Collins, Hoffman, Herzog & Mother Nature take victories at Belle-Clair Speedway!

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    Bryan Collins - photobilly photo

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    T’was two nights before Easter and hundreds of kids made their way to the track to harvest the eggs! Each one was treated to their own special egg! The Grandstands were Rockin as the fans packed the house to see an awesome Easter show Highlighted by a 30 lap Super Late Model Feature.

    The night started with the UMP Sportsman hitting the dirt first! Brett Korves, Jeff Herzog & Stu Springer scored heat race wins. In the Feature Herzog paced the field to the green flag, taking the early lead he drove a flawless race. He was pressured by Mike “Wahoo” Jones who tried to sneak around him, swapping a little bumper paint but Jones would have to settle for a 2nd place finish! Joe “Dog” Volluz was third, Jimmy Cummins 4th and Gary Haynes rolled from a10th place starting position to finish fifth!

    Next up, the UMP Super Late Models. The action was fast & furious with Dave Thornton, Aaron Kleine, & Donnie Klein claimed the heat race wins. Klein his first win of the season while racing in his seventh decade. The semi event was won by Paul Bailey. The nights main Event the 30 lap Super Late Model Feature saw Bryan Collins use the high side and some of the outer fence to power to the lead and bring home his 1st feature win of the year at Belle-Vegas! Aaron Keine would run a strong 2nd followed by Mike Schulte 3rd. Michael Kloos came from deep in the field to finish 4th, Jimmy Gibson held on for 5th & the Hammer Man Mike Hammerle sixth.

    A nice field of UMP Modifieds showed up to pound the high banks. Brett Korves & Aaron Kleine each scored their second heat race wins of the night doing double duty! The third was won by Rookie of the year candidate Stephen Fohne. Winning his first ever race over another rookie Zeb Moake! The 20 lap feature event was an edge of your seat affair with three wide racing for the lead and wheel to wheel action! Rookie Stephen Fohne lead the field to the starting line. As light rain started to fall Aaron Kleine stormed to the front wheeling the low side while Dean Hoffman used the high side and a lot of the wood fence to make his move to the front, Bobby Bittle rolled through the center making his bid, three wide for the lead saw Hoffman take the point Bittle second and Kleine fading to third. The next few laps saw Hoffman & Bittle battle it out side by side with Hoffman coming out on top! Kleine held on for third over Rusty Griffaw who pedaled his way from his 17th starting spot. Paul Reinneck took 5th and rookie Timmy Fohne sixth!

    Pro 4 Stocks saw Ryan Emig & Austin Isaak take heats race wins. Pure Stocks saw Randy Dietzel,Troy Bunfill & Andy Marlow take heat race honors! Mother Nature took over from there washing out the Pro 4 & Pure Stock Feature events.

    Next week! More Awesome Racing! Qoute: This place is Buzzing with Excitement! Said Mike Mineman a long time Belle-Clair Fan!

    UMP Late Models - 23 cars

    Heat 1 - Aaron Kleine (9), Brian Collins (11z), Louie Baker (71), Vince Grondzki (32), Frankie Martin (25), Rick Standridge (12), Mike Harris (43), Rodney Standerfer (28)(DNF)

    Heat 2 - Dave Thornton (12t), Jim Gibson (66), Mike Hammerle (16), Brent Kreke (13), Michael Kloos (6k), Paul Bailey (81), Jim Burwell (44), Jason Crump (86)(DNF)

    Heat 3 - Don Klein (28), Mike Schulte (27), John Beck (28b), Justin Ketrow (85), Bob Geaschel (8), Andrew Johns (63), Bob Brown (b1), Steve Leach (49)

    Semi - Bailey, Johns, Standridge, Burwell, Harris, Brown, Leach

    Feature - Collins, Kleine, Schulte, Kloos, Gibson, Hammerle, Klein, Thornton, Beck, Martin, Standridge, Grondzki, Geaschel, Burwell, Brown, Johns, Harris, Bailey, Baker (DNF), Ketrow (DNF)

    UMP Modifieds - 20 cars

    Heat 1 - Brett Korves (25), Lenny Bryant (78), Bobby Bittle (89), Tyler Diebert (84), Rick Standridge (0), Ron Jarrell(1a), Jesse Wisely (17)

    Heat 2 - Tim Fohne (T), Zeb Moake (87), Paul Reinneck (51), Wilcox (88), Chuck Milam (22), Rusty Griffaw (16)(DNF)

    Heat 3 - Aaron Kleine (13), Dean Hoffman (24), Dustin Vanderiet (5), Bill Nickelson (21), Doug Wood (9w), Brad McKinnon (2)

    Feature - Hoffman, Bittle, Kleine, Griffaw, Reinneck, Fohne, Moake, Wood, Bryant, Korves, McKinnon, Jarrell, Nickelson, Wilcox, Milam, Wisely, Diebert, Vanderiet(DNF), Standridge (DNF)

    UMP Sportsman - 20 cars

    Heat 1 - Brett Korves (25), Corey Ford (84), Brian Sinn (9), Gary Haynes (87), Dan Frederich (94), John Schrand (88), Lenny Garson (1)

    Heat 2 - Jeff Herzog (11), Mike Jones (17), Joe Volluz (55), C.J. Simpson (45), Jason Keller (55k), Brian Shubirg (31)

    Heat 3 - Stu Springer (14), Jimmy Cummins (19), Ryan Gegg (59), Mark Schaefer (12), Armstrong (68), Lawrence Schaefer (53)

    Feature - Herzog, Jones, Volluz, Cummins, Haynes, Springer, Ford, Gegg, Sinn, Schrand, Schaefer, Shubirg, Keller, Frederich, Simpson, Armstrong (DNF), L. Schaefer (DNF), Garson (DNF)

    Pure Stocks -
    Heat 1--(95) Randy Dietzel (7d) Dawn Rheinecker (55v) Brad Venhaus (262) Nick Collette (81) Ron Weidler.

    Heat 2--(33) Troy Bunfill (48) Tyler Dockins (29) Stephen Fohne (15 ) Tim Ripperda (8T) Eilers?

    Heat 3--(3z) Andy Marlow (7) Dennis Ponder (9) Jordan Bauer (28) Tom Smallwood (64) Brian Crawford

    Semi--(6a ) Amber Casey (37) Dave Monterusso (112) Bryan Baker (12R) Tyler Ratajczyk (14) Tom Isler (16e) ? (50) Travis Renner

    12 lap feature--RAINED OUT?

    Pro 4s
    Heat 1--(00) Ryan Emig (7b) Bohnenstiehl ? (48) Craig Funk (1) Brent Trame (69) Derrick Lisac

    Heat 2--(6) Trevor Isaak (2) Aaron Wood (9) Brad Almond (11k ) Joe Swip (21c) ?

    Feature event RAINED OUT!

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