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Crampton Repeats as Reinhart Champion

Quad City SpeedwayBy Brad Hines

East Moline, IL (September 16th, 2012) – Sunday night at the Quad City Speedway was a night to pay tribute to the late Gary Reinhart with the running of the 19th Annual Gary Reinhart Memorial. Thanks to the sponsorships of Leffler Construction and Roto Rooter this event paid $800 to the winner of the Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modified feature. Gary’s wife, Cindy, and daughter, Cassie, were in attendance to celebrate with all the feature winners in victory lane.

In the previous 18 runnings of the Gary Reinhart Memorial races, only once has someone won it in consecutive years, John Bull in 2003 and 2004. Rock Island’s Doug Crampton became the second man to achieve this by winning the main event Sunday night. Crampton, who started 10th, ran down early race leaders Terry Rentfro and Greg Durbin then held off a hard charge by Matt Werner to win the prestigious event. Werner, who came from all the way in the back, would take second with Milo Veloz Jr., G. Durbin, and Eric Barnes, who started 14th, completing the top 5.

In Verplaetse Excavating UMP Modifieds make-up feature Milo Veloz Jr. wasted little time taking the lead in the 20 lap feature. M. Veloz would cruise to the victory with John Bull getting by Doug Curless for second. Donovan Lodge and Chad Tucker rounded out the top 5.

It may have only been Joe Bonney’s second visit in 2012 to the Quad City Speedway but he made it look easy Sunday night in the Extreme Auto Glass Street Stock feature. Once Bonney took control of the lead he never looked back, winning in dominating fashion. Chuck Fox took second followed by Chris Lawrence, Rick Schriner, and Rob Henry.

Chase Flatt waited until the final lap of the Mod Lite feature to make his move and pick up the feature win. Lap after lap Flatt was all over Brad Lucy and on the final circuit Flatt got his opportunity. Lucy would take second with Shon Sanders, Dan Guss, and Mike Pershing making up the rest of the top 5.

After an early race battle with Bobby Toland, Mike Zemo Jr. checked out and won another feature in the Sexton Ford IMCA Late Models. Silvis’ Todd Malmstrom charged through from the seventh starting to challenge B. Toland for second place but B. Toland held on. The rest of the top 5 was LeRoy Brenner and Buck Harmening.

The second Verplaetse Excavating UMP Modified feature was their Season Championship. Going into the feature John Bull had only a three point lead over Donovan Lodge to decide who would win the track championship. The feature was lined up by the top 10 in points putting Lodge and Bull on the front row together. The only way Lodge could win the championship was by finishing four spots ahead of Bull. The stage was set for a great battle. All race long Lodge and Bull raced side by side holding off the likes of Doug Curless, Milo Veloz Jr., Ray Bollinger, and Matt Werner. With only four laps to go the unthinkable happened for John Bull and all his fans. Bull got too close to the tire in turns one and two, clipping the tire and spinning out causing the yellow flag to wave. So with four laps to go Bull had to somehow make his way through the field and get within three spots of Lodge to have a chance at the championship. Amazingly, Bull would get up to sixth but that was not enough. Lodge would go on to win the race and track championship with M. Veloz second followed by Ray Bollinger, Matt Werner, and Doug Curless.

Once again Aaron Hitt put on a clinic in the Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylinders. After some tough luck in his heat race, Hitt had to start the feature in the 13th starting spot. Hitt picked off spots one by one until he was on the leader Josh Sharpe. Sharpe was able to hold off Hitt for a few laps but Hitt proved to be too strong and won yet another feature. Sharpe would cross the line second with Andy Loy, Junior Carmichael, and Eric Stogdell completing the top 5.


