Auction Item #1: Chevy Vega Mini Stock

Discussion in 'Sponsorship Auction' started by Millsey, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    Item #1 will be a Chevy Vega mini stock car with roll cage, motor and transmission! Bidding will begin at only $300!!!

    This item was donated by Greg's Tire & Auto in Bonne Terre. You may see the car there.

    To bid: Please leave name contact number along with bid. $5 increments. Bidding will conclude at 11:59 p.m., Jan. 22nd.
  2. t.nie

    t.nie Patience Tester

    I'll open this one at $300.00. You know me and how to get ahold of me. Best of luck with the auction.

  3. Tony Littrell

    Tony Littrell 94T/94S/15A

    count me in!

    I'll bid $325.00
  4. Cowracer

    Cowracer Cogito Ergo Moo

    Cowracer in for 3 and a half.



  5. duckhunter330

    duckhunter330 Steve "Duck" LaGarce

    Steve "Duck" LaGarce 314-443-5806
    I am in:
  6. Basscat

    Basscat Member

    Hmmmmm its yellow. Lets go for 5 C Notes (Or $500) Same thing LOL
  7. RBIRacing

    RBIRacing Buff

    Good looking car, We'll go $525.00.
    Bob and Sean
    RBI Racing
  8. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

  9. smokingjoe

    smokingjoe Owner RAMS 65 & 652

  10. Millsey

    Millsey New Member

    Did this ever get paid for???

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