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Scott Bloomquist disqualified from Lernerville for not taking drug test!

SARVER, PA — June 22, 2018 — Late Model driver Scott Bloomquist failed to report for his drug test at Lernerville Speedway for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series Firecracker 100. Officials from Drug Free Sport classified his absence as a “test refusal.” Bloomquist is disqualified from the event and will receive corresponding penalties as outlined in the World Racing Group Substance Abuse Policy.

A. Positive Tests. 

Any tests conducted under the Policy will be considered “positive” under the following circumstances: 

    1. If any prohibited substance is detected in the specimen provided by the Participant.
    2. A Participant fails or refuses to take a test pursuant to Section IV or otherwise engages in activity that prevents the collection of a specimen under the Policy.
    3. A Participant attempts to substitute, dilute, mask or alter a specimen, attempts to impair the excretion of a prohibited substance in a specimen, or attempts to tamper with a test in any way (including, but not limited to, catheterization, specimen substitution and/or adulteration).

B. Sanctions Concerning All Prohibited Substances.

    1. Upon being notified by the designated Administrator official (or officials) of a true positive test result for a WRG Participant, the WRG Officials shall inform that Participant of the positive result and the following sanctions shall apply. First Offense: Participants will be withheld from competition for 90 days from the date of the test and fined $1000. This suspension term may be reduced to 60 days with the completion of an alcohol or drug education program. Reinstatement will be conditional on two negative tests over the final 14-day period of the suspension and payment of the fine (Note: a positive result on a retest will count as a second offense).

Bloomquist was one of 16 drivers randomly selected by a blind draw completed by a member of the Lernerville track crew. Bloomquist had five hours to complete the test after not being able to provide a sample during initial check in with Drug Free Sport. The other 15 drivers completed the sampling, with three drivers requiring two attempts to provide an adequate sample.

Series Director Matt Curl made multiple attempts to assist Bloomquist to the testing area. An 11pm deadline, an hour after the checkered flag, was communicated to the team and was ignored.

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  1. Just won 100,000 bucks the other week he is good.

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  14. The guy clearly states hes on pain killers from his fall after winning eldora then he magically gets picked randomly . What a joke

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