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    2003 Harris Sport mod w/2006 Updates

    Keyser Upper Control Arms-New Ball joints
    Stock Lower Control Arms-New Bushings and Ball joints
    New US Brake Hybrid Brake Rotors, bearing, seals, & Caliper mounts
    New Hawk Brake Pads- Front & Back
    Integra Springs-(2) 600, 650, 150, 175, 16inch 175
    New hard brake lines & new steel braided lines
    Powder Coated & Rebuilt Metric Calipers
    New White Nose & Hood
    New Red Doors, Quarters, and Sail Panels-Not Installed yet
    New Front Bumper & Nerf Bars-Powder Coated Red
    Quick car Switch Panel, Gauges, Mini Brake Bias Gauges, & Window Net
    New Tilton Knob Style Brake Bias adjusted
    Wilwood Hanging pedals w/ Rebuilt Master Cylinders-Powder Coated Black
    New Black 2 lever Shifter with New rods & heims
    New Kirkey Intermediate Seat w/ ISP Full Containment Kits-Powder Coated Black
    Allstar Performance Collapsible Steering Shaft
    Harris Rear end with Powder coated Winters Hubs-New Bearings & Seals
    Updated to Short Bars in the rear
    Adjustable Pan hard bar mounts-Rear end & Frame
    RCI Fuel Cell with vent and Screw on cap
    (2) Sets of 31 Spline axels
    C&R Radiator w/ (2) AN-16 Upper Radiator mounts
    QuickTime Bell housing-Powder Coated Black
    3 speed-Nice and Free Just needs to be cleaned up and painted
    Roller bearing throttle pedal
    7.250 Tilton Clutch-Good Plates
    Howe Throw out bearing
    Fire bottle system
    Good Mini Starter
    (5) 4in Bead locks
    (4) 3in & 4in Non Bead locks
    15 Hoosier G-60s
    6 American Racer G-60s

    Intergra-Rebuildable-73-6, 74, 75, 935, 94, 99-2
    Afco Rebuildable-19 series-74-6, 73-5, 74, 93-4
    Afco and Pro Shocks-1574, 1276-2, 1169-1, 1094, 1294, 73-1, 79-1, WB94

    Selling Everything I have with my car, I know I forgot to add some things but this is a good start to what I have. Car has been completely gone through and put back together with new parts- Cars has lots of powder coated parts and lots of new parts. Open to trades and offers.



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    Do you have a price in mind?
  3. carney725

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    Sold, thanks guys

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