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Sprints – Midgets – Micros

Meet Chris Fetter

AGE: 51 HOMETOWN: Troy Mo PRIMARY TRACK: Tri City Speedway CHASSIS: LM Pierce: BWRC – Silver Crown: Beast ENGINE: Chevrolet CAR OWNER: Chris Fetter CREW: LM: Jim Mitchell, Ron Ormsby , Jerry Degrendle. Silver Crown: Jim Mitchell, Ron Ormsby, Jerry Degrendle, Sammy Fetter, Bob Shutt FAMILY: Shan Fetter, Wife, Sons Derek , Brandon and Chad. Daughters in law, Amber, Sarah ...

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Meet Scottie Gretzmacher

AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Farmington, MO DIVISION: 410 Winged Sprints PRIMARY TRACK: St Francois County Raceway CHASSIS: Maxim ENGINE: Gretzmacher Team Built 410 CAR OWNER: Eles Gretzmacher CREW: Eles Gretzmacher , Becky Gretzmacher, Shane Gillam FAMILY: Dad Eles Gretzmacher, Mom Becky Gretzmacher SPONSORS: WORK INFO: RACING HISTORY & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (Big wins, championships, years racing, different divisions you’ve raced, etc..) Started racing ...

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Meet Kurt Westerfield

Age: 34 Car owner: Larry Westerfield and Bill Hebenstreit Division: Micro Sprint Crew: Larry Westerfield, Keaton Westerfield Family: wife; Jennifer Westerfield Children; Madison Parr, Keaton Westerfield Sponsors: Weber Chevrolet – Granite City, Cody o Neil Fun Spot Skating Center State Construction Aggressive Graphics Cobraa powder coating Factory Kahne Indy Rutster Photography Guhl Motors BP Performance Ltd Productions Belleville auto body ...

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