Drake Deals Winning Hand At SpringfieldRaceway In Bordertown Casino Octoberfast A-Mod Win

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    Springfield,Mo.-Under perfect weather conditions and a packed crowd,the running of the 5th annual Bordertown Casino Octoberfast at SpringfieldRaceway provided outstanding side by side racing action as Veteran Scott Drake hit the jackpot in capturing an action packed A-Mod feature while area law enforcement competed to benefit the One Missing Link Organazation for Ozarks Missing Kids in an outstanding 20 lap event.

    The A-Mod feature found Jim Body and Jody Tillman set the pace for the 25 lap feature after the Casino redraw.Tillman grabbed the opening lead as Body,2010 track champion Mitch Keeter,jamie Ragland and Jason Pursley following.Action was side by side throughout the star-studded field.On lap 2,Ketter shot to the low side taking the lead from Tillman.The yellow waved bunching the field even tighter as Ragland's car was sending sparks into the air.On the restart,Keeter grabbed control again as Tillman and Body were side by side.On lap 6,Body went around Tillman for second as Scotty Drake had worked his way from 10th starting spot to take a top 5 run.Yellow waved on lap 8 as Ragland's car went sideways in turn 4 as his night was over.On the restart Tillman went back around Body for second as Keeter was glued to the bottom of the track as Drake,former champion Jackie Dalton and Body were all side by side.Tillma stayed on the top groove and took over the lead from Keeter as Bobby Pearish and Jason Pursley were coming fast.On lap 13,Drake went around Keeter for second and set his sights on the high flying Tillman as Keeter,Dalton,Body,Pursley were wheel to wheel.On lap 16,Jason Pursley's strong run ended with rearend problems as the field bunched-up again.A false start saw Body fall of the pace as Danny DeMasters II got into him causing a delay as the cars were hooked together.On the fial restart on lap 18,Drake was keeping down low in the corners and drifting out of the corners as Tillman was still in front.This side by side battle kept the capacity crowd up for the last few laps as Tillman was still in charge while Keeter,Dalton and Pearish were coming fast.On lap 21,Drake took the lead only to see Tillman take back the lead as the two went wheel to wheel for the final laps.Drake took back the lead on lap 22 as Tillman was faster going into the corners.On the final lap,Drake kept smooth down low as Tillman made a last lap run for the win.Drake kept the car smooth and deafeated Tillman by 2 car lengths to grab the 1111 victory as Tillman,Keeter,Dalton and Pearish completed the top 5 as Donnie Fellers,Brian Green,Eric Lampe,Rustin Miller and Erik Maggard completed the top 10.Drake then took the Bordertown Casino double or nothing challange to double or lose his race winnings as won 2222 for the feature win.

    The SportMod feature went 20 laps solid with no cautions as Lampe's Eric Tinderholt took the opening lead from Midway track champion Michael Stake and was in his own world leaving the field behind.Tinderholt's big lead started to get smaller in the closing laps as working lapped traffic,Stake started to close up the gap as the field was side by side all evening long.Once Tinderholt cleared the traffic,the Victory was all his as Stake,Shawn Strong,Jon Yeoman Jr and 13th place starter JC Morton completed the top 5.The second five included Bobby Maggard Jr,Larry Tindle,Gary Rodocker,Jay Lamons Jr and Brad Moad completed the top 10.

    The StrretStock feature saw plenty of wild action all night long as veteran Mark Simon and Rusty Forrest brought the field to the green.Simon took the early control with Forrest,Robert High and Chuck Becker were following.A hard crash in turn 4 ended the night early for track champion Jack Hamer, and Bill Schoen.on the restart,Simon found High right beside him as Becker stayed close.The big mover was veteran Bob Maggard Sr.After starting 14th tonight,Maggard used his experience and knowledge to work into contention along with Midway champion Joe Francis.Francis who started 21 quietly worked forward using the cautions to his advantage.Following a late race caution,Becker put himself into a chance to win the feature for the final 3 lap shootout.Simon kept the middle groove strong as Becker tried low several times while Maggard made a late race move around High to move into third place.Simon withstood the Becker challanges to grab the win with Becker,Maggard Sr, High and Francis the top 5 as Jim Reid,Marcus Chainey,JR aitken,Rex Freize and Josh Lewis completed the top 10.

    The Legends tuned-up for the Big National event coming next week to SpringfieldRaceway with yet another outstanding feature with 3 wide racing.Rob Watson grabbed the early control over Park Jones to take the opening lead.Dave Comer wasted no time in moving into second place and moved quickly on Watson.On lap 4,Comer shot to the infield with problems ending his chance for the win.Watson then found 2009 track champion Jason Rayle to his outside as 2010 champ Justin Comer,Jones and Billy Cottrill following.The long green run saw side by side action as is the normal for Legends At Springfield.Watson was withstanding the challanges by Rayle as Jones moved around Rayle on lap 13.Side by side up front were Watson,Jones,Rayle and Justin Comer.On lap 16,Jones went around Watson on the top side as Rayle followed.Watson returned the favor on lap 18 and took back the lead.Hading on the final lap,Jones and Watson went wheel to wheel as Jones made the top groove stick and barley grabbed the victory as Watson,Justin comer,Rayle and a fast moving Dave Bauer completed the top 5 with Coly Pruente,Newcomer Don Reynolds,Rodney Baird,Rick Nichols and Billy Cottrill completing the top 10.Jones gambled his chance at the double or nothing Casino Challange and picked the correct card to earn twice his winnings.

