Danaca Patrick,her sister n mom n dad on my kitichen floor

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    OK,,so it ain't Danaca Patrick ,the racer,it's Danaca Patrick the pup (black one in the center of shot)but ya still had to look,,these are from my new years day litter,,why ,you ask,did i name one of them Danaca??well she is cute but also she is black n brown ,and Danaca is kind of like the dark horse where ever she races,,like the prelude to the dream...her sister is the white one with spots ,her name is spot..her mom is the light dog n pop is the fuzzy guy to her left...when they all get going it's like a 3 ring circus arround here....

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  2. dirt hound

    dirt hound Well-Known Member

    yeah she's cuter
  3. dirt hound

    dirt hound Well-Known Member

    and I betcha Danica the racer her bite is worse lol

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    watch it hound,,she will wop your but

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