Fredericktown Raceway will not open for 2012 race season!

Discussion in 'Fredericktown Raceway' started by jdearing, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. jdearing

    jdearing Administrator Staff Member

    It is with deep regret to inform you that the Fredericktown Raceway will not open for the 2012 Race Season. Curley and I have made a decision to put the track up for sale. We encourage you to visit I-55 Raceway in Pevely and Bellle Clair Speedway in Belleville. We thank you for your support.

    Anne DeBold
    Fredericktown Raceway
  2. Sweeney77

    Sweeney77 New Member

    Hope no one started building a car to race here. I guess that is why they never showed a line up of cars. There is /was a lot of interest in this track opening back up. Just the wrong classes supposedly being run in my opinion.
  3. ptony39

    ptony39 New Member

    That was a given, what a waste of an awesome track, Im sure someone might be interested. If it isnt to late, the repatation those two left. Buyers beware
  4. dirt devil

    dirt devil New Member

    well Que Pasa and little 302 was not the all knowing after all was they.........:cool:
  5. axeman

    axeman Member

    This news is not exactly unexpected, but it is still very sad indeed. I will give the DeBolds credit for trying. Frankly, the place never looked better than it did when they reopened it. But the economy remains soft; most other tracks are feeling the pinch as well. And, I guess, fans have other cheaper options for their entertainment dollar. Cost of fuel, both for transportation and for racing, remains high. Just not a great environment right now. Hopefully, things will change for the better.
  6. portamix

    portamix New Member

  7. portamix

    portamix New Member

    Give me a break!!! I live 2 houses from the track and its a good track but someone with drive needs to open it and keep at it because right now it a hard sell only because someone has ruined its reputation!!!!
  8. axeman

    axeman Member

    Be my guest. Apparently, the track is for sale.
  9. D_Homan10

    D_Homan10 Member

    someone would buy it if curly would sell the track for a fair price
  10. dirt devil

    dirt devil New Member

    I was told by a good source that pense owns the track property...If u want to know who my source is it was his grandson
  11. upsidedown

    upsidedown mINNIE

    I also herd that Pense was the person that funded the money for the track. Dont know if it is true or not.
  12. coloradojoe

    coloradojoe coloradojoe

    price and what all comes with it, equipment ect. e-mail at
  13. que pasa

    que pasa Pimpin' Aint Easy

    Im planing on racing my pro 4 some and maybe hook up with little 302 race team for part time
  14. johnypasta

    johnypasta Just call me JP Staff Member

    If you want further details on the track I would recommend calling... 573-783-2040
  15. StarRacer

    StarRacer I Run My Own Race

    Sad to see its not opening... really good memories there.
  16. portamix

    portamix New Member

    You guys need to buy it!!! I'm sure roll-over rob will bring all his cars, besides I want to see him run his b-mod there!!! LOLOLOLOL WHITELIGHTING!!! HEHEHEHE
  17. little302

    little302 Nut behind the wheel

    Add 2013 to that....

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