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For Sale Brodix 18 degree heads, with HVH Ditmer Intake

Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by benson motorsports, May 29, 2013.

  1. benson motorsports

    benson motorsports New Member

    We have for sale a nice set of SBC Brodix 18 degree, 18X alum heads with a HVH Ditmer intake. The heads have 64cc combustions chambers and 244cc intake runners, with bronze guides. The intake valves are stainless with 2.150 head diameter and are new from Brodix still in the wrappers. The exhaust valves are used with a 1.6 head diameter and are in real good condition. The valve springs are Isky gold stripe PN 9985 and are in good condition and come with titanium retainers. The heads are disassembled for your inspection, and ready to be cleaned, have a valve job and put back together. However you will need to get a set of keepers as they got lost in the move when we moved into the new shop. The intake is a Brodix HVH intake by Ditmer, and comes with a turtle installed and the spacer. All pieces are in good condition and ready to put back together and install price is 1500.00 plus what ever UPS would charge for shipping. You can contact me at 309-337-4114, or e-mail at rabenson51@hotmail.com for pics.


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