Bootheel 200 at Malden still 100% ON GO Friday 3/23 & Saturday 3/24

Discussion in 'RAMS' started by pwaltonuscs, Mar 22, 2012.

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    AS OF 5pm THURSDAY 3/22

    The Bootheel 200 featuring the USCS Outlaw Sprints, USCS MODS, USCS 600 Sprints, Crate, Hobby, E MOD, Street and Mini Stock races...ARE STILL 100% on GO for Friday @7:30 pm race time gates open at 4pm
    and Saturday pits open 3pm RACING @6PM!

    Not much rain last night here in Malden last night...Cleared off today and is beautiful at 5pm on Thursday.

    40-50% Chance on Friday in the AM...then 20%-30% Friday night.. Saturday much better..

    Just waiting the deal out until Friday morning to see.. They were way wrong so far.

    IF it were to rain-out on Friday..It will be a one day show on Saturday at 6pm..pits open at 3pm.

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