    In a wild Purestock feature,a last lap pass by Clayton Powell over Kory Barker earned him the victory but in the after rsce tech,Added weight in the rear cost him the victory giving Barker the win as veteran Randy Belk,Tim Jones,Charles Woodruff and Josh Pinkley completed the top 5 with Tracy Manning,Joey Blackston,Brian Warner,Mike Carpenter andRonnie wilson completing the top 10.Great side by side action for the Purestocks as 21 cars took the opening green flag.

    A New winner in the highly competitive Midwest Modz saw Randy Lebow grab the opening lead and withstand several challanges from 2010 champion Kaleb Copher in taking the action packed feature.Only 1 caution flew for the race as wheeel to wheel action was the norm all night.Bobby Gough,second generation drivers Trevor Drake and JC Newell completed the top 5.

    A Special attraction was the Law Enforcement Race.12 teams entered for the surrounding area along with as far away as St Louis,Jefferson City,the Columbia area all to help raise money for One Missing Link which helps in the aid of lost children.
    THe Officers showed true to form with only 1 caution in their 20 lap feature event.Lincoln county Sherrif Brian Ward grabbed the opening lead from his 6th starting spot as Springfield Sargents drivers Greg Wheeling followed.On lap 2,Springfield Police Officers rep Ben Haines moved into second and applied pressure to Ward.On lap 5,Haines took the lead only to loop the car giving the lead back to Ward.St Louis county Police rep Dave"The Rocket" Ryan started his move forward after starting 7th.THe leaders were really attacking the Quick-Quarter as side by side action was in sotre while Mo State Water Patrol Rep Jason Worthley moved behind the leaders.Ryan went wheel to wheel with Ward,but found the high-banked oval turn 3 banking as he went off the end and drove back on in turn 4.Caution waved as Ryan went off the end hard,but when driving back on found the crowd giving their approval.On the restart,Christian county Sherriff Joey Kile who started the night in 11th had moved into second place.Ward kept the car in the middle groove as Kyle slid upstairs.On the final lap,Kyle made the winning pass to grab the victory and keep the newly made traveling trophy in the Ozarks.Ward,Jefferson County Sherrif Terry McDowell,Worthly, and Green County Sherriff Dept rep Jim Arnott completed the top 5 as all 12 cars were running at the end of the race with 7 on the lead lap.

    Up next at springfieldRaceway is the INEX Legend DirtCar Nationals with an expected 50-60 or more entries on hand.This 2 day event will see two completely different shows as Friday night area FactoryStocks and MidWest Modz will compete along with Legends Qualifying events and Sat Night SportMods and PureStocks go to battle.

    For more information visit the website at WWW.SpringfieldRaceway.Com ro contact Jerry Hoffman at 417-673-7426

    Results-Bordertown Casino Octoberfast
    A Mods
    A Ft-1)Scott Drake-Webb City 2)Jody Tillman-Branson West 3)Mitch Keeter-Webb City 4)Jackie Dalton-Carthage 5)Bobby Pearish-Oronogo 6)Donnie Fellers-Wheatland 7)Brian Green-Pierce City 8)Eric Lampe-Springfield 9)Rustin Miller-Houston 10)Erik Maggard-Springfield 11)Tyler Brown-Stoutland 12)Jim Body-Diamond 13)Darrell Jackson-Carthage 14)Dairian Hendrix-Joplin 15)Denny DeMasters II-Neosho 16)Jordan McCrimmon-Bolivar 17)Joh Yeoman-Granby 18)Jason Pursley-Wheatland 19)John Fellers-Flemington 20)Jamie Ragland-Lebanon

    1st B Ft(Top 3 to A) 1)Maggard 2)McCrimmon 3)T Brown 4)Wayne Graybeal-Springfield 5)Corey Weir-Warsaw 6)Kaelie Archer-Bolivar 7)Ray Flippin-Flippin,Ark 8)Denny Felker-Carl Junction

    2nd B Ft(Top 3 to A) 1)Yeoman 2)Lampe 3)DeMasters II 4)Rocky Breliew-Joplin 5)Scott Crigler-Alton 6)Jerry Lankton-Lampe 7)Tim Simon-Neosho 8)Carl Murphy-West Plains

