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Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by railrocket007, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. railrocket007

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    Why do they put the guy to the back if he gets run into and spun out.Thats the dunbest thing i have ever seen.If someone spins on the track, and you stop before hitting them, you go to the back?.I guess if someone spins, you just matt the gass and run through them and whatever ya do dont stop, or you will go to the back.I saw this last year with casey shaffer and the 16 bomber.She spun out, and he had plenty of time to slow, but he just kept the gas down and drove through her, really tearing up her car.and shaking her up.I guess i cant blame the guy though...Atleast he didnt go to the back for stopping.I dont understand why they put an innocent guy to the back.You cant help it if someone spins you out.You could spin out the best drivers.If you get hit, you should get your spot back like highland does, not both put to the back.It wasnt your fault for spinning.



    This is Allied's keeps the officials from making a judgement call on intent. Alot of tracks across the country comply with the same type of Eldora.
  3. railrocket007

    railrocket007 New Member

    I just cant see how a guy in front that is totally innocent gets sent to the back when he did absolutely nothing wrong.It doenst seem like it takes much judgement to put the offender to the back.
  4. Racerrod

    Racerrod racerrod

    Pretty common rule accross the dirt tracks of the world. If you don't avoid the wreck, you are considered in the wreck.

    Mark Martin, Ken Schrader, Matt Kenseth, Bobby Labonte, Ricky Rudd, and many more were all innocent on Sunday too. I think all tracks should use this rule, especially HIGHLAND who has officials who try to think too much and find who is to blame. It's been a pretty widely used rule in the 30 years I've been watching dirt track racing. If you stop on the track, you are considered in the incident. What tracks did you grow up watching??

  5. railrocket007

    railrocket007 New Member

    So your saying that if im leading a race, and a guy barrels into the turn and takes me out, that we shouuld both go to the back? Thats screwed up, and definantly isnt right.How can you say that is right to put the guy that got taken out to the back when he did nothing wrong.If thats the case, then if a lapper spins out the leader, the leader goes to the back?.Thats bull .I guess thats why you see so many torn up cars at bellevile like friday nite.The guys dont wanna stioop , because they know they are gonna go to the back.Pretty sad...Do you think this rule is fair Rod?
  6. racin90

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    railrocket..thats true..its a iffy rule..but..thats what most racerrod said..avoid the keep your spot. In my causes wrecks too..guys try like heck to not slow down if something chewin said...keeps the officials from making calls when things happen like that. loose. Part of the game.
  7. RACE39

    RACE39 New Member

    A lot of track used to do the judgement call thing when deciding who caused the caution and who was just caught up in it after the fact. Seems most tracks are going to the if you stop you go to the rear rule now. Does away with the judgement calls that always seem to make someone unhappy.
  8. WANG

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    You cant make everyone happy. Personally I don't know what to do. I do not like the rule when it comes to places like KLMS alot of the drivers down there just take you out instead of passing, but at the same time it is a simple rule that everyone understands and there are no judgement calls.

    So what do you do? I think they could use the black flag a little more and keep the deliberate hitting out. I also don't like how alot of drivers try really hard to keep from stopping and loosing a spot after getting spun out. They just whip it around in the middle of the track when the rest of the pack is comming. He should just stop and let the pack go by. Safety issue!!!

    All in all you can't make everyone happy so I would say for now atleast take away the judgement call. If you stop on the track you go to the back

    go EARL!!!

  9. Racerrod

    Racerrod racerrod

    Railrocket: No way is going to be fair for everyone. But I do think the old fashioned way is the fairest and eliminates judgement calls by officials that tend to favor some. But in an example you mentioned where there is a wreck by a car or two and they are both stopped on the track. If the caution waves and then someone else stops to avoid hitting the wrecks cars, they should not be penalized. But if you are part of the caution, you go to the rear. That is the way it's always been. Right or wrong, it's the fairest way to eliminate judgement calls. As most race fans who observe know, the officials can't watch every car at all times. But if there are 2, 3, or 4 cars stopped on the track when an official turns around and sees it, they all go to the back, regardless of whose fault it was. Just my opinion.


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