Results – 9/16/12

Verplaetse Excavating UMP Modified Make-Up Feature

1. Milo Veloz Jr.

2. John Bull

3. Doug Curless

4. Donovan Lodge

5. Chad Tucker

6. Jason Pershy

7. Kevin Hughes

8. Justin Veloz

9. Jerry Bailey Jr.

10. Perry Gellerstedt

11. Nathan Balensiefen


Extreme Auto Glass Street Stocks

Heat 1

1. Jeremy Gustaf

2. Phil Anderson

3. Chris Lawrence

4. Rick Schriner

5. Mike Anderson

6. Joe Roberson

7. Justin Hamm

8. R.J. Gonzales

Heat 2

1. Chuck Fox

2. Kevin Dickey

3. Joe Bonney

4. Rob Henry

5. Nick Lawrence

6. Cord Williams

7. Erick Turner

8. Zach Huston


1. Joe Bonney

2. Chuck Fox

3. Chris Lawrence

4. Rick Schriner

5. Rob Henry

6. Nick Lawrence

7. Joe Roberson

8. Mike Anderson

9. Kevin Dickey

10. R.J. Gonzales

11. Jeremy Gustaf

12. Phil Anderson

13. Justin Hamm

14. Erick Turner

15. Zach Huston

16. Cord Williams


Mod Lites

Heat 1

1. Chase Flatt

2. Shon Sanders

3. Gary Snyder

4. Carl Pershing

5. Mike Pershing

6. Brian Schnell

Heat 2

1. David Norton

2. Brad Lucy

3. Andrew Smith

4. Dan Guss

5. Blake Woodruff

6. Cody Brown


1. Chase Flatt

2. Brad Lucy

3. Shon Sanders

4. Dan Guss

5. Mike Pershing

6. Andrew Smith

7. Gary Snyder

8. David Norton

9. Carl Pershing

10. Brian Schnell

11. Blake Woodruff

12. Cody Brown


Sexton Ford IMCA Late Models

Heat 1

1. Gary Webb

2. Todd Malmstrom

3. LeRoy Brenner

4. Buck Harmening

5. Rob Toland

Heat 2

1. Bobby Toland

2. Mike Zemo Jr.

3. Anthony Guss

4. Tom Pestka

5. Bob Miller


1. Mike Zemo Jr.

2. Bobby Toland

3. Todd Malmstrom

4. LeRoy Brenner

5. Buck Harmening

6. Tom Pestka

7. Anthony Guss

8. Bob Miller

9. Gary Webb

10. Rob Toland


Verplaetse Excavating UMP Modifieds

Heat 1

1. Milo Veloz Jr.

2. Donovan Lodge

3. Justin Veloz

4. Jerry Bailey Jr.

5. Perry Gellerstedt

6. Chad Tucker

7. Russell Engeland

Heat 2

1. John Bull

2. Doug Curless

3. Matt Werner

4. Jason Pershy

5. Ray Bollinger

6. Kevin Hughes

7. Randy Cusack


1. Donovan Lodge

2. Milo Veloz Jr.

3. Ray Bollinger

4. Matt Werner

5. Doug Curless

6. John Bull

7. Jerry Bailey Jr.

8. Justin Veloz

9. Kevin Hughes

10. Chad Tucker

11. Randy Cusack

12. Jason Pershy

13. Perry Gellerstedt

14. Russell Engeland


19th Annual Gary Reinhart Memorial

Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1

1. Milo Veloz Jr.

2. Brandon Durbin

3. B.J. Jackson

4. Terry Rentfro

5. Chance Huston

6. T.J. Patz

Heat 2

1. Doug Crampton

2. Matt Werner

3. Greg Durbin

4. Dan Hahn

5. Eric Barnes

6. Leland Bushong

Heat 3

1. Brian Bushong

2. Joe Jones Jr.

3. George Spence III

4. Thad Wilson

5. Jim Sandusky

6. John Ahlers


1. Doug Crampton

2. Matt Werner

3. Milo Veloz Jr.

4. Greg Durbin

5. Eric Barnes

6. Terry Rentfro

7. B.J. Jackson

8. Joe Jones Jr.

9. Leland Bushong

10. Brian Bushong

11. George Spence III

12. Chance Huston

13. Brandon Durbin

14. T.J. Patz

15. Dan Hahn

16. Thad Wilson

17. Jim Sandusky

18. John Ahlers


Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylinders

Heat 1

1. Andy Loy

2. A.J. Rock

3. Zach Dahl

4. Eric Stogdell

5. Erick Hood

6. Drew Wise

7. Aaron Hitt

8. Brandt Cole

Heat 2

1. Josh Sharpe

2. Cameron Poci

3. Jeff Peterson

4. Bob Taggart

5. Dale Tucker

6. Bobby Barker Jr.

7. Junior Carmichael

8. Bobby Barker Sr.


1. Aaron Hitt

2. Josh Sharpe

3. Andy Loy

4. Junior Carmichael

5. Eric Stogdell

6. Brandt Cole

7. Jeff Peterson

8. Dale Tucker

9. Erick Hood

10. Bobby Barker Sr.

11. Drew Wise

12. Zach Dahl

13. A.J. Rock

14. Cameron Poci

15. Andy Wagner

16. Bobby Barker Jr.

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