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Justin Kay takes IMCA Late Model win at Davenport!

Justin Kay - Mike Ruefer photo

Justin Kay – Mike Ruefer photo


by Mike McGuire
DAVENPORT, IA (April 10) – Justin Kay of Wheatland was the big winner at the REBEL 5K, held at the Davenport Speedway, Friday night. One hundred and three racers took part in the event under chilly weather conditions.

The forty-lap main event for the late models started with Joe Zrostlik of Long Grove, taking the early lead from the outside pole. Zrostlik would lead the first eleven laps using the high side of the racetrack.

Davenport’s Matt Ryan used the low groove to take the lead for laps twelve through seventeen.

Kay started fourteenth and had moved his way up to third by lap ten. Justin ran the high side and grabbed the lead on lap eighteen. The only things slowing Justin Kay down were lapped traffic and the race’s only caution flag on lap 37.

Kay won the four lap shootout to the checkers, taking the win and the $5,000 top prize. Matt Ryan finished a close second. Tyler Droste had a strong run finishing third. Scott Fitzpatrick and Jason Rauen completed the top five.

Late model heat race wins went to Kay, Rauen, Curt Martin, and Jon Poll. Colby Springsteen and Nate Bueseling won the two semi-features.

Davenport Speedway
Results – REBEL 5K

Late Models
Heat 1: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Tyler Droste; 3. Denny Eckrich; 4. Andy Eckrich; 5.Charlie McKenna ;
Heat 2: 1. Curt Martin; 2. Ray Guss Jr.; 3. Rick Wendling; 4. Joe Zrostlik; 5. Chuck Hanna;
Heat 3: 1. Jason Rauen; 2. Todd Malmstrom; 3. Scott Fitzpatrick; 4. Matt Ryan; 5. Brunson Behning;
Heat 4: 1. Jon Poll; 2. Jay Johnson; 3. Andy Nezworski; 4. Richie Gustin; 5. Nate Bueseling;
Semi 1: 1. Colby Springsteen; 2. Jeff Aikey; 3. Kevin Kile; 4. Mike Garland; 5. Charlie McKenna;
Semi 2: 1. Nate Bueseling; 2. Ryan Dolan; 3. Joel Callahan; 4. John Emerson; 5. Jonathon Brauns;

Feature: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Tyler Droste; 4. Scott Fitzpatrick; 5. Jason Rauen; 6. Curt Martin; 7. Ray Guss Jr.; 8. Andy Eckrich; 9. Joe Zrostlik; 10. Colby Springsteen; 11. Nate Bueseling; 12. Jeff Aikey; 13. Jon Poll; 14. Andy Nezworski; 15. Denny Eckrich; 16. Todd Malmstrom; 17. Ryan Dolan; 18. Richie Gustin; 19. Rick Wendling; 20. Jay Johnson; 21. John Emerson; 22. Joel Callahan; 23. Mike Garland; 24. Kevin Kile
Jake Ruefer of Roanoke, Ind., won the twenty-lap modified feature. Ruefer led entire distance, despite several challenges. Tony VonDresky started tenth and moved up quickly, but would have to settle for second. Jeremiah Hurst finished third, just ahead of Kurt Kile in fourth. Mitch Morris rounded out the top five.

Twenty-seven modifieds were on hand. Ruefer, Ray Cox Jr., and Dakota Hayden won the heats. Semi wins went to Jake Bowman and Bob Dominacki.

Phil Anderson paid a visit to victory lane in street stock action. Anderson led the first twelve laps of the feature, before yielding to Keith Blum. Anderson managed to work his way back around Blum on the final lap to take the win. Blum finished second followed by Donnie Louck, Cary Brown and Kevin Dickey in that order.

Bryce Garnhart dominated the sportmod main. Garnhart led all fifteen laps of the race. Tyler Soppe came from deep in the field to finish second. Jayson Wiggins took third over Bryan Brinker, and Jake Morris.

Brandon Dahl topped the field in the 4-stock feature. Brandon took the lead on lap five and had to hold off his brother Zach down the stretch to take the win. Zach Dahl finished second with Jake Benischek third. Brandon Setser and Jeff Powell completed the top five.

The racing action at the Davenport Speedway moves over to the half-mile track next Friday for the 2nd Annual Midwest Sanction Showdown. The cars and stars of the Corn Belt Clash Late Model Series will go head to head with the drivers of the MARS DirtCar Series. Also racing will be modifieds and street stocks.

Davenport Speedway

Heat 1: 1. Ray Cox Jr.; 2. Kurt Kile; 3. Jeeremiah Hurst; 4. Dusty Kraklio; 5. Jeremy Marquette;
Heat 2: 1. Dakota Hayden; 2. Tim Arp; 3. TonyVonDresky; 4. Doug Crampton; 5. Bob Dominacki;
Heat 3: 1. Jake Ruefer; 2. Kurt Kile; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Tyler Madigan; 5. Jake Bowman;
Semi 1: 1. Jake Bowman; 2. Jeremy Marquette; 3. Brad Tyler; 4. Hunter Wilson; 5.Craig Crawford ;
Semi 2: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Milo Veloz; 3. Scott Powell; 4. Brandon Durbin; 5. Brian Bushong;
Feature: 1. Jake Ruefer; 2. Tony VonDresky; 3. Jeremiah Hurst; 4. Kurt Kile; 5. Mitch Morris; 6. Doug Crampton; 7. Bob Dominacki; 8. Milo Veloz; 9. Brad Tyler; 10. Joe Beal; 11. Dusty Kraklio; 12. Jake Bowman; 13. Tyler Madigan; 14. Scott Powell; 15. Jeremy Marquette; 16. Hunter Wilson; 17. Brandon Durbin; 18. Craig Crawford; 19. Ray Cox Jr. ; 20. Tim Arp;

Street Stocks
Heat 1: 1. Keith Blum; 2. Kevin Dickey; 3. Randy Lamar; 4. Cord Williams; 5. Cary Brown;
Feature: 1. Phil Anderson; 2. Kieth Blum; 3. Donnie Louck; 4. Cary Brown; 5. Kevin Dickey; 6. Cord Williams; 7. Rick Schriner; 8. Jesse Owen; 9. Jeremy Gustaf;

Sport Mods
Heat 1: 1. Bryce Garnhart; 2. Justin Conklin; 3. Bryan Brinker; 4. David Norton; 5. Jacob Arp;
Heat 2: 1. Jayson Wiggins; 2. Jake Morris; 3. Andre LaPorte; 4. Dave Engelkens; 5. Ron Cook;
Feature: 1. Bryce Garnhart; 2. Tyler Soppe; 3. Jayson Wiggins; 4. Bryan Brinker; 5. Jake Morris; 6. Justin Conklin; 7.Gage Neal ; 8. Jacob Arp; 9. Andre LaPorte; 10. Ron Cook; 11. David Norton; 12. Jon Scott; 13. Dave Engelkens;

Heat 1: 1. Zach Dahl; 2. Scott Powell; 3. Brandon Setser; 4. Steven Phillips; 5. Andy Wagener;
Heat 2: 1. Brandon Dahl; 2. Luke Benischek; 3. Allen Morris; 4. Jake Benischek; 5. Richard Dearborn;
Feature: 1. Brandon Dahl; 2. Zach Dahl; 3. Jake Benischek; 4.Brandon Setser ; 5. Jeff Powell; 6. Allen Morris; 7. Luke Benischek; 8. Steven Phillips; 9. Andy Wagener; 10. Jacob Elliithorpe; 11. Richard Dearborn

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