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    New to this scene and looking for a quick answer about something that is a little vague in the AARA rulebook for Belleville/Pevely. I know I can contact them, but I just wanted to throw it out to see if someone might be able to answer it faster. The rule in question is this one:

    "Any car or truck with a single or dual cam 4 cylinder engine may be run. It must be completely stock as manufactured, engine, drivetrain, suspension, and fuel system, except as noted below. No turbo's, No rear or mid engine vehicles."

    The car in question is a 1990 Ford Probe GT(2.2L Turbo). This same engine was also available in this year without the turbo. Does the rule say the car is ineligable, or that the turbo must be removed. In other words should it read "Any car with ... 4 cylinder engine may run, except those MFG'd with turbo's, rear, or mid engines."
    "Must be stock....except for turbo's, front, or mid enigne."

    Would removing the turbo make it legal? Or is it just ineligable because it was originally equipped on this particular unit?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    sorry if its a little too late but i had the same car, motor and everything, all we did was just remove the turbo
  3. 62x

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    No thats not what happened their you did not remove the turbo im the one you traded out of 2 gt cars and the car can race but you must remove the turbo. Tjhe best way is do like i did on both of those cars and change the motor with a probe gl or lx cause the compresion ratio is lower in a gt use the distibuter from the gt cause the wiring for the gt is different for it and the coil you will also have to use your flywheel and cluch.my number is -694-1212if you have any questions on the interchange of 1st gen probe or mazda Parts aalso i have a Truck load of Parts for that years of car cheap.alot of new and some used did i mention cheep cause im movin

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