    A Ft-1)Eric Tinderholt-Lampe 2)Michael Stake-Phillipsburg 3)Shawn Strong-Republic 4)John Yeoman Jr-Granby 5)JC Morton-Springfield 6)Bobby Maggard Jr-Republic 7)Larry Tindle-Springfield 8)Gary Rodocker-Willard 9)Jay Lamons Jr-Savenburg,Kansas 10-Brad Moad-Springfield 11)Jerry Lankton-Lampe 12)Robert High-Springfield 13)Denny Felker-Carl Junction 14)Andy Beauchamp-Springfield 15)Tony Hatfield-Joplin 16)Don Luna-St James 17)DeWayne Hobbs-Buffalo 18)Heath Loney-Sparta 19)Sean Williams-Willard 20)Don Cloyd-Fair Grove

    1st B Ft-(Top 3 to A) 1)Moad 2)Luna 3)Williams 4)Terry Beckham Sr-Webb City 5)Billy Dalton-Reeds 6)Andrew Smith-Willard 7)Ted Ballinger-Hallfway 8)Jamie Barker-Lebanon 9)David Kirland-Branson
    2nd B Ft-1)High 2)Hobbs 3)Loney 4)Travis Burnett-Ava 5)Nathan Evans-Springfield 6)Mike Green-Springfield 7)Don Thornson-St Roberts DQ-Jesse Parton-Springfield

    A Ft-1)Park Jones-Joplin 2)Rob Watson-Billings 3)Justin Comer-Joplin 4)Jason Rayle-Springfield 5)David Bauer-Webb City 6)Colt Pruente-Aurora 7)Don Reynolds-Alamgordo,New Mexico 8)Rodney Baird-Oldfield 9)Rick Nichols- Cassville 10_Billy Cottrill-Joplin 11)Brian Boucher-Joplin 12)John Gornet-St Louis 13)Mitch Jenkins-Aurora 14)Matt Gruenburg-Joplin 15)Jay Reynolds-Springfield 16)Phil Harris-Arkansas 17)Dave Comer-Joplin

    A Ft-1)Mark Simon-Buffalo 2)Chuck Becker-Bolivar 3)Bob Maggard Sr-Springfield 4)Robert High-Springfield 5)Joe Francis-Lebanon 6)Jim Reid-Springfield 7)Marcus Chainey-Springfield 8)JR Aitken-Brighton 9)Rex Frieze-Willard 10)Josh Lewis-Stoutland 11)Richard Smith-Springfield 12)Andrew Cheever-Lebanon 13)Aaron Porter-Springfield 14)Nick Whitehead-Nixa 15)Daniel Harris-Bolivar 16)Kevin Forshey-Dixon 17)Jack Hamer-Ava 18)Bill Schoen-Brighton 19)Willie Oxedine-Monett 20)Kourtney-Stevens-Springfield DQ-Rusty Forrest-Ozark DNS-Richard Sanders-Bolivar

    A Ft-1)Kory Barker-Lebanon 2)Randy Belk-Joplin 3)Tim Jones-Marshfield 4)Charles Woodruff-Springfield 5)Josh Pinkley-Rogers,Ark. 6)Tracy Manning-Wheatland 7)Joey Blackston-Ozark 8)Brian Warner-Phillipsburg 9)Mike Carpenter-Carl Junction 10)Ronnie Wilson-Springfield 11)Jeanette Murphy-Aurora 12)Dustin Fletcher-Springfield 13)Frank James-Granby 14)Jared Calvert-Aurora 15)Charles Woodruff-Springfield 16)Tanner Sitton-Fair Grove 17)Zack Creeson-Springfield 18)Stacye Burns-Lebanon 19)Richard Sparks-Springfield DQ-Clayton Powell-Granby,Elijah Keepper-Hurley DNS-Jeremy jones,Matt Mahruin

    Midwest Modz
    A Ft-1)Randy Lebow-Galena 2)Kaleb Copher-Webb City 3)Bobby Gough-Joplin 4)Trevor Drake-Webb City 5)JC Newell-Stoutland 6)Melvin Breese-Joplin 7)Rich Reynolds-Mt Vernon 8)Lamar Newman-Willard 9)Shane Bias-Springfield 10)Todd McGregor-Springfield 11)Kyle Lebow-Galena 12)David Lynch-Webb City 13)Gary Krebs-Clever DNS-Corey Pritchard-Wheatland

    Law Enforcement Race
    1)Joey Kyle(Christian County) 2)Brian Ward(Lincoln County 3)Terry McDowell-Jefferson Co.) 4)Jason Wrorthly(Mo State Water Patrol) 5)Jim Arnett(Greene Co Sherriff) 6)Dave Ryan(St Louis Co Police) 7)Jason Conn(Calloway Co Sherriff) 8)Gregg Wheelin(Springfield Sgt Assoc) 9)Jason Yeager(Morgan Co Sherriff) 10)Kyle McIntire(Holt Summit) 11)Paul Williams(Springf Police Off Assoc) 12)Ben Haines (Springf Police Off Assoc)

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