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Race tire explodes inside Scott Bloomquist hauler at Silver Dollar Nationals

Scott Bloomquist and some other members of his crew were standing just a couple of feet away when a race tire they were mounting on a wheel exploded with enough force to significantly damage the side of his trailer. A crew member was mounting tires and hooked an air hose to the tire and he got distracted doing something else and forgot about the air chuck being clipped on the tire.

Shortly thereafter, the tire exploded and shot into the side of the Bloomquist hauler. Scott Bloomquist said he and his crew are very fortunate as they were standing just a few feet away from the tire when it exploded. Despite all the people near the tire, no one was injured. Bloomquist said he will look at ways to prevent that in the future with some sort of regulator to prevent over pressurizing a tire. Bloomquist said he is just thankful that no one was hurt as they all realize it could of been a very bad situation. The damage was restricted to just Bloomquist’s hauler whom he is borrowing from West Virginia team owner Eric Hudkins for this season while waiting on his new rig to be completed.

Bloomquist starts on the second row for tonight’s $53,000 to win Silver Dollar Nationals. You can watch live on PPV via DirtOnDirt.com.

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  1. Sounds like foul play Bobby Stilts Jr

  2. Josh Yadon, Jason Revis

  3. Just glad no one was hurt the trailer can be fixed

  4. Steve Eighinger I knew I left something running.

  5. Hmmmm…… maybe they should drug test him and his crew.