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lake ozark

Discussion in 'St. Louis Area Auto Racing Discussion' started by kslle, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. kslle

    kslle Member

    herd someone was interested
    any info
    now here there is a meeting feb 18 in eldon

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  2. modracer0233

    modracer0233 Member

    Feb 18th, Eldon community center

    Sprints, I assume ULMA Lates, usra amods, and mod lights last I heard. Still the same shitty track layout
  3. westlingracing

    westlingracing Race or Die

    The bigger question is if it does sell which track do the Gundakers buy?
    I-55 or Montgomery?
    Being a real estate investor myself I don't see them selling Lake Ozark Speedway without doing a 1031 exchange for like kind property. It's selling as a race track, and to avoid a huge tax loss they got to re invest in another property. Anyone have any insite into this, or is Kevin or Tammy willing to say anything?
  4. westlingracing

    westlingracing Race or Die

    One thing to note, the Gundakers still own the property next to Montgomery as far as I know. So I hope they go that way, but saving I-55 makes sense too.
  5. ghost67

    ghost67 Well-Known Member

    Is I-55 for sale?
  6. fast cat

    fast cat Active Member

    Everything is for sale at the right price,I do believe it could be though
  7. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    Gundaker's will not be purchasing I-55 or Montgomery.

    Paper's are not signed yet on LOS. The gentleman interested will do a great job.
    He'll need everyone's support to reopen the facility and bring back racing.
    Everything right now is looking good and hopefully LOS will reopen in April.
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  8. westlingracing

    westlingracing Race or Die

    Thanks for responding Kevin. Why not do a 1031 to avoid the tax hit though? Unless property taxes outweigh the difference? I'm sure you have looked at all the options. It would be nice to have Montgomery back open.
  9. openwheel

    openwheel Member

    What's wrong with the track layout? We saw a lot of awesome sprint car races there.
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  10. westlingracing

    westlingracing Race or Die

    The track layout is great for sprints no doubt. But for mods and Latemodels its a fight to run the bottom groove. Adding some banking would fix it but was told it's not an easy task due to bedrock.
  11. Revin

    Revin Moderator

    A 1031 would be good, but it's nice to enjoy our Saturdays with the boy's!!
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  12. westlingracing

    westlingracing Race or Die

    I truly understand that. Have fun!!!
  13. Walker24

    Walker24 New Member

    I enjoyed that track. I always thought the modifieds and late models did a good job of running not only the bottom but middle too.
    I wish the perspective new owner all the best. Look forward to hearing what classes will be run there.
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  14. modracer0233

    modracer0233 Member

    That's the problem, only good racing was the sprints if the cushion was there to support it. All other classes were single file dog fight on the bottom.

    Maybe if I Could of won there, like you Mr. Walker I'd be a little more optimistic about it. Unfortunately everyone has found a new track or quit racing all together that was there every week. Its gonna be hard to compete with Lucas oil speedway and warrensburg on the modifieds at least.
  15. Walker24

    Walker24 New Member

    So Mr modracer where do you race now? Do you win at that race track or is it a "shitty" layout too?
    I was told long ago by a very smart racer that you cannot pass a car by going over the top of them or underneath them so get out of line and make something happen. Will it always work...... nope!! But work on your setup and your driving and you'll be surprised.
    Again good luck to the new owners and racers!
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  16. I know it's a free country and free speech but problem with racing is people sitting at their keyboards bashing tracks, promoters, drivers. Not every track is perfect every night I've been to lake ozark 5 times so I'm no expert but did win 2 mod featureson the high side. Let this gentleman have a chance to even get the track open and running before you give us your opinions. If you don't like what is going on there or track conditions then go somewhere else but keep your negative comments to yourself. Social media is what causing a lot of problems in racing and the world. JMO I for one looking forward forward to racing at the lake again
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  17. Flying Penguin

    Flying Penguin Active Member

    Is the gentleman's last name Edwards? Just curious.....
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  18. CG4518

    CG4518 cg4518

    Exactly. How awesome is it that a track is actually opening back up!? Surprised no one seems to care this is huge for the sport. I've had some great times at Los speedway and the LAKE during the summer. Hope they run Bmods.
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  19. Shipman11

    Shipman11 Member

    This is great news! Best of luck to the new owner. Can't wait to race there again!
  20. Kermit the Frog

    Kermit the Frog Well-Known Member

    That must be one of the guys that was chugging along the bottom when I went by also lol I had no problem winning on the top in a mod there either lol good luck to lake ozark speedway
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