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bowtie heads and 3 intakes

Discussion in 'Engines & Engine Parts' started by stpower, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. stpower

    stpower Member

    ---I have a set of "034" Bowtie Heads for sale. they have 2.02/1.60" valves, springs are set up for max .600" lift solid cam. 7/16" screw in studs. Heads have 2 nights since freshened.--$475
    ---Bowtie cast iron intake, high rise 4 bbl. This is the correct intake for the bowtie heads, and would make an excellent combo for street stock.--$100
    ---Victor Jr. copy intake, air gap, single plane 4 bbl.--$85
    ---Aluminum Torklink intake, 4 bbl. perfect condition, only has 2 races since new. These are upwards of $250 new--$150
    I am willing to deal on any of this stuff, possible trades for vortec heads, edelbrock 2925 Super Victor intake, spring type double action pullbar, 9" gears, chunks, or spools. Also for emod "A" tires.
    thanks, Derek
    I will ship parts if needed.

  2. jrjunkman

    jrjunkman Member

    I have some vortec heads and some 9'' chunks willing to do some trading-also have a brand new set of patriot vortec 202/1.6-600 lift springs--race ready-----lets talk----jim
  3. stpower

    stpower Member

    Torklink SOLD
    The Bowtie heads are angle-plug and have had some port work done. These are perfect for a 350-383 c.i. engine. Will make someone a really good deal on the heads and cast iron Bowtie intake.
  4. stpower

    stpower Member

    torklink sold
    bowtie intake---SOLD
    Bowtie Heads still for sale. Good heads, bolt on and go.
  5. hfy20

    hfy20 New Member

    Offer for your heads


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