Highland Belleville brownstown Macon pevely Bmods


We had a B mod rules meeting at highland in January where we were giving a set of UMP rules and now that UMP posted rules on their website there are some differences like will a crate be allowed to run a 6al box and do open motors have a chip rule just would like insite on what rules we will be using and if all tracks are planning on running the UMP rules as hearing through grape vine that Brownstown is thinking about running Tri city's b mod rules again nt saying is true or trying to piss people off just trying to get car together for the upcoming season


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I've been told the crates must run HEI with the digital soft touch rev limiter box, apparently the newest ump rules have a typo in them and that's it

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If you have any specific questions about the rules l would suggest you call Mike McGinnnitey. He has been the focal trying to get these tracks to run on the same rules. 314-608-8386


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Mike mcginnety and Aaron Kleine both have been working to make the b mod class conform to one set of rules at all tracks either can clarify anything or get you the answer