Complete B-Mod Sellout /w GM 602 Crate Motor

Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by Lockon, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Selling out to pursue other interests

    Complete B-mod to include trailer.

    B-mod complete leaf spring car (unsure of mfg) this is a good easy to drive car, lighten 3-speed tranny, hyd throw out bearing, p/s, new drive shaft, spare control arms, and any spare parts I can dig up. Motor is a GM 602 crate motor (complete with all accessories ready to drop in) with aluminum water pump, aluminum pulley's, Holly 4150 HP carb worked by Kinetic Performance. This motor is just like it came out of the crate with the exception of a MDS HEI module / w rev limiter and MSD HEI coil. The motor and tranny only has about 6-7 nights on it and the motor was never turned over 5800 RPM or ran hot.

    I also have extra wheels, tires, headers, etc to go with. Body on the car is in fair shape, could be races as is, or you could put a new one on.

    Trailer is nothing stellar, but it is a good trailer on mobile home axles with a tire rack and elec wench with a long remote cable.

    I would rather sell as a complete package but might consider splitting roller / motor / trailer .

    Can been seen here

    Complete sell out for $5000.

    Would consider trade for a bass boat

    Cell Phone 573-337-9261
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    bump ttt............

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