Coliseum Indoor Kart Series Adds New Division This Saturday; Rookie Junior 1!

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    <b>Increases Competing Classes to 14!</b>

    by Tom Wilson-pma
    Sedalia, Missouri
    Saturday, 1/24/03

    Years ago when a division was first started titled as Junior 1, for 9 thru 11 year old racers, many thought it was too young. Six years ago they started the Rookie Beginner and Advanced classes for 5 though 11 year olds. Some again said, ’too young!’.

    Both of the younger divisions proved to be the right step. But it also has left ’pure rookies’ that are over 8 years old finding they have to start from scratch against Junior 1 aged pilots, that at this point were now ‘seasoned’.

    For that reason, the ‘first time ever’ but older rookie will now be able to compete against others to ‘learn the ropes’ of racing.

    “You have to admit, 9 or 10 years old is still young,” advises promoter Wayne Campbell. “They’re still really quite young, but they have to be thrown in with Junior 1’s that right now are the biggest and one of the fastest karter groups going these days. And you can see a big difference in experienced versus inexperienced and sometimes it causes problems; for both that new driver and the fast-runners”.

    Starting this Saturday night (January 25th), the new class will compete labeled as “Rookie Junior 1”. The class will require a restrictor for the learners, and will be available for application at the track.

    For more, pertinent information concerning this new class, call Wayne Campbell at Campbell Promotions offices at (660) 827-1043 or Jim Smith at (660) 826-2719.

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