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    BGERSTNER Member

    We would like to thank you and your dad for jumping are crew guy after the feature tonight!!!!

    you should of taken time to find the right guy...

    instead of the guy with nothing to do with your issue what ever that maybe

    it will be fun to see what sam does with this

  2. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    Brian Shirley and Shannon Babb's crew got into it while the feature was going on as well.. Bob Pierce helped break up that scuffle..
  3. biker6403

    biker6403 dirt tracks 4 ever

    Probably nothing,Shirley and Feger are cash cows for UMP...:):):)
  4. steve66

    steve66 steve66

    ump will not do anything since its babb and shirley

  5. big swigg

    big swigg Active Member

    Screw Brian Shirley. I'm totally sick of his whinning constantly.
  6. JoshtheJet90

    JoshtheJet90 Member

    Whining or winning? He's in the top 5 everywhere he goes so I'd be sick of it too, guys a shoe and on his game more than ever right now, go Squirrel!!
  7. amsoil1

    amsoil1 Member

    BGERSTNER,, what did you think of Shirley in the heat race?? Looks like he wanted the top side pretty badly, even at the starts to get the green flag going into turn 3,, wow...
  8. RACN911

    RACN911 Active Member

    And Bleedblue also!!

    ALCOHOL #1 Rule Bender

    At least squirrel didn't win,,,,drove like an idiot last night
  10. 4-bar

    4-bar Member

    Doesn't he always drive like an idiot.
  11. RACN911

    RACN911 Active Member

    Hopefully Dirt on dirt reports on this incident.
  12. jpugh

    jpugh Well-Known Member

    So what happened so the rest of us know more of the details?
  13. gpc racer

    gpc racer Member

    During the race shirly and babbs crew chief got into a fight after the races were over shirly and his dad thought it was one of there crew member instead of babbs and bum rushed him throwing him against the trailer with his head and throw punches and elbows while choking him until bob pierce informed himHe had the wrong guy. The went running towards babb. REAL CLASS ACT
  14. moyer fan 21

    moyer fan 21 Member

    I have seen nothing about it on DoD...
  15. moyer fan 21

    moyer fan 21 Member

    I thought they were Buddies ? Heck they been racing together for 10 years.
  16. dirtracer36

    dirtracer36 Member

    i bet he does absolutely nothing. your forgeting if your name isnt feger, shirley or babb your nothing to ump
  17. jmcgrew47

    jmcgrew47 Active Member

    Sounds like mob action to me.
  18. racin90

    racin90 Well-Known Member

    I agree!! And if it was mob action.........needs dealt with harshly. I remember someone from Godfrey one night got charged with that......and got arrested!
  19. 95fan

    95fan Member

    Dirt on Dirt has a note out today saying that a witness saw Shirley and his dad "beat the living hell" out of the Kloos crew member. The little respect I had for Brian is now gone. Go Babb!!!!
  20. kingeddy

    kingeddy Mean Old Ignorant Bastard

    Didn't Shirley and his dad have "issues" with a UMP Official down in Florida this winter as well?

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