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Fayette county?

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by shredxcam, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. shredxcam

    shredxcam Active Member

    Whats the story on fayette county on Facebook ? Apparently there are some disagreements with rules on the B mods leading to both sides making jabs at each other?

    Looks like both drivers and track personnel are attacking each other
  2. fast cat

    fast cat Active Member

    Just a question. Do b- mods at b town ever get teched? For that matter do they get teched anywhere seems like certain drivers are just running away with theses things. I encourage all race tracks to do more teaching on b mods regardless what the tracks rules are because tracks are loosing fans and drivers because of the lack of teching
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  3. Swappin Paint

    Swappin Paint Active Member

    There was a big stink when Ryan Eilers was deemed illegal at Fayette Co. after tech there. So I guess they do some.
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  4. dirtgirl

    dirtgirl Well-Known Member

    Pevely has teched the B-Mods several times this year.
    It's funny...
    A track techs and everyone cries.
    A track doesn't tech and everyone cries.
    If it's a UMP race then run it by UMP rules ...
    Makes it easier and it's cut and dry.
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  5. fast cat

    fast cat Active Member

    Amen dirt girl
  6. rvincent21

    rvincent21 rvincent21

    I believe lack of tech and communication has become the issue. A big issue is spring placement on the rear end. UMP rule book states one thing, but alot of tracks allow something else. Btown is not a UMP track but is using UMP rules for this show. Apparently last sunday there were some drivers who were told they were illegal. One of which has claimed to have passed tech there multiple times this season. Kind of a "you already called it legal" dilemma.

    Heres the problem. Tracks are allowed to amend rules as they please. Which makes one car legal at one track, but illegal at another. One set of rules would solve this issue. I cant speak for why everyone is attacking each other, but its pretty childish and those ppl should be ashamed of themselves. As i said on a fb post yesterday, we all compete on the track with everything we have. Off the track, we need to have each others backs.
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