3/28-31 or just 30th & 31st! $130,000 King of America Modified Nationals II in Humbldt, Kansas!

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    THIS WEEK!!!

    $300 entry fee IF you enter BEFORE the race by 3/27. 'Mulligans' are $100 more -- see entry form at www.USMTS.com for details. Guaranteed minimum $300 back if you race on Saturday. $15,000 to win, $1500 to start 30-car A-main! $500 to start D-main and $700 to start 28-car B-main. March 28th-31st. Rain dates April 11th-14th. Format is on KoAII entry form at www.USMTS.com. Tune-up races March 16th and 17th at Humboldt. $2000 to win each night!


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    Take advantage of entering early. Get the entry fee in by this weekend and get the $250 rate and your pick of nights. Race 2 or possibly 3 nights, stay all 4 nights if you like -- all the options have the same chance at the front row & the pole for $15,000 to win!
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    Here's a sampling of some of the racing at Humboldt in King of America I:
    The $250 pre-entry rate has been extended thru THIS MONDAY, March 5th. You can race for two days (your qualifying night & the finals on Saturday) for that fee. If you want a mulligan -- an extra qualifying night in case you don't like your results from your first try -- it'll cost you an extra $100 or $350 in all. Mulligans must be purchased when you enter. Everyone who enters this race and races on the final day is guaranteed $300 back and at least 96 teams will leave with $400 or more. I think they had 80 last year so...what are you waiting for??? Save that $150 off the at-the-gate fee while you can! Rain dates are April 11th-14th. That pretty much assures that THIS EVENT WILL HAPPEN so might as well take advantage of the pre-entry rate.

    You can enter by phone & credit card by calling 515-832-7944.

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    $250 early bird PRE-entry rate ends today! (Mon, March 5th) $350 with a mulligan. 96 teams leave with at least $400! 74 with $500. 46 with at least $700!!! Last chance to save $150 off the 'at-the-gate' fee!
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    I can't add! It's 114 teams that leave with at least $400. 78 go home with at least $500. Only 80 entered last October. Hard to beat that!
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    Starts THIS WEDNESDAY....OR THURSDAY....OR FRIDAY! Driver, YOU make that call. Chances are the same for the pole, front row, A-main, B-main and other Saturday starting spots no matter which night you choose!

    Did you see the videos from last weekend at Humboldt? What a racy place!!! Check 'em out: http://vimeo.com/38687175 and http://vimeo.com/38678404

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