best place to get lumber?

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by jackson racing, May 6, 2012.

  1. jackson racing

    jackson racing andyvan

    looking for wood for my trailer whats the best place to get it at?

  2. Jimmy Cummins

    Jimmy Cummins CEO, Cummins Lumber Co.

    what do you need? plywood or 2 by 4's? if i need a lot i get it at lowe's, but if you only save 5 or 10 bucks on your whole order, but spend 15 dollars more on gas to get there, it wasnt a good deal. 7/16 plywood is a little cheaper than 1/2 and not much difference.
  3. smaldirt28

    smaldirt28 Active Member

    depends on how good of quality ur looking for. your lumber places like Leise Lumber ( sp*? ) in belleville has very good straight lumber but you will pay alittle more. If your just looking to get the job done at the cheapest price then a lowes or home depot would be ur best bet. But you also have RP Lumber in troy and fisher lumber in belleville on 15 right past eckerts heading towards freeburg.
  4. Randy

    Randy Randy

    If your looking for treated lumber for a trailer, Fehlig Bros. Lumber has great quality, 2x4's to 2x12's to at least 18' long. Reasonably priced. 1909 Cole Street. St. Louis MO. 314 241 6900. Google it for more info.
  5. 91tracin

    91tracin 91tracin

    go directly to a sawmill you will get an oak floor cut to the thickness and width you need and a better price LEWIS AND CLARK SAWMILL OVER ON 367 IS VERY REASONABLE
  6. Groves82

    Groves82 Member

    Fisher Lumber is OUT OF BUSINESS.
  7. smaldirt28

    smaldirt28 Active Member

    Oh wow didnt know that. Ok scratch that place
  8. dirtboy

    dirtboy Well-Known Member

    Rp lumber is just as cheap as home depot and lowes... They will even deliver for free if you have one by you.
  9. Groves82

    Groves82 Member

    Lol its all good Tommy I drive by there around 3 or 4 times a week and the place is empty and for sale. Its actually sad as they spent all that money to open that big new place and I guess the economy hurt them to bad.

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