Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by tr14, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. tr14

    tr14 New Member

    Does anyone run one?
    What kind of mount for short water pump chevy?

  2. Racer14K

    Racer14K New Member

    I run one on a mod, I bought the low mount bracket from Jegs.
  3. 2gBro

    2gBro in the shadows

    Tory Ernst told me he used to run a stock alternator on his Sportsman, and it worked well but after awhile it burnt up the bearings from the high rpms.
  4. Racer14K

    Racer14K New Member

    I have ran mine since '94 with no problems, replaced the brushes once only because I had it apart cleaning it.
  5. little302

    little302 Nut behind the wheel

    Its not a bad idea at all. No charger to take to the track, good starts when you kill it on a spin. They do make underdrive pulleys for them. I have an aluminium one for standard v-belts for $15, if you decide you really need one.
  6. Racer123

    Racer123 New Member


    With todays Ignitions, you really need one. A MSD 6 or 7AL will pull some juice and they like 13-14.5 volts. We turn ours off during the race, On will idleing around and running the track in..I know we probably couldn't tell the difference, but in our heads,?? Like 302 said, It keeps the battery hot. I know alot of Drag guys that run them till they make a pass, then they turn them off. Good Luck!
  7. crash9

    crash9 Active Member


    I ran one in a street stock and it worked well. Speedway sells a cheap, one wire alt., and I think they've got a lightweight one now for a few more bucks. By the way, if you run a built up HEI system, they THRIVE on the extra juice that the alternator will give you. DO use the larger pulley! BigDaddyCrash9
  8. Dean

    Dean Racer

    Lefthander sells them, and the brackets for a short pump. Contact me or any lefthander dealer, to order one.
  9. little302

    little302 Nut behind the wheel

    I sold mine; anyone else needs on call Dean...

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