Fire @ Daytona!!

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by 7D.MaC, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. 7D.MaC

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    if anyone has video of fire please post here

  2. DirtSurfer

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  3. dirtgoon

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    Leave to Juan Pablo...........
  4. faustfan2

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    Absolutly the worse Daytona 500 ive ever attended! Nascar had a chance to gain more viewers by being in primetime television and they had that for a race! That was just like being at Highland on a dry slick one groove race track! Plum ridiculous! That was not a race in my book. That was a lets follow the leader drive around for 200 laps and lets see who can hit the jet dryer. What a joke
  5. 7D.MaC

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    thats wild, thanks randy for posting video
  6. biker6403

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    The yearly science project,AKA The Daytona 500,is now over...Gee, I wonder what effed up rules they can come up with for next year!!!!! Really,they shout out about how they have the smartest engineers and aero people in racing and they still can't figure out how to race at Daytona and Talladega????? Now the real season can get underway,the only folks that enjoyed that demo derby were the newbie fans that have no clue about real racing!!!! I feel better now...;)Plate Racing isn't racing!!!
  7. Lizardracing

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    NASCRAP, for the amount money that's involved, really puts on a pretty poor broadcast. The announcers really make up most of the show when your watching TV. They tell the viewer whats going on about things not on camera and helps decipher what the viewer see with reality. They help the viewer get a bigger picture of events if you will. Sometimes I wonder if the announcers NASCAR picks are really just dumb, or they think the viewers are dumb, or if there is just that big of a disconnect between the franchise, the competition, and the broadcasters. I sometimes get the feeling they are not even watching the same race I am. An example, Danica Patrick spins in qualifying and is about to hit the inside wall. In the reply of the incar cam, She puts her hands up to either side of her head in preparation of the initial impact. Darrel Waltrip see this and interprets the hands up as "all that open wheel experience she knows what to do to brace for impact so the wheel doesn't break her wrist's". That a farce...As a professional, Danica should know your hands go on your chest, because up at your head you won't have much control over where they go. Also, this manuever isn;t akind to open wheel racing either, I believe more likely, she was freaking out and panicked when she saw the wall coming, placing her hands in a precarious position. If Darrel Waltrip was quick minded and covering up what he said was a heads up move to protect the reputation of Danica and Nascar "toughness". Now on Lap 2 of the '500 when Jimmy Johnson was spun out and the in car cam also shows him placing his hands on his shoulder belt(not near his head) while bracing for impact with other cars. Darrell Waltrip makes a comment about (paraphrasing here), "these drivers must have seen Danica's crash yesterday and they must have all taken a page from her as an open wheel racer cause Jimmy is doing the same thing here" Again, a farce. These guys are professionals making millions of dollars per year. Does Darryl Waltrip really think the other drivers resort to watching TV and other in car cams for driving tips? I've often asked my self, as much as Nascar touts safety with Styrofoam walls, pre-approved chassis, plate racing to slow down cars, etc. Why placing your hands on your shoulder belts hasn't been the norm for NASCAR drivers as of yet? My theory has it NASCAR has found something else to help promote their brand. If that is indeed the case, I personally don't like the falsities. BTW, the idea isn't new of crossing your arms to protect them. The earliest I've heard of it being done was in rally cross in the eighties when roll over are frequent. It's likely much older than that. 2:00 mark 3:27 mark

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