602 or 604.... Need advice.. New Racer

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ProCar, Mar 26, 2012.

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    I recently bought a complete roller 2007 Lazer late model.. I will be runnning the car as a crate late...
    I have a 602 currently from another form of racing but im hesitant on using it..
    I am wondering just how competitive it really will be...
    I will use msd and plan on buying a crate built carb...

    Will i be wasting my time with the 602 or should i just buy a 604??

    Any advice is appreciated

    Thank you
  2. ohsomthin

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    602 IS GREAT AT SHORT TRACKS BUT LIKE pir YOU NEED THE 604 TO STREATCH YOUR LEGS? if ya already got a 602 no harm in tryin it?
  3. kslle

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    we ran a 602 for 3 years over 80 nights original seals against limited late models, never won a feature but had them worried a couple times. keep her wound up get a good carb run vp race fuel for crates ..
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    If i were you id run the 602 and see what happens. 602 or a 604 are both really good motors in their own aspect. You may be surprised by how well you can run with a 602 with a good handling car. From what drivers have said running the crates is this.........you have to keep it wound up and on the bars constantly to make them go fast.

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