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Discussion in 'SLKA (St. Louis Karting Association)' started by irondude3, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. irondude3

    irondude3 New Member

    I think its time to hang up my helmet and let my son start, he is 7 not sure where to begin and advice. Like where to find rules for kids this age, how much should i expect to pay for a kart and how much does it cost to run a season. Thanks Terry

  2. bryanracing55

    bryanracing55 New Member

    Here's what you might want to do, Go to www.slka.net and regester on there forum page and post the same question there. on there web site you can also see the date of there next club meeting (Tuesday Nov. 11 2008 @ O'Charlies on Lindbergh just north of Hwy 44 @ 7PM) Just look for a big group of people in the back. Someone there can hook you up with who to talk to. Kent
  3. irondude3

    irondude3 New Member

    Thanks Kent for all the info I will try to make it to that meeting do I need to be regestered with stlk to be part of the meeting, Thanks Agian.

    Terry Armbruster
  4. bryanracing55

    bryanracing55 New Member

    No just show up, We are all family (for the most part) Everyone there will gladly help you out. They will be talking about new club officers and up comming events for the track. I myself have crazy work hours so I might not be there. Look forward to meeting you some day. Heres another idea, you will need to pay the door fee but you and your family are welcome to come to the awards banquet coming up in Dec. There you can talk to most if not all the kid karters and there mom's and Dad's. Go to there web site for all the info. Any thing you might need feel free to pm or e-mail me or just post it and I will do all I can to help you out.
  5. irondude3

    irondude3 New Member

    Thanks a million hope to see you there, looking forward to next season all ready I know have two kids that will be racing one 5 and one 7 cant wait thanks again Terry​
  6. bryanracing55

    bryanracing55 New Member

    I have been trying to get a kid kart for Bryan's little brother James, He's 6 now but it's hard at my income to aford 2 racers but since you might get yours in a kart I might try harder to get James in one. Or maybe there little sis Laurn. Anyway see ya soon. Anything you need just ask.
  7. frenchkartracing

    frenchkartracing New Member

    The clone class is also allowing seven to 12 year olds. lots cheaper than kid karts.

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