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Bub McCool Repeats as Champion in the 6th Annual Gumbo Nationals Finale

Greenville, Mississippi (10/06/12) – The final night of the 6th Annual Gumbo Nationals was held at Greenville Speedway (Greenville, Mississippi) on Saturday evening, and when the checkered flag dropped on the feature it was Bub McCool, who won the event for the second year in a row and claimed the $7,500 winner’s check!

Ronny Lee Hollingsworth and Kyle Beard brought the field to the green flag in the 75 lap feature, and it was Kyle Beard, who snared the top spot heading into turn one with Hollingsworth, Billy Moyer Jr., Josh Putnam, and Bub McCool in pursuit. During the early stages of the event Beard extended his lead to as much as a straightaway and would catch lap traffic by lap 5.

As Beard stretched his advantage on the field Hollingsworth comfortably set in the second spot. Bub McCool quickly found himself outside the top five as he slipped back as far as the seventh spot, while trying to run the low groove on a predominantly topside dominant track.

By lap 15 Beard was in heavy lap traffic, and exiting turn four on lap 21 Hollingsworth pulled even with the leader, and would grab the lead in turn one. However, seconds leader the caution would fly for Chris Huckabay, who slowed in turn 3. The caution reinstated Beard to the lead with Hollingsworth, Moyer Jr., Putnam, and Brian Rickman making up the top five running order.

On the restart Hollingsworth through a slide job at Beard entering turn one and took over the top spot. The Northport, Alabama driver led the next seven laps before Beard used a slide job in turn four to retake the top spot. While Beard and Hollingsworth diced it up for the lead, a driver on the move was Bub McCool, who was up to the third spot by lap 26. On lap 28 he moved into the second spot, and just five circuits later
McCool raced past Beard in turn one to take over the lead.

As Beard began to fade over the next several laps Hollingsworth came back to life and found his way into the second spot by lap 40, but was still far behind McCool. The final caution flew on lap 54 for debris, and the final twenty-one laps would treat the crowd to a classic showdown between McCool and Hollingsworth. The two pilots diced through heavy lap traffic for the closing laps of the race with Hollingsworth pulling even with McCool on several occasions only to have McCool race back past him for the spot. Both drivers would bounce off the wall on more than one occasion as they diced through traffic.

The final five laps were especially nip and tuck for the leaders, but at the line it was McCool, who won his second straight Gumbo Nationals title, with Hollingsworth, Putnam, Timothy Culp, and Billy Moyer Jr. rounding out the top five.

In victory lane Bub McCool tossed his helmet into the crowd to a lucky fan for the second year in a row before recognizing all of his fans in the crowd.

“It’s always special to come here to Greenville because we have so many great fans. This win goes out to all of them. I also have to thank Klint Byars for letting me drive one of his cars here this weekend since my stuff is out in North Carolina waiting on me with my crew for the World of Outlaws race next Wednesday,” an exhausted McCool said.

Earlier in the evening Morgan Bagley and Chris Wall claimed wins in the twin b-mains to transfer to the feature, while Brett Fraizer was victorious in the last chance qualifier.

This event wrapped up the 2012 campaign at Greenville Speedway as the facility now looks ahead to 2013. For more information on Greenville Speedway visit www.GreenvilleSpeedway.net .

6th Annual Gumbo Nationals A-Main Finish ($7,500-To-Win)
1)Bub McCool 2)Ronny Lee Hollingsworth 3)Josh Putnam 4)Timothy Culp 5)Billy Moyer Jr. 6)Kyle Beard) 7)BJ Robinson 8)Brian Rickman 9)Robbie Starnes 10)Klint Byars 11)Rick Rickman 12)Chris Wall 13)Greg Fore 14)Scott Dedwylder 15)Chad Thrash 16)Chris Huckabay 17)Mike Palasini Jr. 18)Ray Moore 19)Brett Frazier 20)Morgan Bagley 21)Scott Creel 22)Jack Sullivan 23)Cliff Williams 24)Wendell Wallace

B-Main #1 Finish (Top Two Transfer to the Feature)
1)Morgan Bagley 2)Jack Sullivan 3)Brett Fraizer 4)Tommy Surrett 5)Bo Gordon 6)Robert Baker 7)Leon Henderson 8)Jeff Young 9)Mike McNay 10)Chris Showah 11)Troy Berdan

B-Main #2 Finish (Top Two Transfer to the Feature)
1)Chris Wall 2)Wendell Wallace 3)Chris Huckabay 4)Justin McRee 5)Jamie Elam 6)Allen Tippen 7)Cliff Williams 8)Scott Creel 9)Seth McCormick 10)Tanner Kellick 11)Jered Smith 12)Tanner English

Last Chance Qualifier (Top Two Transfer to the Feature)
1)Brett Fraizer 2)Chris Huckabay 3)Justin McRee 4)Jamie Elam 5)Tommy Surrett 6)Allen Tppen 7)Robert Baker 8)Bo Gordon 9)Scott Creel 10)Jeff Young 11)Seth McCormick 12)Cliff Williams

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