Bell hangs tough at La Salle; Australian racer competes

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    By: Betty Glynn

    La Salle, IL – Rich Bell is no stranger to the La Salle Speedway’s victory circle. In fact, he has become a regular visitor of the coveted zone in the UMP Late Model class. Saturday night the Sheffield racer made a valiant return after the race leader succumbed to a mishap with a lapped machine just over half way thru the race.

    Twenty Lates’s made a lap around the track full throttle with Bret Sievert scoring the fastest time of 13.105. Lil’ John Provenzano was second quick. The ten fastest racers filled the first heat contest with Lil’ John coming out on top. He led all ten laps as Bell finished second in front of Sievert, and Mike Provenzano.

    Mike Glynn went from third to first to claim the second heat race. Gary Hunt took second in front of Jon Small and Eric Rebholz.

    Lil’ John and Bell were front row partners over Sievert and Mike Provenzano as Scott Schmitt and Keith Piano took the third row. Lil’ John dashed quick to the lead as Bell gave chase with Sievert close behind. During the third lap out, Piano was on the move when something appeared to break forcing his ride nose first hard into the pit exit turn. Luckily he was able to exit the car unscathed.

    On the seventh circuit, Bell was moving to the inside of Lil’ John and seemed to have the momentum he needed to challenge him for the point when a caution was thrown for Lake Knutti. After the restart, Bell stayed right on his tail. A good battle up front for fifth was well underway between Schmitt and tenth place starter Ryan Dauber. Contact between the pair didn’t hold them back. At the beginnning of Lap 13, Lil’ John found himself in trouble with the lapped ride of Bill Dauber. Bill’s night ended in the infield but Lil’ John made a visit showing his frustration by powering into the stopped ride.

    With Lil’ John out of the race, Bell took the helm for the restart as Sievert, Mike Provenzano, Ryan Dauber, Schmitt, Glynn, and Weistart filed in behind him. A good race was going for the top seven running positions with most of the machines running the high line.

    At the finish, it was Bell staking claim uncontested ahead of Sievert, Ryan Dauber and Mike Provenzano. Mike’s finish may have enabled him to take back the points lead from his father Lil’ John by two points. Schmitt held on for fifth in front of Glynn, Weistart, Travis Mahoney, Aaron Schmidt, Knutti, and Jeff Small.

    Australian champion Jamie McHugh is touring the United States racing at various speedways along his journey. He made La Salle one of his stops unfortunately for the Aussie he didn’t have a stellar racing night to add to his resume. He did not finish the event placing him seventeenth overall in the feature.

    Steven Brooks topped the twenty six UMP Modified qualifiers. Phil Line took the first heat victory in front of Nathan Balensiefen, Derrick Doerr, and Charlie Harmon. Tim Sorn won the second heat ahead of Kevin Thompson, Jeramie Johnson and David Wagner. The current points leader, Vince Cooper, captured the checkers of the final heat with Michael Mennel, Chad Gray and Scott Hauge behind him. Billy Tuckwell won the semi feature over Bobb Silaggi, Don Cole and Kyle Neels.

    Tight racing could be found throughout the twenty car field during the twenty lap feature event. Balensiefen wasted little time from his front row outside start to grab the lead over Line. Several cautions plagued the event but when the green was on, the field was fast and furious with great racing from the front to the tail.

    Doerr was running third when eleventh place starter Vince Cooper was making a move for his spot. Contact was made sending Doerr into a spin. The unhappy driver showed his lack of appreciation as he chased down Cooper under yellow. With Doerr out of competition Cooper was now on the back bumper of Balensiefen to give him a run for his money.

    Up until the final lap, he did just that challenging the leader in the turns. Balensiefen’s power plant never let up until the checkers. Cooper scored second over Line, Brooks, Sorn, Brad Stewart, Silaggi, Tom Knippenberg, David Wagner and Mennel as the only finishers.

    Nineteen UMP Street Stocks made the call for action with Mike McKinney and Kevin Snowberger at the top of the feature grid. Once green, Snowberger jumped to an early lead while a three wide battle was underway for second. McKinney, Maciejewski and Mike Hughes were running three wide until lapped traffic was in the picture.

