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  1. carney725

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    2003 Harris Sport mod w/2006 Updates

    Keyser Upper Control Arms-New Ball joints
    Stock Lower Control Arms-New Bushings and Ball joints
    New US Brake Hybrid Brake Rotors, bearing, seals, & Caliper mounts
    New Hawk Brake Pads- Front & Back
    Integra Springs- 600, 650, 150, 175,
    New hard brake lines & new steel braided lines
    Powder Coated & Rebuilt Metric Calipers
    New White Nose & Hood
    New Red Doors, Quarters, and Sail Panels-Not Installed yet
    New Front Bumper & Nerf Bars-Powder Coated Red
    Quick car Switch Panel, Gauges, Mini Brake Bias Gauges
    New Tilton Knob Style Brake Bias adjuster
    Wilwood Hanging pedals w/ Rebuilt Master Cylinders-Powder Coated Black
    Black 2 lever Shifter with New rods & heims
    New Kirkey Intermediate Seat w/ ISP Full Containment Kits-Powder Coated Black
    Allstar Performance Collapsible Steering Shaft
    Harris Rear end with Powder coated Winters Hubs-New Bearings & Seals
    Updated to Short Bars in the rear
    Adjustable Pan hard bar mounts-Rear end & Frame
    RCI Fuel Cell with vent and Screw on cap
    (1) Set of 31 Spline axels
    C&R Radiator w/ (2) AN-16 Upper Radiator mounts
    QuickTime Bell housing-Powder Coated Black
    3 speed-Nice and Free Just needs to be cleaned up and painted
    Roller bearing throttle pedal
    7.250 Tilton Clutch-Good Plates
    Howe Throw out bearing
    Good Mini Starter
    (5) 4in Bead locks
    (4) 3in & 4in Non Bead locks
    15 Hoosier G-60s
    6 American Racer G-60s

    Intergra-Rebuildable-73-6, 74, 75, 935, 94, 99-2
    Afco Rebuildable-19 series-74-6, 73-5, 74, 93-4
    Afco and Pro Shocks-1574, 1276-2, 1169-1, 1094, 1294, 73-1, 79-1, WB94

    New Kirkey Intermediate Seat w/ ISP Full Containment Kits-Powder Coated Black

    Bought another Car and need to move this quickly. Will sell with everything listed and more for $3850, or just as a roller without all the extras for $3000 obo. If have lots of pictures and a complete list of parts I can email to you. Let me know if you have any questions.


  2. coles81racing

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    you stil have the car
  3. coles81racing

    coles81racing New Member

    do you still have the car
  4. skippy2011

    skippy2011 New Member

    Where is this located
  5. bsracer

    bsracer Member

    give me a call about your car Ihave some ??? about it 573-721-1424
  6. carney725

    carney725 Member

    Sold it about 6 weeks ago, marked my other add and not this one

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