GM 604 Crate Motor Specs

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    88958604 GMR 350/400 Circle Track Engine
    Great racing power at a reasonable cost
    (400 HP at 5500 RPM - Torque 400 @ 4500 RPM)

    This is a factory sealed crate engine package, complete from intake manifold, stamped steel valve covers with racing style breathers, and 8 quart dual kick-out circle track racing oil pan. The Fast Burn 400 engine is a great value with the 1053 forged steel crankshaft, aluminum heads with 2.00"/1.55" valves, hydraulic roller cam & lifters.

    Technical Notes:
    These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan with special twist off bolt heads.

    1.5:1 Roller Rocker Arms & Roller Cam
    Lift - .474 intake / .510 exhaust

    Fast Burn Aluminum Cylinder Heads
    D-shaped exhaust ports
    Valve Diameter Intake 2.00", Exhaust 1.55"
    Plugs AC Delco part # MR43LTS gap @ .045"

    Circle Track Racing Pan, Dual "Kick out" design
    8 quart capacity, 7" deep and has 6 trap doors, 3 Crankshaft scrapers
    Plus oil temperature fitting and oil check plug.

    Timing Cover Bolt Sealing System
    2 bolts per cover

    Head Bolt Sealing System
    1 bolt per head

    Intake Bolt Sealing System
    2 bolts per intake

    Oil Pan Bolt Sealing System
    2 bolts per oil pan

    Single Plane Vortec Style Intake

    A look inside the intake

    One - Piece Rear Main Seal

    When a high pressure fuel pump is run with a steel roller cam, the stock fuel pump pushrod may not be compatible with the steel roller cam. You can damage the steel roller cam as a result of wear at the fuel pump lobe. It is recommended you use a Bronze Tip Fuel Pump Pushrod. Such as the COMP CAMS part # 4607 The stock small block fuel pump attaching plate will work fine.

    All GM Circle Track Crate Engines must use a counterweighted flywheel
    The one-piece rear seal cranks have a 3.00" flywheel flange bolt pattern.

    Bert counterweighted flywheel for GM Circle Track Crate Engines
    Bert part # 311-NC-EXT

    Distributor Gear Caution
    GM Crate Engine P/N - 88958604 has a steel roller cam
    And you must use a Hardened Melonized distributor gear.


    Melonized gear for GM HEI distributor with .491-shaft size
    GM P/N -10456413

    Melonized gear for MSD distributor with .500 -shaft size
    MSD P/N - 8531
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