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Miller Recovers From Opening Lap Mishap And Wins At Midway In Factory Feature as Hobbs Grabs Modified Event

Lebanon MidwayWhile dryer weater and cooler Temps greeted fans and drivers, racing action was back underway Saturday Night at the Midway Speedway dirt track in Lebanon as plenty of action kept things interesting as Matt Miller came charging from the back of the field to capture an exciting Factory Stock feature event.

Miller and 2 time champion Tyson Troutman brought the grid to the green flag with Aaron Gustin and Brandon Waters following.Miller had problems and had to go to the back of the pack. On the restart, Troutman found Aaron Gustin close behind with Dylan Kepper closing in. On the 4th lap, Gustin took over the lead as curent point leader Tim Petty was moving to the front runners after starting 1th on the field and Miller was quickly coming. Gustin and Troutman kept a see-saw race going until lap10 when Troutman and Miller both went by Gustin. After a spirited battle, Miller made his way around Troutman on lap 12 and took home his 2nd win of the season with Troutman, early leader Gustin, Dylan Keepper and point leader Petty following.

DeWayne Hobbs had to fend off hard charging Mike Hailmann throughout the entire Modified event before finally taking back the lead on lap 13 to take his 4th win of the season.Hobbs shot from his front row starting position on the opening lap with Tony Fincher and Hailmann folowing. Hailmann was really putting on a charge to Hobbs and then took the lead on lap 7 after a restart following a caution for several drivers. Hailmann and Hobbs while batling had Lebanon’s Michael Jones quietly moving to the front pack as Tony Moore followed Jones around point leader Ted Ballinger. Hailmann and Hobbs went back and forth until lap 13 when Hobbs gathered the lead with Hailmann close behind. Hobbs would fend off the Hailmann charge for the win as Hailmann, Jones, Moore and point leader Ballinger took home the top 5 run down.

Sam Petty has had a dominant season in the Midwest Modified class,but is finding the competition coming on strong late in the season. Petty grabbed the lead from Rusty Forrest and was able to take home his 16th points event of the Midway 2012 season. Bennie Joiner took the opening lead for the first twon laps until becoming involved along with Taylor Moore and Ken Walker on lap 3 ending his night. Rusty Forrest then took the lead until lap 5 when Petty who started 13th tonight was able to get around both Joey Wiles and leader Forrest to take over the top spot.With Petty in front, the real battle was for the runner-up spot between Wiles and Forrest.They swapped spots back and forth until Forrest took over the second place position on lap13 as Wiles faded a bit to allow Jamie Petty to nip Wiles for the third place spot.

The Pure Stocks competed for extra money Saturday Night and current point leader Rob White was able to grab the winners share. Tyler Schoen and White earned the front row spots through their heat races and Schoen got the opening lead as White and Monk Barker follwed.The race stayed close as White was able to get around Schoen on lap 6 to take the top spot as Schoen and Adam Lowrance followed the leader. The fast paced slowed on lap 7 as both Caleb Starnes and Scott Lampe spun. The standings realy changed on lap 9 as Schoen, Monk Barker and Jack Hamer were all eliminated from the race. Things got really wild in the closing laps with some wild action, but White had it on cruise control to take the victory followed by Lampe, Mark Ryan, Christopher Sawyer and early contender Lowranc.

Defending Street Stock champion joe francis survived som attrition on the field and won the feature over Mark Simon. Francis took the opening lead with Simon taking the lead on lap 2. Francis then swapped spots with Simon and held on to capture the win as Simon and Brandon Henderson followed.

The Season Championships will be held next Saturday Night September 29th with the 2012 point champions to be decided in the Factory Stocks, B Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks with racing to start at 7:30. For more information visit WWW.LebanonMidwaySpeedway.Com or contact Jack Jones at 417-594-0594


Factory Stocks-1-Matt Miller 2-Tyson Troutman 3-Aaron Gustin 4-Dylan Keepper 5-Tim Petty 6-Brandon Waters 7-Josh Lewis 8-Frank Escamilla 9-Mike Murzynski 10-Kyle Jeffries 11-Trevor Ellingson 12-Mike Bitner DNS-Brian Hanson

Heat 1-Miller 2-Gustin 3-Bitner 4-Escamilla 5-Lewis 6-Petty DNS-Hanson

Heat 2-1-Troutman 2-Waters 3-Keepper 4-Ellingson 5-Jeffries 6-Murzynski

B Modifieds-1-DeWayne Hobbs 2-Mike Hailmann 3-Michael Jones 4-Tony Moore 5-Ted Ballinger 6-Bill Schaar 7-Kevin Forshey 8-Tony Fincher 9-Tim Ballinger 10-Brian Myers 11-Greg Strong 12-Kris Jackson

Heat 1-Ted Ballinger 2-Moore 3-Fincher 4-Forshey 5-Myers 6-Schaar

Heat 2-1-Jones 2-Hailmann 3-Jackson 4-Hobbs 5-Tim Ballinger 6-Strong

Pure Stocks-1-Rob White 2-Scott Lampe 3-Mark Ryan 4-Christopher Sawyer 5-Adam Lowrance 6-Jim Alexstates 7-Caleb Starnes 8-Tyler Schoen 9-Stacye Francis 10-Monk Barker 11-Jack Hamer 12-Landon Harris

Heat 1-1-Schoen 2-Barker 3-Francis 4-Ryan 5-Harris 6-Lowrance

Heat 2-1-White 2-Alexstates 3-Lampe 4-Starnes 5-Sawyer 6-Hamer

Midwest Modifieds-1-Sam Petty 2-Rusty Forrest 3-Jamie Petty 4-Joey Wiles 5-Taylor Moore 6-Travis Hill 7-Ken Walker 8-Dustin Brown 9-Billy Pearce 10-Shawn Cox 11-Bennie Joiner 12-Chad Schlicht 13-Mark Sullens

Heat 1-S Petty 2-Wiles 3-Hill 4-Moore 5-Walker 6-Cox 7-Schlict

Heat 2-1-Pearce 2-Forrest 3-Joiner 4-J Petty 5-Sullens 6-Brown

Street Stocks-1-Joe Francis 2-Mark Simon 3-Brandon Henderson DNS-Melvin Smith,Chris Kalman

Heat 1-Francis 2-Smith 3-Henderson 4-Simon 5-Kalman


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