Allgaier Receives Highest Air Force Recruiting Service Honor


Staff member
United States Air Force
Office of Public Affairs
Air Force Recruiting Service
Scott AFB, IL

SCOTT AFB, IL (July 28, 2005) - The United States Air Force announced that Justin Allgaier and Allgaier Motorsports, an Illinois-based racing team, are 2005 recipients of the highly-coveted American Spirit Award.

Past recipients of the award include first-ever recipient Bob Hope, the St. Louis Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and Gateway International Raceway.

“We felt that Justin and Allgaier Motorsports are stepping into very elite territory, and couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than to give them the award at Gateway, another past winner who’s been very good to the Air Force as well,” said Lt. Col. Ann Pinc, 345th Recruiting Squadron commander.

The American Spirit Award is Air Force Recruiting Service’s highest form of recognition, designed to recognize civilians or civilian organizations that have consistently displayed obvious and continual support and exhibition of patriotism and service to the country, said Lt. Col. Ann Pinc, 345th Recruiting Squadron commander.

The award is slated to be given to Justin and the AMS team Friday shortly before the start of the nationally-televised Shop-N-Save 150, one of the premier ARCA races held at Gateway International Raceway.

Allgaier Motorsports and the 345th Recruiting Squadron aligned in 2004 for a joint effort to increase awareness about careers and opportunities available in the Air Force.

“To say the relationship mushroomed is one of the understatements of the decade,” said Technical Sgt. Joel Langton, 345th RCS Public Affairs NCO. “Everyone in the Air Force who’s been around the AMS team for any time has a deeper appreciation for the team and what they represent.”

One of the biggest fans is Col. Mark Wasserman, 369th Recruiting Group commander, who will be presenting the award Friday. The 345th Recruiting Squadron, which covers six states, falls under the 369th Recruiting Group, which covers a region that goes from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border.

“Not only is Justin a great racer but his family represents the Air Force’s core values: Integrity First, Excellence in All We Do and Service Before Self. It seems almost funny to say that a non-Air Force member puts the Air Force before themselves but Justin, the Allgaiers and the entire AMS team have continually done that, helping us with so many recruiting efforts.”

“The entire AMS team, from Justin the driver, to the pit crew, to Michelle Petroff, the publicist continually serve us and boost our efforts,” said Wasserman. “One of the pit crew member’s daughter is now in the Air Force.”

According to Lt. Col. Pinc, when you add everything up, the reason behind the honor is very simple.

"We’re 'recognizing' Allgaier Motorsports is because we have built such a great relationship with them. We feel privileged to be involved and they have never hesitated to go above and beyond for us. There are a number of people protecting America today because of Justin's influence,” said Lt. Col. Pinc.

The Allgaiers feel honored to receive the coveted award.

“It has been a great honor for all of us at Allgaier Motorsports to work directly with the Air Force and everyone we’ve come in contact who wears blue as they protect America,” said Justin. “We are extremely proud to be associated with an organization such as the U.S. Air Force that places the utmost importance in honorable values such as integrity, service and excellence."

Allgaier Motorsports has helped coordinate special trackside events that allow recruiters to interact with spectators, fans and crews. Justin Allgaier's driving suit and the various race entries of Allgaier Motorsports are also emblazed with the U.S. Air Force logo. Additionally, Justin Allgaier has accompanied recruiters to several U.S. Air Force-backed events and special promotions for meet and greets and autograph signings.

“Justin has enabled the Air Force to truly make a difference in a number of people’s lives,” Col. Wasserman said.

To find out about some of the 150 jobs in over 40 specialties visit or call 1-800-423-USAF.

For more information about Air Force opportunities call 1-800-423-USAF or on the web at www.AIRFORCE.COM

For media interviews with Col. Wasserman, contact Technical Sgt. Joel Langton at 618-593-2285.

American Spirit Award Winners FY93 - Present

Date Recipient Nominating Recruiting Group

Oct 92 Laverne Feaster (4-H) 369
Nov 92 Bill Goodling (AVA) 360
Apr 93 Marshall High School (BPA) 369
May 93 Jody Blauch (DECA) 367
Jun 93 Hall Mem. School 367
Jun 93 VICA National Convention 367
Jun 93 Dr Carson 360
Jul 93 Ralph Emery 367
Sep 93 Marilyn Mozenter RS/RSOM
Oct 93 Dr Creighton Hale 360
Oct 93 Charles Evers 369
Nov 93 Dr Juliette Lester RS/RSOM
Nov 93 E. Neil Carey 372
Apr 94 Eriaski A. Akridge 367
Apr 94 Heartland Career Center 372
May 94 VICA National Convention 369
May 94 Covington High School 367
Sep 94 William Thomas 360
Sep 94 Frank Melton 369
Nov 94 Dr Pat Schwallie-Giddis 369
Feb 95 Mr William R. Neal 360
Mar 95 Jerry Reinsdorf 369
Aug 95 Detroit Lions 367
Mar 96 Bernard Black 369
May 96 Mayor Rudolph Giuliani SAF/PA
Aug 96 Paul Harvey RS/CR
Sep 96 Mark Collie 367
Jul 97 Texas Rangers 369
May 98 Ms Mary McCleary Posner 369
Jul 98 St Louis Cardinals 369
Nov 98 Ms. Barbara Haluszka 367
May 99 Paul Erdmann 372
Nov 99 George Ruiz 369
Oct 00 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 372
Apr 01 Green Bay Packers 369
Apr 02 World Snowmobile Assoc. 369
Oct 03 Gateway Int. Motorsports Corp 369
Apr 04 Dallas Cowboys Football Club 369
Sep 04 New Mexico Scorpions 372
Hockey Team
Feb 05 Allgaier Motorsports 369

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Orange Bowl Committee
Detroit Tigers
Independence Bowl Committee
Marge Schott
Dolly Parton
Pittsburgh Press
Statler Brothers
Denver Zephyrs Baseball Organization
Reba McEntire
Congressman Jack Kemp
Sen Margaret Chase Smith
Myrtle Beach SC Chamber of Commerce
Minnie Pearl
Barbara Mandrell
Lee Greenwood
Eddie Chiles, Owner, Texas Rangers (1984)
Adolph Coors Company
Chuck Knox, Coach, Seattle Seahawks
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Air Force Association, Alamo Chapter
Bill & Lib Langley
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Bob Hope (First American Spirit Award Recipient - 1980)