    During Lap 8, Maciejewski and the leader were side by side when the duo came up on another lapped machine. Maciejewski has become pretty good at maneuvering his way thru the slower rides and took the point away for the first and final time.

    Maciejewski pulled away from the competition ending the caution free event with the trophy. Snowberger took second in front of McKinney, Roger Rickels, Hughes, Jamie Balensiefen, Tim Provenzano, Aaron Near, Randy Lucas, Keith Lucas, Steve Schwemlein, Justin Hamm, John Hogue, Wayne Huffman, Nick Sell, Ande Bivens, Don Koltveit, Mike McQuilken and Matt Dean.

    Third place starter Andrew Schwarko gave it all he had during the UMP Hornet division’s main event. His efforts paid off after taking the lead away from Phil Burdette on the fifth circuit. An elated Schwarko ended as the victor while Rick Zifko held back JR Brown for second in front of Erik Grosch, Loren Westerhold, Camron Poci, Mike Gossett, Greg Joewest, Mark Sutton, Marquis Hoover, Freddy Thatcher and Paul Smith.

    Burdette won the first heat over Schwarko, Brown, and Poci. Zifko took the second heat ahead of DJ Kilanowski, Dennis Polak, and Grosch.

    La Salle Speedway Scoreboard Results 7/31/10

    UMP Late Models 20 Cars
    Qualifying: Bret Sievert 13.105
    Heat 1: John Provenzano, Rich Bell, Bret Sievert, Mike Provenzano
    Heat 2: Mike Glynn, Gary Hunt, Jon Small, Eric Rebholz
    Feature: Rich Bell, Bret Sievert, Ryan Dauber, Mike Provenzano, Scott Schmitt, Mike Glynn, Billy Weistart Jr., Travis Mahoney, Aaron Schmidt, Brian Locke, Jeff Small, Lake Knutti, Jon Small, Eric Rebholz, John Provenzano, Bill Dauber, Jamie McHugh, Gary Hunt, Keith Piano, Ed Williams Sr.

    UMP Moldifieds 26 Cars
    Qualifying: Steven Brooks 14.508
    Heat 1: Phil Line, Nathan Balensiefen, Derrick Doerr, Charlie Harmon
    Heat 2: Tim Sorn, Kevin Thompson, Jeramie Johnson, David Wagner
    Heat 3: Vince Cooper, Michael Mennel, Chad Gray, Scott Hauge
    Semi Feature: Billy Tuckwell, Bob Silaggi, Don Cole, Kyle Neels, Ken Fischer, Mike Marden, Allen Line
    Feature: Nathan Balensiefen, Vince Cooper, Phil Line, Steven Brooks, Tim Sorn, Brad Stewart, Bob Silaggi, Tom Knippenberg, David Wagner, Michael Mennel, Charlie Harmon, Matt Gremminger, Jeramie Johnson, Don Cole, Kevin Thompson, Billy Tuckwell, Derrick Doerr, Dale Lueth, Scott Hauge, Chad Gray

    UMP Street Stock Special 19 Cars
    Heat 1: Mike McKinney, Mike Hughes, Roger Rickels, Jamie Balensiefen
    Heat 2: Kevin Snowberger, Brandon Maciejewski, Tim Provenzano, Keith Lucas
    Feature: Brandon Maciejewski, Kevin Snowberger, Mike McKinney, Roger Rickels, Mike Hughes, Jamie Balensiefen, Tim Provenzano, Aaron Near, Randy Lucas, Keith Lucas, Steve Schwemlein, Justin Hamm, John Hogue, Wayne Huffman, Nick Sell, Ande Bivens, Don Koltveit, Mike McQuilkien, Matt Dean

    UMP 4 Cylinder Hornets 21 Cars
    Heat 1: Phil Burdette, Andrew Schwarko, JR Brown, Camron Poci
    Heat 2: Rick Zifko, DJ Kilanowski, Dennis Polak, Erik Grosch
    Feature: Andrew Schwarko, Rick Zifko, JR Brown, Eric Grosch, Loren Westerhold, Camron Poci, Mike Gossett, Greg Joewest, Mark Sutton, Marquis Hoover, Freddy Thatcher, Paul Smith, Josh Trahon, Dustin Forbes, Phil Burdette, Jerry Legner, DJ Kilanowski, Dennis Polak, Charles Greensly

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