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Discussion in 'St. Francois County Raceway' started by justin, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. justin

    justin Member

    i am putting my b-mod up sor sale it is a racers edge chassis it is a leaf spring car has floater in it with 5.83 gear 355 small block two speed powerglide direct drive complete car ready to run it has hydraulic cam in it now i will throw in a solid cam and lifters for it to who ever buys it comes with a few extra tires and wheels tried racing it saturday night first time in a race car and i can not drive it because i have a bad back and it hurts to bad to drive it so if anyone is interested in it i am wanting 3500 for it buy it now race it this weekend any questions please call me 573-366-5756 need to get rid of it soon dont want to see it sit and go to waste

  2. justin

    justin Member

    ok going to have it at the track saturday going to put new cam and lifters in it maybe a different set of heads on if anyone is interested it is the 28D come look at it hear it run and check it over thanks in advance

  3. justin

    justin Member

    forget my last post wont be able to make it there wife works evening saturday and noone to watch the kids so maybe next week
  4. elayer09

    elayer09 Member

    you got any pics
  5. justin

    justin Member

    i could e-mail you some if that would be ok
  6. justin

    justin Member

    it will be at saint francois county sturday night it is the 28D if your there feel free to find me and we can discuss it my name is justin
  7. justin

    justin Member

    Car is no longer available it is gone thanks for the intrest

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