David Gravel

Haubstadt, IN – May 13, 2018 – The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series arrived in force at Tri-State Speedway Sunday evening.
The field of competitors was 43 winged cars strong. The track was reconditioned and groomed for their arrival and to complete the double header weekend of racing at the speedway.

David Gravel of Watertown, CT, would take the 40 lap feature but he would need to dodge a last lap shot at the lead by Hunter Schuerenberg. This win followed another WoO Tri-State feature victory for Gravel in 2016. “I knew that at Haubstadt anything could happen. I tried to race smart and be there at the end. I am happy to get another win!” Schuerenberg’s run just might rate as a breakout performance. “The second place finish was a career best for us. I was 10 feet away but could not close the deal.”

The feature was a wild one from the outset. First Kevin Thomas Jr.
broke off a left front wheel in turn four. The race restarted with one lap on the scoreboard. Justin Peck and Gravel fought for the lead with Peck earning the advantage. At the halfway point Sheldon Haudenschild had taken second. He then took the lead from Peck on a restart. Another yellow flag on lap 30 presented another restart opportunity. The two leaders got together in turn two and other cars got caught up in the accident which then spilled out onto the backstretch. Brady Bacon’s car was upside down in the wreckage.

A final single file restart provided 10 speedy laps to end the contest between two different drivers. Gravel had inherited the lead with Schuerenberg second. NASCAR driver and overall fast qualifier Kyle Larson finished third. Joey Saldana and WoO Points leader Donny Schatz rounded out the top five in the feature. Brad Sweet was sixth ahead of Rico Abrue. Last year’s feature winner Parker Price-Miller was next followed by Carson Short and Kerry Madsen.

The four heat races were taken in order by Justin Peck, Kerry Madsen, Kyle Larson, and Sheldon Haudenschild. David Gravel took the dash in his CJB Motorsports entry. Jeff Swindell won the C Main to transfer next to the Last Chance Showdown which was won by Aaron Reutzel.

The 25 lap UMP Open Wheel Modified feature closed out the program.
The winner was Trent Young from Crofton, KY. Young, who started fifth on the field, took over the lead on lap 4 and led the rest of the race. Tyler Nicely moved up to finish second. Fastest qualifier Zack Fair was third. Dustin Beck, and Hunt Gossum rounded out the top five. Nicely and Young also captured their respective heat races. The top six drivers from the heats were inverted in the starting lineup according to the redraw. The top spots in the feature remained a battle between those drivers.

The next event on the schedule at Tri-State Speedway will be the “Memorial Weekend Classic” on Sunday May 27 which pays $2,500 to win.
The MSCS Sprints will be featured along with the UMP Open Wheel Modifieds and MMSA Mini Sprints. It is the first triple header at the track for fans to attend this season!

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Tri-State Speedway
Haubstadt, IN
May 13, 2018

World of Outlaws (43 Entries):

Overall Fastest Qualifier – Kyle Larson, 11.935 seconds

First Heat – 5x Justin Peck, 63 Kevin Thomas Jr., 26 Joey Saldana, 21 Carson Short, 1S Logan Schuchart Second Heat – 2M Kerry Madsen, 20N Hunter Schuerenberg, 24 Rico Abreu, 13x Paul McMahan, 18 Ian Madsen Third Heat – 57 Kyle Larson, 5 David Gravel, 49 Brad Sweet, 11K Kraig Kinser, 19 Brent Marks Fourth Heat – 17 Sheldon Haudenschild, 9 Daryn Pittman, 15 Donny Schatz, 99 Brady Bacon, 2 Shane Stewart

Dash – 5 David Gravel, 63 Kevin Thomas Jr., 17 Sheldon Haudenschild, 5x Justin Peck, 57 Kyle Larson, 20N Hunter Schuerenberg, 2M Kerry Madsen, 9 Daryn Pittman C Main – 14x Jeff Swindell, 11M Max McGhee, 85 Mike Terry Jr., 20w Greg Wilson Last Chance Shiwdown – 87 Aaron Reutzel, 4 Parker Price-Miller,1A Jacob Allen, 41 Jason Johnson

Feature (40 Laps) – 5 David Gravel, 20N Hunter Schuerenberg, 57 Kyle Larson, 26 Joey Saldana, 15 Donny Schatz, 49 Brad Sweet, 24 Rico Abreu, 4 Parker Price-Miller, 21 Carson Short, 2M Kerry Madsen, 13X Paul McMahan, 19 Brent Marks, 9 Daryn Pittman, 18 Ian Madsen, 11K Kraig Kinser, 2 Shane Stewart, 1S Logan Schuchart, 41 Jason Johnson, 17 Sheldon Haudenschild, 5x Justin Peck, 99 Brady Bacon, 1A Jacob Allen, 63 Kevin Thomas Jr., 87 Aaron Reutzel

UMP Open Wheel Modifieds (21 Entries):

Overall Fastest Qualifier – 95z Zack Fair, 15.492 seconds

First Heat – 25 Tyler Nicely, 77 Stephen Schnapf, 7 Mark Lamont, 99 Hunt Gossum Second Heat – 10Y Trent Young, 75 Dustin Beck, 95z Zack Fair, 84 Stan Beadles

Feature (25 Laps) – 10Y Trent Young, 25 Tyler Nicely, 95z Zack Fair, 75 Dustin Beck, 99 Hunt Gossum, 7 Mark Lamont, 77 Stephen Schnapf, 18 Brandon McDowell, 62k Joel Jenson, 57 Matt Hines, 16c John Clippinger, 42K Neal Kramer, 2X Wes Harms, 47s Scott Lawrence, 84 Stan Beadles, 35s Matthew Smith, 81 Mark Cole

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