Drake Back In The Winners Circle At SpringfieldRaceway In A-Mods

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    Springfield,Mo.-Veteran modified driver Scotty Drake made his second apperance of the season to the Quick-Quarter of the SpringfieldRaceway Sat night and served notice to the A-Mods that he is ready to make a run at some of the Fall Money shows throughout the area as he took control of the Modified feature early and withstood several late race challanges in the Kids back to school special.

    The high-power of the Budweiser Modifieds took to the track with John Yeoman and Jerry Lankton bringing the field to the green flag.Yeoman and current point leader Mitch Keeter went wheel to wheel as Drake patiently waited.With side by side action throughout the field,Drake made a pass to take over the lead on lap 6 as Keeter followed closely.Back in the field 4 time champion Jackie Dalton was slowly moving from his 11th starting spot while Brian Green who had issues in the heat race was charging fast.Up front Drake moved to the top groove of the racetrack on the edge as Keeter stayed in the middle to lower grooves.Jody Tillman had quietly moved into third place and began a move on the lead duo.A couple of cautions had flown for single car spins and on the double-file restarts,Keeter would choose the bottom groove eveytime.Another driver on the move was Bobby Pearish after starting 10th in the field he had quietly moved forward also_On the restarts,Keeter would move downstairs as Drake kept the car to the top of the track.Brian Green's fast forward movement ended with a flat tire and 2 laps later problems sidelined him for the night.A late race caution set-up a final shootout as Jackie Dalton and Erik Maggard were battling for a top 5 run.On the restart,Keeter picked the low groove as Tillman moved upstairs.Drake brought the field easy into turn 3 and then began to pick up the throttle in turn 4 as the green waved and Drake was holding the middle lane as Tillman stayed on the top lane.As the white flag flew,Drake held a 3 car length advantage over Keeter,but Tillman was charging quickly to move around Keeter.Drake would claim the win with Tillman nipping Keeter for second as Keeter,Dalton and Maggard completed the top 5.

    "The car felt good all night long,"Quoted Drake.My car owner from Kansas came tonight and I couldn't be happier to get the win.This is the toughest A-Mod feature weekly in the state.Keeter kept me up on the wheel because one bobble and he was gone.Tillman was really fast later and I didn't know he was that close because Keeter kept trying down low.With Money events just around the corner,maybe we are getting things lined-out.Last week was my first event here this season and we changed some things at the shop.

    In SportMod action Andy Beauchamp and Billy Dalton brought the field to the green flag with Beauchamp grabbing the early lead as 3 wide action highlighted everyone back in the pack.JC Morton wasted no time in running down the leader Beauchamp and checked out from the pack leaving the field to battle for the runner-up honors.The 20 lap feature went Green,White,Checkered as Morton in his 602 GM Performance Crate Motor grabbed his first Springfield win of the 2010 season.Last weeks Reliable Chevorlet SportMod Special event winner Jon Yeoman Jr was able to gather the runner-up spot in another good run for his team as current point leader Sean Williams charged from 11th to finish in third place with early leader Beauchamp and veteran Larry Tindle completing the top 5 as 14 cars finished on the lead lap in the side by side as side by side racing was the norm all night.

    A new winner crossed the finish line first in the Wheeler Metals StreetStock divison as the feature wasn't decided unti lthe last lap and final turn as Randy High took his first ever feature win.Action started as Rusty Forrest and bob Maggard Sr brought the field to the green flag.Forrest grabbed the early lead.On lap 3,Randy high moved to the top spot as Maggard Sr was close behind as Forrest fell to third.On lap 9,Maggard went around Randy High to take the lead as High kept within 1 car length the entire race.As the leader ran clsoe up front Jesse Parton had quietly moved into third place and was gaining ground while point leader Jack Hamer and defending champion Robert High were battling.Coming for the final lap,Randy High got a strong run on the veteran Maggard and made a pass to the insdie line going into turn 3 as the leaders went side by side with High getting the run on the bottom of the track coming out of turn 4 to get his first win of the season with Maggard Sr, Jesse Parton,Jack Hamer and Robert High completing the top 5.

