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STLRacing.com Top 25 Dirt Super Late Model Rankings

by Don Martin 10.17.2018
Below are the STLRacing.Com Top 25 Dirt Late Model Rankings after Tim McCreadie shocked the WORLD !! As predicted Scott Bloomquist took over the top spot in the rankings after finishing 4th at the World 100 at Eldora Speedway last weekend and Brandon Sheppard had a DNF. Jimmy Owens continues to be the most consistent car on the track and finished second at the World 100 and moved into 3rd in the Dirt Late Model Rankings. I don’t think anyone expected TMAC to win or Tyler Erb to finish 3rd in the biggest race of the year. The kid from Texas may be the most improved driver in the country.

Let talk about Tim McCreadie, first of all he is probably if not the most talented driver in the pit area lets get that straight now. Last year he was a factor in just about every crown jewel and damn near pulled off winning the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series Championship. No one has ever doubted his ability, and this year has been a struggle. The team made a switch from Chevy to Ford, doesn’t have a truck driver with a CDL to drive the Featherlite Kenworth tractor trailer. This is why they are in a small trailer and pick-up truck. Too much is being made about the truck and trailer and not enough credit is given to the guy behind the wheel, who not only can compete with the best dirt late model racers, but can jump in a big block and midget and compete against the best.

Tim has had some top ten finishes at Eldora in the past and always seems to qualify well there, but in the past the guy seemed to have a horrible pill draw starting in the third row of a heat and not transferring or winning the heat to start up front. So he either seemed to finish third in a heat or come from the consi or sometimes rely on his fast time provisional to even make the race. Saturday it was just his night, the team got a couple of breaks when Bloomquist and Moyer failed to take their hot rods to post tech after the heat Saturday afternoon where both finished ahead of McCreadie in the heat but both DQ’d. This did not hurt the New Yorker, because now he moved up to second in the heat race finish and started near the front in Saturday’s preliminary. Tim finished second in the feature Saturday behind Ricky Thornton Jr., which resulted in a front row heat race starting position.

Tim by far was the class of the field Saturday night in the feature and at one time had a 5 second lead over the field. His car was flawless Saturday night and give him and his Longhorn Sweetner’s Plus all the credit in the World. I feel different, yes I was surprised he won given the year he has had, but one thing about Tim he is not a quitter and sometimes when things don’t look so good he seems to rise to the occasion. He was due to win a big race and he did, ever since the team made the switch to chevy’s this past summer things have gotten better. There still a handful of big races in 2019 including the Dirt Track World Championship which pays $100,000 to win this weekend and the World Finals in Charlotte the first weekend of November.

In other news last weekend Billy Moyer Jr. won the Deep Fried 75 at Duck River the event paid close to $15,000 to win. Chad Simpson won the MLRA title and the race at Lucas Oil Speedway.

In closing this weekend is the Dirt Track World Championship at Portsmouth Raceway in Ohio. The Carl Short promoted event will pay $100,000 to win and you can bet Brandon Sheppard will be the guy to beat this weekend. The Rocket cars are always good at Portsmouth so expect to see Sheppard, Richards, Pierce, Owens, Erb and Marlar up front. Brian Shirley will be making the trip as well from our area and is very good on the 3/8 mile high banks. Good luck Squirrel !!!

StlRacing.com Top 25 Super Dirt Late Model Rankings 10.17.2018
1 Scott Bloomquist
2 Brandon Sheppard
3 Jimmy Owens
4 Jonathan Davenport
5 Bobby Pierce
6 Dale McDowell
7 Earl Pearson Jr.
8 Mike Marlar
9 Chris Madden
10 Josh Richards
11 Tim McCreadie
12 Brian Shirley
13 Ricky Weiss
14 Tyler Erb
15 Shannon Babb
16 Brandon Overton
17 Don O’Neal
18 Devin Moran
19 Gregg Satterlee
20 Hudson O’Neal
21 Billy Moyer
22 Shane Clanton
23 Chase Junghans
24 Darrell Lanigan
25 Chris Simpson

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  1. Why in the Hell is Bloomquist on top. This ranking is a joke!!!