4 cylinder chevy eco tech 2.2 ?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by mopar performace, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. mopar performace

    mopar performace MOPAR PERFORMACE

    A freind of mine has a pro 4 with a 2.2 chevy 4 cylinder ecotech motor in it. It will turn over put wont start if you push start it i will start and run but wont idol what could this problem be i checked the crank shaft sensor its new put a new coil pack on it any other suggestions that we could try.i cant figure this thing out any help i would apperciate it thanks

  2. carrikerR2835

    carrikerR2835 hornet racer

    i just had a simaler proublem with my 1.9 motor and i dropped the tank and all that and come to find out it was just a fuse that i checked with a tester three times but pulled it and it was broke in half but check that fuse then check ur computer and all wires conected to the fuel system
  3. carrikerR2835

    carrikerR2835 hornet racer

    oh and make sure u have plenty of gas in the tank my gage said half a tank and i only had a half a gallon so check that crap too i know it sounds stupid but we all can have brain farts lol

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