    Legend Car action saw a last lap pass for the win as many different leaders took their turn up front.The Legend Nations will be held at SpringfieldRaceway in October and this was a National qualifying event for all the different classes involved along with track points.

    On the start,Colt Pruente and Rob Watson brought the field to the green with Watson grabbing the opening lead as young Preunte followed closely.On lap 3 while bidding for the lead Preunte got sideways in turn 4 bringing out the caution flag and ending his early strong run.On the restart,Watson who was third in track points going into the evening found Chuck Comer applying pressure as current point leader Justin comer was right behind them.On lap 5,Justin comer took the lead as Chuck Comer grabbed it on the next lap while young lion driver Tyler horton was making his pressence known.On lap 8 contact in the pack took out front runner Dave comer as his night ended on the hook.On the restart Watson made a bold 3 wide move to take the lead over Chuck Comer as Comer took it back the next lap.At the halfway point on lap 10,Justin Comer went back to the lead with Tyler Horton,Chuck Comer,Watson and a fast moving Jay Reynolds in the top 5.On lap 13,Watson went from fourth to second and was applying pressure to Justin Comer.A late race caution set-up a fantastic finish as Watson picked the low groove on the restart as the field took the final green.Watson waited until the final lap in turn 3 and made the wining pass over Justin comer to take the win with Justin Comer,Chuck Comer,Tyler horton and last weeks winner Park Jones completing the top 5.Throphy qualifying winners were Justin Comer(Pro class),Rob Watson(Master),Rodney Baird(Semi-Pro) and Tyler Horton(Young Lion).

    The MidWest modz feature went 15 laps caution free as Lamar Newman grabbed the early lead with points runner-up JC Newell right beside him and Bobby Gough following.With Newman holding a fast line around and Newell trying to get around him,point leader Kaleb Copher who started 9th quietly made his run to the front and by lap 4 moved into third place while running the very top groove.With Newman having a strong run,Copher went to the top groove and began his charge on the leaders.On lap 6,Copher moved around Newell as the trio went 3 wide into turn 2 and Copher moved around Newman on the following lap to take the lead and the victory as Newell and Newman kept their battle going on until lap 10 when Newell made the pass to secure the runner-up spot with Newman,Bobby Gough and Trevor Drake following.

    Doug Testerman grabbed the lead on the opening lap of the PureStock feature and never looked back in capturing the win as JF gott and Tyler Ruggles followed.

    Up next the the SpringfieldRaceway Aug 21st Race Bros Farm And Home Supply will sponsor the event featuring the Show-Me Racin Series LateModels in their only apperance of the season.Current Series Point leader Justin Wells of Aurora will lead an action-packed field of LateModel drivers into the Quick-Quarter including National Dirt Hall Of Famer and Turkey classic Winner Ken "The Flying Farmer" Essary,Kansas standout Randy Zimmerman,Joplin's Chuck Comer,Springfield's Chris Morelock,Area favortires Darrell and Dustin Mooneyham,Arkansas Young Gun Larry Campbell and many more along with points action in the Budweiser A-Mods,Reliable Chevrolet SportMods,MidWest Modz and Legends.

    Grandstand prices for this special event will be $15 for Adults with the Grandstand Gates opening at 5PM,Hotlaps at 6:15 and Racing at 7:15 sharp.

    For more information on the Show-Me Series LateModels contact Randy Mooneyham at 417-224-7074 or about the SpringfieldRaceway Jerry Hoffman at 417-673-7426.

