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Juan Pablo Montoya...What a Jerk!!!

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by Dixon Fan, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Dixon Fan

    Dixon Fan Dirt is in...asphalt out

    Juan Pablo Montoya needs to hop on a plane and head back to his Country. :mad: Did you hear him talk to his crew chief during the Busch race at Darlington. I don't know what Chip Ganassi was thinking when he brought this jerk into Nascar.

    Where is Nascar heading? They get this Juan Pablo Montoya, plus they get this piece of crap Toyota. Why don't we get some Iraqies over here to race with us, that is like doing the same thing.

    NASCRAP, keep this sport an American Sport. :(

    I'm sorry if I talk this way, but there are some many up and coming drivers in ARCA plus Busch series who would like a ride in Nextel. But when you get other people from other places it hurts.
  2. Doug

    Doug Announcer

    Montoya has been a champion in everything he has raced and has very high expectations of both himself and his team. I tuned in late so I don't know what was said, but his fierce competitive spirit is likely why he said it. He's a little brash, but most of the great ones are. Looking forward to seeing him at Eldora.

    By the way, I agree about the Toyotas, but they are so uncompetitive right now they are nearly a punch line to a joke. That will likely change with time.
  3. Dixon Fan

    Dixon Fan Dirt is in...asphalt out

    To me he should of stayed with IRL or Cart. Maybe he could of kept them going if he would of stayed with open wheel.
  4. Adrenochrome

    Adrenochrome Adrenochrome

    The Most Racist post of 2007 goes too......


    You stated that you would like this sport to be kept an American Sport; well I hate to tell you but Juan Pablo Montoya is every bit American as you and I. JPM is from Bogata, Columbia which is located in SOUTH AMERICA. I guess because he is not of United States nationality, he is unfit to drive a stock car.

    This thread should be destroyed!
  5. mad daddy

    mad daddy GOT DIRT?

    totally agree
  6. Trashdog

    Trashdog Moderator

    He's no Juan Fangio...lol

    John Barr
    The Trashdog

    FIREBALL Well-Known Member

    man,that sounds like some kind of skin rash
  8. qwaynick

    qwaynick The Original Q

    Personally I thought it was hilarious! And somewhat agreed with him. He shouldn't have to adjust his driving around other just cause they can't drive. They need to learn how to handle their cars on pit road and the track and giving them room teaches them nothing. Maybe his words where a little uncalled for, but his reasoning was dead on if you asked me.
  9. haymotorsports

    haymotorsports New Member

    crew cheif

    asked him to let another car go bye on pit road and he hell no quite a few times well put it this way im not going to pull over and let ya go its called racing pass me im not giving it to you
  10. skippy05

    skippy05 Twitter.com/Brandon_Mudd

    Just out of curiosity, is it hard to type with that hood on? Just wondering...
  11. kreke13

    kreke13 Well-Known Member

    Forget about his nationality. This is the guy that wrecked his team mate in a road course race earlier this year. AK
  12. skippy05

    skippy05 Twitter.com/Brandon_Mudd

    Because that's never happened before in NASCAR...
  13. kreke13

    kreke13 Well-Known Member

    Ok, tell me the last time another driver wrecked his team mate while leading a NASCAR race. I dont think you can.

    Anyone who does that is a toad regardless of his ethnic background. AK
  14. skippy05

    skippy05 Twitter.com/Brandon_Mudd

    Are you joking? You mean to tell me in almost 60 years of this sport, you don't think that's happened? Let's see, Ryan Newman doing it to Rusty at Martinsville a few years back, Earnhardt popped Ricky Rudd in the wall at least once when they both ran for Bud Moore, Dale Jarrett knocked Ricky Rudd out of the way in '01 I believe at NHIS for a win, Earnhardt knocked the crap out of Mike Skinner in '00 at Atlanta while Skinner was leading, Darrell Waltrip and Neil Bonnett in the mid-80s when they drove for Junior Johnson, I think the track was North Wilkesboro, etc. I can keep doing this all night. The point is, just because they're teammates doesn't mean they're going to race each other any less. Hell, Jeff Gordon laid a bumper to Jimmie Johnson this year at Martinsville coming out of turn 4. Montoya had as much right to make that pass as anyone. Could he have waited? Probably, but he was door-deep in that turn and that's racing. I'm not saying I think drivers should dump teammates, but if you don't think it's happened, and happened a lot, I would have to think you haven't been watching the sport very long.
  15. kreke13

    kreke13 Well-Known Member

    The question was "When was the last time a racer wrecked his team mate who was leading a Nascar race?" I dont see a definitive answer from you. But whoever it is ---they fall into the same category as Montoya. Anyone who would do that is a self centered jerk. I think Pablo fits the bill! AK
  16. skippy05

    skippy05 Twitter.com/Brandon_Mudd

    What did you not read in that post? Every instance was a teammate hitting another teammate while leading. Did that part of the post get blocked out by your unwillingness to see some facts that made your previous post wrong? How many more races do you want me to list? I dropped about five without really thinking about it and those were just Cup races...I didn't bother to list the Busch and Truck races. But if you, somehow, want to keep thinking you're right, then knock yourself out...
  17. Scruffy

    Scruffy Registered User

    I agree with Al Skip,So go crawl in that 590 hole you were in.
  18. mike44

    mike44 Member

    Skinner blew up with 20 or so laps to go in the Atlanta 2000 race and Dale Sr. edged out Bobby Labonte at the line. At some point Dale did want to pass Skinner to at least get 5 points for leading a lap but Skinner blocked him more than once. Dale didn't go around Skinner until he blew his engine.
  19. mike44

    mike44 Member

    Another incident that didn't involve contact but was a lowlife thing to do was when Robby Gordon passed Harvick under the Yellow (pre lucky dog era) to win at one of the road courses.
  20. midget racer

    midget racer Open Wheeler

    how about brian vickers punting jimmy johnson last year at talladega?(taking out earnhardt, jr as well) or, are you gonna split hairs here, beings that johnson wasn't totally past the 8 car when vickers punted him?
    another time comes to mind is when the 8 car drove right thru the 15 car 2(?) years ago at charlotte(lowes). another hair splitter here, becuause the 15 car,mikey waltrip, wasn't leading. he was, however, running in the top 5. this was the race where they were blowing the rf tires all night, and crashing alot. i will go with skippy here, although his facts are a little fuzzy.
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