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    Hello everyone!

    I would like to introduce myself to anyone who might not know who I am in the derby world and show what we are about. I am the owner of Youtubes Largest Demo Derby Channel. Demolition Missions. We specialize in filming the aspect of the entire derby life. From searching for new cars, stripping them out, building them for derbies, wrecking it and repairing them to do it all over again.

    I film in-depth build videos and weekly progress updates on any cars we are currently working on. Once the car is ready to run, we mount in-car cameras inside for each derby so the viewers can see what we see. Our videos are 100% interactive and people can suggest ideas to try or things to change on any cars. We are all about keeping the derby world alive and helping new drivers get involved. I am proud to say last year we successfully helped a promoter host the first ever Demolition Derby in the Czech Republic.

    With a new age of derby drivers and building coming into the spotlight. Technology has played a big part in the changing of the derby world. Don't let that be a set back though, and use it to your advantage. I am not saying that we know everything, or we ever will. But what we are doing is taking the time that many people wish they had and we are helping share the knowledge others have passed on for generations.

    Not only do I have videos featured on Youtube, but I am proud to announce our Official Website is now online.
    We do NOT charge any type of fees and never will. User registration is not even needed to view our site. Facebook is linked for ease of use on commenting on all pictures and getting involved on the site.

    This is just the beginning and I have many more things planned for the upcoming future!

    We also have a facebook page for those that are interested:!/pages/Demolition-Missions/171100552936878

    Mitchell Giere
    Demolition Missions

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    Here is a simple navigation list to get you started. Be sure to check out our website for much more info as this is only a small collection of things.

    2008 Derby Season Series (Please keep in mind this was before things became professional)

    2009 Derby Season Series

    2010 Derby Season Series

    2011 Derby Season Series

    How-To Videos

    Derby Topics

    Full Length Derby Events Filmed

    Pictures Section
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    Space saved for future use
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    Our Official 2012 Derby Season will begin airing in the next 7-10 days. From that point on, expect a new video every week or sooner.

    During this week I will be finishing up the short winter mini-series of helpful build tips and ideas to try in your own shop.
    To see that playlist click here:

    Thanks to everyone who has been following us so far, and WELCOME to anyone that is new. Like always we have new ideas and big things planned for this season.
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    Started off our 2012 Season of videos today with an intro video talking about whats currently going on and a couple of the upcoming plans. More things to be revealed as the summer goes on.

    First video of the 2012 season:
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    I was finally able to upload another video for the new season. Youtube had a problem for awhile removing sound from new video uploads.

    Here is an update on the 1990 Ford Taurus Full Weld Compact Car.
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    I am currently in the process of uploading the entire Bash 4 Cash, 2 day derby event. This was a great event to watch, with compacts, youth compacts, trucks, mini trucks, 80s and newer and an old iron class.
    Check out the video playlist here:
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    Filmed another derby, the whole event is now online. Featuring figure 8 racing both compacts and fullsize, a bone stock class, compact class, and modified class. Overall it was a good derby, with not too much bagging.
    Check out the playlist to this derby here:

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