    Budweiser A-Mods
    A Ft-1)Scott Drake-Webb City 2)Jody Tillman-Branson West 3)Mitch Keeter-Webb City 4)Jackie Dalton-Carthage 5)Erik Maggard-Springfield 6)Bobby Pearish-Oronogo 7)John Yeoman-Granby 8)Jerry Lankton-Lampe 9)Darrell McWhirter-Bentonville,Ark 10)Chase Meade-Dewey,Okla. 11)Dairan Hendrix-Joplin 12)Brian Green-Pierce City 13)Corey Weir-Nixa 14)Kyle Slagle-Joplin
    1st Ht-1)Drake 2)Lankton 3)Tillman 4)Meade 5)McWhirter 6)Hendrix 7)Weir
    2nd Ht-1)Keeter 2)Dalton 3)Yeoman 4)Maggard 5)Slagle 6)Pearish 7)Green

    Reliable Chevrolet SportMods
    A Ft-1)JC Morton-Springfield 2)Jon Yeoman Jr-Granby 3)Sean Williams-Willard 4)Andy Beauchamp-Springfield 5)Larry Tindle-Springfield 6)Wayne Graybeal-Springfield 7)Billy Dalton-Reeds 8)Gary Rodocker-Willard 9)Wes Long-Springfield 10)Don Luna-St James 11)Denny Felker Jr-Carl Junction 12)Terry Williams-Springfield 13)Ryan Stacye-Fair Grove 14)Bobby Gough-Joplin 15)Nathan Evans-Springfield 16)Andrew Smith-Willard 17)Mike Barnett-Springfield DNS-James Redus-Springfield
    1st Ht-1)Beauchamp 2)Dalton 3)Rodocker 4)Felker 5)Williams 6)Evans
    2nd Ht-1)Luna 2)Morton 3)S.Williams 4)Long 5)Stacye 6)Redus
    3rd Ht-1)Yeoman Jr 2)Smith 3)Tindle 4)Graybeal 5)Gough 6)Barnett

    Wheeler Metals StreetStocks
    A Ft-1)Randy High-Springfield 2)Bob Maggard Sr-Springfield 3)Jesse Parton-Springfield 4)Jack Hamer-Ava 5)Robert High-Springfield 6)Rusty Forrest-Ozark 7)James Redus-Springfield 8)Andrew Neil-Springfield 9)Kourtney Stevens-Springfield
    1st Ht-1)Robert High 2)Hamer 3)Parton 4)Stevens
    2nd Ht-1)Randy High 2)Forrest 3)Maggard Sr 4)Neil 5)Rick Williams-Springfield

    A Ft-1)Rob Watson-Billings 2)Justin Comer-Joplin 3)Chuck Comer-Joplin 4)Tyler Horton-Joplin 5)Park Jones-Joplin 6)Rodney Baird-Oldfield 7)Jay Reynolds-Springfield 8)Colt Pruente-Aurora 9)Paul Horton-Joplin 10)Rick Nichols-Cassville 11)Doug Wilson-Joplin 12)Billy Cottrill-Joplin 13)Brian Boucher-Joplin 14)Dave Comer-Joplin
    1st Ht-1)Jones 2)Watson 3)Pruente 4)Nichols 5)Wilson 6)Boucher 7)Reynolds
    2nd Ht-1)D.Comer 2)J.Comer 3)C.Comer 4)Baird 5)T.Horton 6)P.Horton 7)Cottrill

    MidWest Modz
    A Ft-1)Kaleb Copher-Webb City 2)JC Newell-Stoutland 3)Lamar Newman-Willard 4)Bobby Gough-Joplin 5)Trevor Drake-Webb City 6)Gary Krebs-Clever 7)Shane Bias-Springfield 8)David Lynch-Webb City 9)Alexis Haase-Aurora
    1st Ht-1)Krebs 2)Newman 3)Newell 4)Drake 5)Haase
    2nd Ht-1)Copher 2)Gough 3)Bias 4)Lynch

    A Ft-1)Doug Testerman 2)JF Gott 3)Tyler Ruggles 4)Chris Woodruff DNS-K.Woodruff

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