
2 36 Eric Harris
3 6I Austin Isaak
4 6 Jake Hewitt
5 53 Justin Leichsenring
6 29H Cale Hartnagel
7 9X Trevor Isaak
8 M16 Jeremy Embrich
9 441 Cody Ventimiglia
10 32T Jacob Tompkins
11 8T T J Eilers
12 30* Wade Carson
13 7B Dale Bohnenstiehl
14 0 Ryan Emig DNS

UMP Sport Compacts
Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 18 Kenny Elliott
2 97 Bobby Funderburk
3 787 Cody Zobrist
4 128 Zach Schantz
5 14 Gary Jones, Jr
6 18K Chris Kircher
7 81LE Lacey Egbert

Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 47L Christian Lee
2 21M Willy Myers
3 8B Robbie Bindrim
4 121V Rick Viviano
5 19* Josh Bauer
6 22 Duane Dubree
7 7S Kate Smith

Finish Car No Driver
1 97 Bobby Funderburk
2 47L Christian Lee
3 18 Kenny Elliott
4 21M Willy Myers
5 8B Robbie Bindrim
6 787 Cody Zobrist
7 19* Josh Bauer
8 22 Duane Dubree
9 14 Gary Jones, Jr
10 7S Kate Smith
11 128 Zach Schantz
12 18K Chris Kircher
13 81LE Lacey Egbert
14 121V Rick Viviano

Finish Car No Driver
1 1 Cole Sellers
2 11K Kayle Gibson
3 21Z Zane Ulmer
4 64D Ryan Hamilton
5 1J Joey Gibson
6 22 Tyler Kuhn

Finish Car No Driver
1 1 Cole Sellers
2 11K Kayle Gibson
3 21Z Zane Ulmer
4 1J Joey Gibson
5 22 Tyler Kuhn
6 64D Ryan Hamilton

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