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Petty Shows Championship Form With Lebanon Midway USRA B Mod Win

Lebanon Midway Speedway Results-A big difference in track surface-Track crew said they think that see what caused it and will work to fix it for next week-we wet from Hammer down last week to very slick
U-Pull It Auto Parts USRA B Mods
1-Sam Petty
2-Mitchell Franklin
3-Kris Jackson
4-Tyler Knudtson
5-Dillion McCowan
6-Jamie Mauk
7-Dayton Pursley
8-Kelly Hicks
9-Jared Monger
10-Mike Foster
11-Brian Myers
12-Wesley Briggs
13-Tyler Brown
With a 2 row inversion, defending champion Petty takes the early command from the pole with Mitchell Franklin hot on his bumper with Knudtson and McCowan back and forth. Last weeks winner Kris Jackson is coming for the 11th spot and working traffic through the field. Petty taking advantage of a nice battle for 2nd between Franklin and Jackson to a 5 car advantage. On lap 7, Jackson into 2nd and the battle for 1st was on during the long run.Jackson pulled to within 1 car while the leader started working lapped traffic. On unlucky lap 13 of the 20 lapper, Jackson had a little trouble out of turn 2 with traffic and spun bunching the field back up and went to the rear.. Petty had Franklin staying close. With 3 to go, Brian Myers had issues bringing out the yellow. Petty got the hole shot to take the win as Franklin and Jackson followed.
Starnes Auto Body Street Stocks
1-Derek Brown
2-Joe Francis
3-Mark Davis
4-Steve Scott
5-William Garner
6-Zachory Bryson
7-James Keeran
8-Darrell Storment
9-Chris Bryson
DNS-Michael Maggard
Steve Scott jumps to the early command on lap 1 as Joe Francis is closing quickly as last weeks winner Derek Brown is smoothly working the field. Francis to the number 1 spot on lap 2 as Brown powers to the runner-up spot. A good battle between the duo while Mark Davis and Scott are running a great clean race for 3rd place. On lap 5, Brown takes the top spot and grabs his 2nd in a row.
1st State Community Bank Kidz Cruisers
1-Dalton Roberts
2-Anthony Kalmin
3-Jacob Lewis
4-Preston McDowell
From 1 type of surface to another in 1 week, the Kidz did a good job. Tonight 4th generation racer Dalton Roberts was out in front all 12 laps, but had to fend back early contender Anthony Kalmin all race long. Preston McDowell was running hard for 2nd until he spun on lap 8 and lost ground. It was entertaining again and never boring.
Mik-Kel Industries Midwest Modifieds
1-Colt Colt James Cheevers
2-Kyle Lafferty
3-Jamie Petty
4-Luke Gideon
5-Keith Cheever
6-Phillip Jackson
7-Cody Stillwell
8-John Dane
9-Jeff Street
10-Chris Woodruff
11-Steven Price
12-Zach Cheever
13-Austin Greer
14-Andrew Cheever
15-Trenton Wynn
Midwest had a rough night-last week caution free, different conditions this week. Trent Wynn grabs the quick number 1 spot with Kyle Lafferty showing another good showing as last weeks winner Colt James Cheevers is showing patience early from the 11th spot.Wynn was locked solid in front until something went wrong with the car on lap 4 ending his night. Lafferty then took over with the 45 special close behind and Zach Cheever having a great run. After a few cautions and a spirited battle Cheevers moves around the top of turn 4 to nip Lafferty for the number 1 spot. Had lots of movers and action.
Coldwell Banker Pure Stocks
1-Aaron Gustin
2-Sam McDaniel
3-Corey Henson
4-Justin Roberts
5-Mark Simon
6-Joshua Cowden
7-Les Hayes
8-Mason Rodden
9-Shannon Geller
10-Christopher Sawyer
11-Ed Henson
12-TJ Thomas Whited
13-Chris Kalman
14-Bodie Gamble
15-Derrick Bryson
16-Mitch Armstrong
17-Brandon Bryson
18-Derek Davis
19-Chase Roberts
DNS-Mike Piercy
Interesting 15, lots of action and a surprise ending and winner as Aaron Gustin back in the saddle played a patient game and found himself in the right place. Sawyer had the car to beat and in full control even with the field bunched-up a few times. Roberts and Simon were attched like a magnet all night and Bodie Gamble in the Traveling Wagon had a top 3 run go bad pulling to the infield on lap 12. Sawyer looped it in turn 2 on lap 13 placing Gustin in the leader role with McDaniel being patient after starting deep in the pack.Several good battles and movers from the back to the front.
Sing Rental Hornets
1-Jason Racinjason Walls
2-Jeff Helton
3-Shyanne Bauman
4-Josh Gerber
5-Dewey Resch
6-Randy Dye
7-Tyler Knudtson
8-Jonathan Finley
9-Kelly Escamilla
10-Dan Nelson
11-Sarah Cunningham
Green, White, Checkered again as Helton grabs the opening shot with Walls close behind. On lap 3, Walls to the front setting a quick pace as Helton stays close-Shyanne Bauman really quick tonight and a solid 3rd place run with lots and lots of swapping spots behind.
Round 3 Next Friday Night with Racing at 8PM

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